Wednesday, 14 September 2011

On the URL of My Blog

First, the name of 777 is based on the Trinity of God, The Holy Ghost and The Soul, in this modified (Unitarian?) version.
And cardinal virtue on all of them, also the soul, the fragment that returns to Heaven! 777 is also well above the 666, the number of the beast, in such a manner that there's no doubt over the Victor, God!

777 is also the address to a part of the UN buildings in New York, perhaps with the same religious interpretation to some. I mean, the UN may be considered one of the greatest political wonders of all time, placing itself on top, in respects of time, of The Republic by Plato and others.

Besides, I've come to name my blog on Angelfire, inadvertently and originally, by the same name as another person here on Blogspot who has named the blog, This may not be so cool and the generator over at Angelfire indicated a unique name. This person's blog has been made in 2004 where as my blog, at least for the first blogpost has been made in 2005. So the story goes, that I hope our content to be distinct enough for us to work on each ground, blog, in peace. "What is written" is a name that suggests an unknown status, epistemologically, to a piece of information. It may also give rise to speculations over what is to come of ideas in the future. "What is written" is also a folk wording over a rumour or whatever by writng. This should be it, I carry this name over from Angelfire under BlogT and this is my excuse in addition to naming it 777 on the original name. Good?

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  1. The last post of this person is also written in 2004 out what I have been able to read.