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U.S. American Nationalistic Radicalism - in Financial Terms

U.S. American Nationalistic Radicalism - in Financial Terms

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 20:00:15

I think the words need to be written and that despite the rather welcoming words of the political kind to the developing countries, I think it's clear that USA remains, at least partly, patriotic radicalist in financial terms and need to be met with both cynicism/hostility and the consequent raw muscle, i.e., having the dentist to remove the fangs!

Just so that I'm clear, my irritation goes back to pre-Nazi-Germany and the WW2.

Putting V12 Ford engines into the Blitz-tanks of the Nazis.

Greatly surprised by the French copper/bronze statue of Liberty when they, USA, infact impelled the WW2 while in the ruins hearing the fragile devastated Nazi-voice: "But we studied New York and Broadway" or "But we studied New York and the letters", a code for being in bed with one another over ideas!!

It's also remarkable that when they say they "love" the world and industry is supposed to happen it happens in USA of the kind of Facebook, Google, Apple (with the i-products) and the rest, yet when the rest of the world is to make industry it needs to comply with the "rules"/"rules of the old money". I take this to be a corroborative of the world pre-1939, that is, the U.S. Americans are not necessarily honest!

Looking at the other parts of America, the continent (5+2), usually named Americas by The Economist, one can easily point to a burning Mexico right underneath the USA border and further point to a United Bananas for the rest, i.e., dictators and shady scheming, just for having the slavery and cheap products! Obviously, I demand new times from the U.S. American business network (singular term), thank you! (Not that I expect any guarantee, with a smile of pain from a soon-to-be-an-abductee. )

Countering/running parallel with the question of involvement of Ford and its factories in Germany, the most important question in my opinion is how much goods has been imported into Germany, esp. from USA, let's say for the period of 1933 to 1941?

To what extent can one say that any imports from USA have contributed to the Nazi-German war machine?

And lastly, what about the sponsoring, the acquisition of funds, money or resources whatever to Nazi-Germany? Did they acquire money from abroad? To what extent?

New (I want to test some "signals" here): Can it also be that USA and Japan had an agreement over Pearl Harbour on the number of vessels that were allowed to dock with the harbour there and that if this (bilateral) clause was to be breached Japan would attack harshly? Thus, did USA also impel/provoke this attack and launch into war with Japan?

Did also USA "nuke"/bomb Tokyo into total destruction for avoiding the aftermath of the WW2 against the Japanese (that is, destroying the convention of settling the post-war matters with the Japanese in a "justified" way)? That is, if you have the "war"-documents stored in the Capital (by convention) and the enemy destroys the Capital so that the documents then it becomes impossible to settle a judgment of the war. This may be a motive by the USA to hide the initial crime of themselves to provoke the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour by harbouring too many ships/sea vessels there of the military kind.

It must, though, be pointed out that the Japanese have been hard on their own neighbours for some time up to the point to the conflict with USA in WW2 and it can very well be that the Japanese have gotten what they deserved in the end after all. It has been an aggressive power through the whole of the 30s and has engaged in a number of conflicts up to 1945 and its unconditional surrender. I think this note undermines any fact that USA in any way willingly wanted a war with Japan, but rather, as it is uncontroversionally written, that USA has been assaulted in 1941 in Pearl Harbour. Just to clear some air.

My assertion for the Ford V12 engines stems from a documentary I've seen.

"Burning Mexico" simply means the civil unrest there in relation to rife crime, possibly put to a higher level by insisted U.S. American exports of relatively advanced gunnery, i.e., large caliber weapons and what have you. The military walks the streets there which is a state of emergency, honestly speaking.

United Bananas you can check out yourselves. CBS 60 Minutes had it covered a while ago to some extent.

Further: SS KURSK

First it appeared that SS Kursk had sunk as a matter of malfunction by one of its torpedos (fuel failure, complex stuff) and this was allegedly confirmed by footage made by Norwegian underwater services (closest and ready with equipment).

Rather later, it appears that SS Kursk may have been sunk by an MK48 torpedo of the kind that USS Miami may have been equipped with as its location was rumoured to be close to the "accident" of SS Kursk. This was indeed the finding of the very excellent French journalism and that the entry hole in the front of SS Kursk is identical to a typical hole made by an MK48 torpedo!

The suggestion by this very topic makes it indeed likely that SS Kursk was sunk rather than suffered from a mishap simply because this topic envisions such behaviour from the U.S. Americans likely! Now, don't blame this "psychiatrist"/"psychologist" because that's obviously more joke than true, but still... Hmm... I'm still wearing my Sherlock Holmes outfit and it seems that the world makes this necessary in many aspects! Booo! Beware! SS = Submersible Ship.

