Monday, 12 September 2011

On Sociobiology and E. O. Wilson's Book (1975)

Just to stop some idiocy, I'd like to make a formal note concerning E. O. Wilson's Sociobiology, 1975. E O Wilson's book can be seen in at least two major ways. I like to point out the positive normative one and this is the view that we need to stop "celebrating" the degenerate, the diseased and the unable! This should be a plain extract to make of his book! Enjoy!

I guess many conspiracy theories and speculations have been made in the wake of this book and one is plausibly this. One may have feared that Wilson has been advocating a kind of "sociological nazism" where one is constantly putting the population under pressure to see if the population "evolves faster or better". Now this is very deranged, I think, because the "experiementers" are usually referring to consequences well beyond themselves and where there is little or no factual results to point to other than Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the study of animals. Animals are not people and fantasies of Alpha Males and Superhumans quickly overtake the proponents, rather than seeing, of course, the natural hierarchy of predators and prey, where the kills are of course, again, not that of human made torture, but by bite, poison and various other natural features the animals have! Please, be a little moderate and restrain yourself from "cheap arguments" that are more fantasy than of rigour and proper scientific quality!

Philip Kitcher has made a very prudent comment over E. O. Wilson's book in his Science, Truth, and Democracy!

My view is of course that concerns of evolutionary kinds can be taken care of by human self-discipline out of Homo _Sapiens Sapiens_! Thus, any ugly admittance of human nature is by this removed, soundly!

Note: this is originally written to Facebook, by "Static Display of Work..." on 6. Sept. 2011.


  1. Relating to the degenerate and in line with the "alternative" interpretation, though, maybe very wrong out of who he is and intended, you can start to KILL the degenerate _now_ by making Somatropin optionally available for every child on planet Earth! Good? Cheers!
    The book is of course Sociobiology and the author is E. O. Wilson!

  2. Pre-Emptive Move against Sociobiology and Its Followers, (still with my idea of 50% / 50% Sociobiology, Commentary to Sociobiology)!

    I don't deny the existence of animalistic human being, i.e., Sociobiology by E. O. Wilson, but I don't "sit there" and insist that this is the _only_ type of human being by personality. No, indeed, the normative, very healthy human being has yet to be achieved in the broad sense, one that's possibly described by the Bible in complying with the 10 Commandments, i.e., the Ethical Being, and solving the anguish and troubles of Job's book too!

    Extra comment: this openness too, also suits the religious people the best, because it has to be clear that by maintaining morality, they have the best minds as consequence, yet respectful and knowing about the difficulties of human life, in getting "closer" to God, in fulfilling God's vision for humanity.

    I also pity it if now E. O. Wilson backs away with "no, there's Bible in this... (uhhh-uhh-uhh)".

    I also *know* psychological literature very well and I have no troubles with this subject, also describing it as definite "Descriptive Science", a description of psychology nobody can defeat!

    This doesn't remove my opened project on "nomothetical psychology", i.e., pursuing psychology also as "hard science".

  3. There is a smaller attack on "Sociobiology" by emphasising that human kind has set up United Nations and made the following take place:
    Power or "Macht" in German - The Political Philosophy

    As any person/idiot/lunatic utters the word "power" or "force" or the words "personal power", one has to admit that one person can't take "power" outside the legal boundaries of police power or represent military power to any extent (implicitly, without the presence of military conflict and justifiably so, allowing no attacks on civilians as such).

    Further, therefore, by definition and civilisation, all words of "power", "force", and "personal force" lie under the national assemblies or the state powers combined, the legislative, the ruling, the executive and the (state) monitoring/"watch dog" (media and lawyers to the public, not the police lawyers).

    Note: France is addressed in particular, ref. "Critical Theory" and "Social Power".

    Ref. Austin (language philosophy), psychology (carnivore psychology).

  4. And, of course, the new logical conceptions for the 6/7 defences for religion have logically defeated one type of "carnivorism".

    "Extra" notes also, by suspicions, on the defeat of "sacrificial" Nazi-Germany, which in a sense, feasted on Jews by the scores, sadly/tragically.

  5. The "imposed" theory (iffy) by E. O. Wilson says that people are carnivorous on a "dog eats dog" basis and that, implicitly and dubiously, "some" people may try to impose his "reality view" on other people! This is highly objectionable as people are shown _not_ to be consistently carnivorous, i.e., they can act consistently peaceful and respectful toward other people through their whole lives.
    Now, if E. O. Wilson is this carnivore as a matter of mental disposition/pathological person then he simply FAILS to consistently answer truthfully to any other theory because they don't support his "eat dog, eat dog" per "dog eats dog" mental disposition!
    He is therefore now possibly shown to be "one-sided". Just ask him the questions yourself! Is he check-mate?! Let's see!

    Note that dogs NEVER eat other dogs! And that E. O. Wilson has chosen his insects for peculiar reasons! (Some exceptions may apply to this "dog-eats-dog-notion", that in fact, on rare events dogs may eat dogs afterall.)

    Note on Vet's Ethics and lie detection (to check for dishonesty) and "telepathic" possibilities to empathise with the dog mother in question.