Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Investigations of Corrupt Syndicate of Norway - Approved by the (Powers of) the State - Starting Up Now

On top of this and as a STRONG warning: Norway maybe running a deeply corrupt syndicate/conglomerate by a network rooted in corrupt Police Officers and "military attaches" to most or all of its embassies. With the Oil Fund, the 2nd largest in World, after the Abu Dhabi fund, and its strategy of keeping a liquid "war chest" to be used to all sorts of people with the most dubious motivations, this CAN or WILL get ugly, if it isn't ugly already!!! Norway is a nation with big problems of a "venereal corrupt" type, i.e., the corruption runs in its blood! I can only say, WATCH UP!!!

This remains, though, mostly a background analysis or a "conspiracy theory" as the most serious people want it. Investigations should be well underway already and I suggest that you keep a tab on this nation (of idiocy, of which they don't mind whatsoever)!!!

I must note that this may very well be a kind of "terror against the world at large" and that it falls in line with nutty ideas of "idiots"/severely disturbed people/lunatics who feel that they need to be Gods (decide on their life/death) to other people in order to be respected or receive enough space for their "superior intelligence" to manifest in the World (usually of the human meat shop kind in addition to sufficient number of disasters and human despair according to appetite/sense/whatever, i.e., I have the feeling "now")!

From Facebook, where it was first posted.

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