Further on USA foreign policy. Relating to the State Department, USA is less than neutral in matter of aid and development to the developing world! Indeed, the UN has for a number of years recommended that this amount of money-value should be about 1 - 3% of GDP. The U.S. Americans can smile all they want, but I want it clear who they are and what their numbers are!

Thus, aid contribution from USA to the developing world speaks for itself: it stands at 0.001 % of GDP or so and has been this way for many, many years!!! So who are they to claim world leadership??? Because they are NOT world leaders!!!

Correction: It appears they do comply with new standards of contribution to the UN and also paying the highest amount of money. The source:! However, in the past, USA has been critisised for this for exactly this rule of 1 - 3 % GDP.

Considerations for 2001 - 2002(?).

I can note that it's evident that USA has little or no qualms over deceiving the whole world and the most prominent case for this is, of course, the case for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq (that didn't exist), presented to the UN Security Council and leading to the invasion of Iraq, with its many hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties!

I can also be noted that the direct negotiations between Iraq, by Saddam Hussein, and USA, right before the war, are kept secret (in the hidden, emphasis), for no apparent reason!

I'm going to add a point to the OP on East Timor and Noam Chomsky, from

"Chomsky argued that decisive military, financial and diplomatic support was provided to Suharto’s regime by successive U.S. administrations; beginning with Gerald Ford who, with Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State, provided a ‘green light’ to the brutal invasion. Prior to the invasion, the U.S. had supplied the Indonesian army with 90% of its arms, and “by 1977 Indonesia found itself short of weapons, an indication of the scale of its attack. The Carter Administration accelerated the arms flow. Britain joined in as atrocities peaked in 1978, while France announced that it would sell arms to Indonesia and protect it from any public "embarrassment". Others, too, sought to gain what profit they could from the slaughter and torture of Timorese.”[48] This humanitarian catastrophe went virtually unnoticed by the international community.[49]"

Tentatively, you may add Accenture to this set-up that I think has military/para-military facets to it. Adding this to calculated flaws of programming combined with social code of Microsoft and Google (by special indexing), prominently, with the rest following suit (i.e., AMD/Intel incl, other.), the world may well be dug thoroughly down already!

It's almost as if I can say: "Millionen stehen hinter mir" with Adolf Hitler being handed the millions of U.S. American dollars!!! This poster is, by the way, quite famous! This concerns the (pre-WW2) funding mentioned on top of this writing.

This looks now dead set! There should be no doubt any longer that U.S. American radicalism is a fact in this way!

If I remember correctly, USA has been less than encouraging in wanting the employees the coffeeproducing/farming industry to organise and they have been extremely absent in making the coffee industry, the farmers, itself organise to demand the right price for the products. USA itself has an incredibly dubious worker's organisation history (less than 30% of the workers are organised compared with over 50% in Europe with a strong labour movement, the numbers may be incorrect to some extent). Thus I have big expectations to CNN's Freedom Project (heh-heh-heh)! Let's see if they can come off it, so to speak!

(This is brought to you with "Jon Stewart's venereal sponsorship"!!!)

Not that I see it immensely critical, but I think it's useful that USA and U.S. American culture, especially in terms of business life and attitudes toward the the world outside USA, get its fair share of criticism and to large extent the duties (if not outright subversiveness on grounds of superior culture/genes) USA has failed in this regard. This is simply the overall point. That the world is brought level and that world power is now a lot of places and even shifting places, more rarely.

It must be the goal of any politics of the kind that belongs with the UN that people are indeed considered equal and subjects under The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. This implies a lot of stuff!!! It has implications on how we share knowledge, how we behave in terms of business relations, internationally, and that world justice has a chance of rightful scrutiny and intra-country/state of justice can be mediated into its proper place. I also add, although earlier cited, that UN has the umbrella of ILO, the International Labour Organisation under its wings! This organisation can prove very important if not critical in the future!

Generally, considering the possibility for system and engineering I find it somewhat strange that society has this slow pace. If the good will would carry maximum weight and work effort, the world should have been looking different by now.

Also adding to the picture, the reported 42600 unsolved cases of "disappeared" people in 82 countries by Amnesty International one may meditate over how many "monsters" there are out there in the world.

Even thinking about the "calm, sedate" Norway, at least I am thinking over the levels of corruption that lead people to run "meat shops", "torture clinics (some of which are "portable" and readily set up)" or "glass works", all of which harbour, potentially (cynically: yes, they are for real), all the sh*ttyness you can muster to swallow!

