Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Additional Note - Update on Running Investigations

Note on G. H. W. Bush. From Wikipedia as source and in line with investigations on U. S. American "Financial Radicalism", it's worth noting that a late pres. as Bush sr. (1989 - 1993) has been the Director of CIA for about a year, '76 - '77. He has elite education from Yale University and has been the youngest aviator in US Navy at that time. So the summary: deep military background and into the Oval Office as President of USA to 1993, serving one period, 4 years! (It may be that one should add that many leaders of this time have had experience from WW2.)

Looking at presidents through the recent times, it goes, 2ps, 1p, 2ps and 2ps (George Bush jr.) and now Barack Obama, 1p -> 2ps?

The legacy of the Cold War can also have had its bearing on the military involvement of Bush sr. (to be a bit charitable).

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