Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Idea for a Xenu Version of Shakespeare's Othello

This is a Key Service Message from Le Presidente de Galactica (heh-heh, just kidding)!

We are or I am planning to make a version of Shakespeare's Othello with Xenu in it in a (sci-fi, thus the far, far, future) Space Opera. I haven't yet figured out the character set just yet, but this is certainly going to provide a shock to the Xenu critics out there, you know, that "Scientology" can be this way, ending with, (epilogue), Thank You for enjoying our show and I can congratulate You on now being Operating Thetans III (3), NOT officially recognised (that means You're rogue) and that You from now on need to watch up the secret Scientology Inquisition! Have a pleasant evening!

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