Even the small issues like adoption and childcare cases by the Childcare units/institution have their Kings and Queens of sh*t! You know, outright corruption!

So, what the heck to make of this grim picture?

A major concern is also to what extent U.S. American expertise is sponsoring European sh*ttyness and how they, cynically, undermine our good efforts, relating the "rules" to a certain kind of personality type they approve of in Europe just to spin this sh*t further. So, the "monsters" are sent abroad or let to chew on the lower social levels (esp. the homeless) and the good are confined/naively or by information held domestically, perhaps scared of the dangerous places abroad or subversely made so by their fellow U.S. American "wolves"/"monsters" when/if they go abroad.

A small note on presentation of Wall Street by CNN and others finishes this text: you get Alison Kosik to present numbers and reports and she has the education of a Bachelor of Arts by Political Science and Broadcasting Journalism! Why is this? Why should this political scientist be presenting numbers and reports from Wall Street unless they present this pretty face to you, facetiously, and yet have this powerful/brutal knock-down from behind, i.e., Political Science (to the World)! Not that I blame this person, but it's this bloody presentation and having the knowledge of this qualification!

The link to the presentation of her by CNN:

It says:"Kosik received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from The American University in Washington, DC." (Accessed 13.04.2011.)

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  1. I'm not sure if you can add any US American organisation to the above, including Scientology and CARE, funnily enough. I don't take their "expressions of being constructive and positive" anymore!

  2. Remember there are not any "sacred cows" in the World anymore and an idiot is always worthy to be "shot"/shot depending on the seriousness. This includes of course (any number of) U.S. Americans. (Although more moderately than a queer interpretation of this little text can give an impression of.)

  3. "nuke Tokyo" has now been corrected! I'm sorry for this kind of "insulting" mistakes to Professionals (fx. Historians) who may like to read me with less mistakes!

  4. My interest regarding military career officers in CIA or not, concerns what "code" that is supposed to govern CIA policies, strategies and operations. I think it's better to have the career military people at the helm because of ties the bonds with the military better and adds force to the argument that CIA HAS THE DUTY TO UNDERTAKE OPERATIONS IN COMPLIANCE WITH terrorist threats AND _NOT_ some idiot business-plan of syndication or conglomeration, but add to the logic of UN, spreading order for working conditions to obtain. We'll see where they go! (I've also sent an email to the UN concerning this, just so that people are informed and that the right strategy /can/ take place in the World!)

  5. My thought is of course to increase pressure on USA for increasing their ethical commitment to the world throughout its entire network of orgnaisations that are publicly financed, wholly or partly. It's indeed _potentially DANGEROUS_ to have these 250 000 military people "on the loose" in the world (outside Afghanistan) and this under NO particular rationale or foundation of reason. It's today very UNCLEAR what these people are doing and what kind of influence they take part in or exercise (in wake of my own findings, at least). Thus this can help to usher in a discussion on a broader level both in terms of Security and Organisation of all its member states, but also help bring organisation (and univocal commitment) toward the goals of ILO, i.e., a better value regarding work intensive production (coffee etc.) and better organisation for these, possibly all the way to syndication (in line with much agricultural organisation throughout OECD today (in Europe particularly).
    This presence of this message in its entirety is now notified the UN Facebook page.
    I got the message of only being allowed 200 characters on the UN website itself,
    The header of the message was something like this: Issues Regarding U.S. American Commitment to the World in Light of New CIA Director and Its Vast Influence (Militarily and Other).
    Email has also been sent to just a few moments ago. Cheers!
    I'm not sure if it's important or of any use, but these data come with the email, Message-ID: <​t> and Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 11:15:27 +0200.
    BBC and CNN are now informed! (time: 00:45, date: 21.07.2011 CEST, European time)
    Just for the sake of Cold War times, I've just sent an email to the Russian embassy (to UK) in London with the following comment, "I can "reward" you with this [out of history, i.e., indeed USA has been wicked] out of your Soviet Union past (if this information is something new to you, i.e., un-compiled/un-analysed of kind).
    Besides, the email address used to the embassy is found under "​ct/".

