Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Further Basis for the Foundherentist and the Foundationalist - A Remark

I've written the Photon Theory and from this I've shifted from Coherentist in Epistemology to Foundherentist "because we now know what we stand on, so to speak" which has been a problem for the earlier position of Foundationalism. In addition to the smallest particles of Photons, allegedly, by myself, I just like to remind people of the biggest fact we know of, the image of the Microwave Background Radioactivity. This is found under Universe by Wikipedia, 07.09.2011. This image is gathered by a special radiotelescope. You can read more about it on Wikipedia, anyhow. Well, we haven't reached, by an actual human being, any particular beyond the Moon (to the Earth) and these planets and various other outer space phenomena remain unknown to us. Thus, I think this radiotelescope image is a bit weak in presenting comfort of "complete knowledge" to us, but it's a fine fact to add to one's own knowledge base in enjoying science and life in general. Enjoy yourself!

Note: You may spare a little room just in case it turns out there are more than one universe, i.e., a multiverse!

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