  6. The Letter (Message) to the UN reads:
    Dear UN
    My interest regarding military career officers in CIA or not, concerns what "code" that is supposed to govern CIA policies, strategies and operations. I think it's better to have the career military people at the helm because of ties the bonds with the military better and adds force to the argument that CIA HAS THE DUTY TO UNDERTAKE OPERATIONS IN COMPLIANCE WITH terrorist threats AND _NOT_ some idiot business-plan of syndication or conglomeration, but add to the logic of UN, spreading order for working conditions to obtain. We'll see where they go!
    1. issue
    Considerations to US American Intentions to the World:
    The assassination, 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. The Bay of Pigs invasion, April 1961, less than three months after John F. Kennedy _assumed the presidency_ in the United States.
    That is, the assassination has taken place about 2.5 years AFTER the Bay of Pigs operation and voila, the whole thing looks symmetrical again!!!
    Because the good German reporters have revealed some time ago that Cuban intelligence _agreed_ to or encouraged the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Which in hindsight of this, is now JUSTIFIED!!!
    Further on USA and "Air America": I'd like to note, in line with Air American, the _failed_ and _controversial_ Pig's Bay operation, allegedly set into motion by CIA and possibly others. This also goes under the Biscaya Bay operation, yet I haven't located the good sources just now. The event has been well cited, so finding it shouldn't be a problem!
    The Considerations of U.S. American Military Presence -> around the world, 250 000 people outside Afghanistan.
    U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms, a writing of mine. These make up the 2. issue, [i.e., the writing on U. S. American Pat. Rad.].

    I hope you can make good use of this information and that UN gets its good intentions through (for the World).

    Sincerely yours,

  7. As of late, you may include John Nash's experience with the Nazi be related in any way to "New York and the Letters"? Ehm... that USA would be more Nazi-sympathic than previously thought? Consequently there may be more to Nash's story than the friendly "Ploetzian/Rudinian" psychologists would like us to understand! Because of this "subcultural" Nazism of USA has lead to the fact that _this_ World now is not as good as it should be? (And does the "corruption"/"decadence" shifts around in the World on the metaphysical level as some kind of curse?)

  8. The story of "nuked" Tokyo has some foundation in the description of a totalled Tokyo (by firebombs and more) in "Made in Japan, Sony's Way to Success"!

  9. How many prizes are possible to achieve by foreigners to USA as any of these prizes in question are awarded by U. S. (American) based prize-awarding organisations? I have now found one, The Templeton Prize! I think, however, even if Grigori Perelmann has been awarded the Fields-medal of math, that most of them are national and that even the Fields-medal is mostly awarded U. S. (Americans)! This is something to remember for us outside USA and how _should_ build our societies/nations/unions/alliances! There is absolutely *no shame* in being patriotic ourselves in light of the U. S. American behaviour and that being patriotic may be key to getting even with USA and finally clearing the "radicalism" out of this World in order to achieve a more just World under UN! Cheers!

  10. I'll check out this issue deeper not too far into the future! (The prize issue, that is.)

  11. I may have mentioned the involvement of USA to Nazi-Germany earlier, by at least the Henry Ford's factories there, but let's look at it again just in case: They probably produced a large number of V6s/V8s/V12s for the tanks. Tanks are incredibly heavy and they probably need a double set of engines compared to agricultural tractors. So the fact that this nation produced so many heavy engines and almost no new great amount of agricultural tractors or any other excuse for that matter, MUST mean that Henry Ford's factories produced engines for the Blitz-Krieg tanks of Nazi-Germany to roll over Europe with! I also think that USA must have known that this was going to happen! And "New York and the Letters" doesn't make this any easier for them, US Americans to get away with anything... Henry Ford himself has had a rumour on him for being a Nazi, for unknown reasons, but I happen to think this is due to a certain writing and some conversations with a number of people from the business network over there, in USA, on eugenics or other, perhaps the brewing "Jew-question"... Agree?

    It doesn't make things better today, when they, the US Americans, set up subversive people to all abroad, being "Foreigners" and nationalistic/patriotic good people, forced or not, to be "Nationals", building the nation... So by psychiatric principles and over its own Meatshop of human flesh from feasting on poor people... (This is pure speculation.)

    Clearly, USA must be highly AGREED UPON, EVERYthing that happens there... (The SINGULAR business network and so on...)

  12. Final nail against USA of impelling the Nazi Germany to war: Henry Ford's factories had invented THE SERIAL PRODUCTION!!!
    Check it out yourself. It's all a boxed set now! All the (U. S.) Americans needed to do was to wait to get hit and even then _nobody_ had the full overview over what was being produced in USA? The people of black societies (_IN_ USA, and who implicitly assaulted its own good values) could have had this going for some time (w/o telepathy) even then! Checkmate! The case is now finished on the part of describing the main elements! (Cons: I accuse USA for contributing to the Holocaust of the Jews by playing the Germans into it!)

  13. You may now write U.S. American Nationalistic Radicalism - in Financial Terms, because it's not blind anymore and scores of people have become informed.
    2. I now declare USA (and Canada) for being behind the "Lead Curtain". Other parts of the World can consider (the most powerful parts of) Europe for being behind the "Plastic Curtain"! These two new concepts are of course inspired by the East Bloc of history by the Soviet Union, now dissolved!

  14. "These two new concepts are of course inspired by the East Bloc of history by the Soviet Union, now dissolved!" relates to the "Iron Curtain", popularly used by media!
    "(The most powerful parts of) Europe (and possibly Australia and New Zealand) for being behind the "Plastic Curtain""! it should say. Sorry.
    There are deep troubles in the World and it gets no better with much corruption and failure to legislate law. You should also consider human nature under works like Erich Fromm and general carnivore tendencies described in some works of psychology, some even respected "here and there". Cheers!

  15. While "checkmate" has been declared a while ago, I now add IBM and the infamous "hole-cards" reference that has formerly been highlighted to this matter (that's now, sadly, EVIDENT!). You can go through the usual "path" of documents yourselves, but there's NO doubt! The U. S. Americans must have known about the Nazis and they must have wanted it too, possibly to the ignorance of "other good people", but still /on/ it!!!

  16. And just for these other people to understand where I am, I cite loosely, mathematical brilliant or not (I have no sufficient knowledge in mathematics), Charles Babbage! I am indeed no idiot!

  17. Just for the input of others to all places where I write: ALL CHANNELS ARE COMPLETELY OPEN!!!

  18. ...and this far, I can only read my own input...!

  19. Concerning CIA from the foreigners' perspective, I can imagine, there should be more than enough room for other countries to "make it known" to USA that it disbands CIA entirely and splits military intelligence to be placed under Pentagon as proper and accordingly, the civilian intelligence (security work) by the FBI or directly under the Homeland Security Department. We KNOW that you carry a very dark history and we would like to see it CUT/decapitated!!! You can take the example from the specific service descriptions of MI-5 and MI-6!!! Thank you!

  20. So in light of findings of our friend USA I have a suggestion: *A 3-Point-to-Do-List*
    1. To make an apology before the UN General Assembly and giving promises toward a new World of greater equality (incl. work conditions and absence of subversion) and progress thus...!!! (This is a point, read it over again x1.) Doing away with (pt. 1.1.) Doing away with the bad side of "the military ...complex" whil...e maintaining national security (you defend the f*cking borders, you st*pid ****)! Being more respectful toward other nations, while downsizing an idiot military that has no particular use. Working toward greater internal steadiness by making greater efforts toward HRW and human rights and cutting corruption, making /it/ possible for all people "despite your poster or not"!
    2. Ratify as many UN protocols as possible! Why? Because they are common-sense! I mean it! (This is a historical deficient point with USA and now you get the chance to eject some idiot sovereignty.)
    3. A harder NAFTA union with more commitment further south, incl. more countries! Also, to lift the embargo against Cuba, as the Pope says more or less directly because YOU, USA, are the Bay of Pigs, slaughtering, infamously, these 1500 people, and now hiring African "slave" mercenaries! Good? 1, 2, 3 points, very easy to remember!!!

    Note: Written first to Facebook under the profile as before and also Note in the Notes section moments ago.

  21. New over US American Financial Radicalism: Vietnam war
    - new analysis
    - suspicion of a huge US American airport with two (powerful/big) airstrips with a base "incidentally" on the southern part of the country. Combine this with sabotages (much as Bay of Pigs by CIA) against the northern part of Vietnam like polluting a huge water resource supporting a northern city (on par with poisoning a huge water resource in Britain with the "Helix" petroleum product). Chomsky, a US American political scientist professor has earlier blamed exactly USA for /the/ Vietnam war. I consider this betrayal by USA and USA should know the next steps to undertake...! Bye for now.
    PS: Remember that these were facts /prior/ to the Vietnam war.
    One may begin to consider a NATO with USA as an associated member in order to bring international security work more quicly into place by accepting new members (to NATO) easier. Agree?

  22. A corroborative notion over "assumptions of religious people in USA, with a Thomas Paine lying there under the oak tree on an anonymous field, grave robbers stealing his remains and moving them over to England and losing them(!!!)": An interpretation of the US American motto may be this: "We put our trust into some good, well-used, Indian (slaughter) smoke" (of course, not representing that body of a (physical) person). Their motto is: "In God we trust", but the credibility of this is put into question as "The New Yorker" reports over the Pope "blown covers" and as USA remains unwilling to do exactly what the Pope says, TO LIFT THE BLOCKADE AGAINST CUBA! I put doubts into what kind of Christians USA has and how devoted they are to the 10 commandments and what political influence they have as they are "said to be so many, and many MORE than in the rest of the World, because the World outside USA is so sinful"!!!

    Note: First written to my Facebook profile and under a note on Facebook!

  23. Written to Facebook, but subverted by Facebook's own "hacking", I have this to say: This notion of the Financial Radicalism, at that point in time, not known to Alfred Nobel, must have impacts on how we perceive peace in our time (by war-declaring Neville Chamberlain).
    As the financial radicalism is this:
    And Norway lies there as that sick, irresponsible, little nation, far off the peaceful impacts of EU, changes HAS TO HAPPEN!!! Now, what are you going to do???
    The next from the general population can therefore be this: Nobel Organisation by the Peace Prize, WE ACCUSE YOU!!!
    Because the sentiment on forming the very peace prize can be obtained. Now, what is it? I'm going to check out later...

  24. This can pave the way for moving the peace prize to Germany or any other... because Norway, when it comes to it, only is that good New York/USA slave...

  25. Either way, Norway has remained the idiot village with that scattered population pattern...

  26. With some information duplicated:
    I have also been "hacked", that is I'm being hacked now one way or the other with the svchost (Local Service Netw.) sending to the Internet (by Microsoft?) on PID 804.
    And there are 3 other iexplore.exe that are under suspicions... Again, a perfectly set Firewall and Microsoft (free) anti-virus is not up for the job... (heh-heh-heh, as we didn't see it coming...)
    This should wreck the objections for moving the peace prize to Germany (or any other) for good.
    This can pave the way for moving the peace prize to Germany or any other... because Norway, when it comes to it, only is that good New York/USA slave... (Taken from under my profile on Facebook where I've written it first.)

  27. I also find the proof of Goebbels being supported by "Hollywood forces" stronger now than before! Goebbels:​Goebbels !

    Joseph Goebbels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (help·info) (German: [ˈɡœbəls][2]; 29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945) was a German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. As one of Adolf Hitler's closest associates and most devout followers, he was known for his zealous oratory and anti-... (from Wikip.)

    Perhaps this sentence: If USA is in BIG then they DO IT BIG!!!??? Correct?

    Hah-hah, it may very well be that USA had a virtual threat on Germany by weapons technology and "converted slaveships", with capacity to (slavishly) accommodate 30 000 people (as slave trade the other way)? Correct? Good?

  28. The above has first been written to Facebook moments ago!

  29. Suggestion to the World over military matters regarding facts of (pre-)WW2: Could it not be possible to take USA to WTO (World Trade Organisation) to make the case there for releasing/freeing *all* patents (also used in connection with the military) used for military purposes because of the dishonesty USA has displayed in this and many other regards? Fast??? Good?

  30. It must now be clear also that USA may have had other intelligence than Trygve Bratteli when the Norwegian Secretary General of the UN played the (undemocratic/Hitlerish) trick on the Russians as he erred (in terms of democracy) in granting the US Americans the rights by the UN because the assembly needs all parties gathered in order to obtain validity! This means then, that fundamentally, the decision on giving the go-ahead to the US Americans by UN must be seen as wrong, no matter how "hindsight (idiot) wise" I (and others) may appear by this!

  31. USA, USA, USA, is it your mask of sanity or do you mind being a bit friend?

  32. It must now be noted in the books out of the US American (strict) context that it is likely that USA has drawn the Satanic Cross over Japan with its two nuclear bombs on the southern cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! I insist here on religious context in comparison to objective history writing given that some may insist that religious terms are to be kept out of history writing.

    The Satanist cross may have come to me "from out there", most likely Japan. Alright? (Not that I drive any megalomaniac ego show over history writing, but that we are a (larger?) team of people here and there in World who want to see history through as it actually has taken place, with a conscience... That we pay respect to historical events much as Gadamer writes in, in understanding history and paying respect! Good?

  33. Also compare the "dotted Satanic Cross" over Japan with the "dotted Swastika" of India as version over the Nazi-swastika the Nazi-Germany has been using...

  34. The special perceptions of SS troops in Germany may very well coincide with the torture-experiences of sinful New York and its letters. Clearly then, the following view of two "new" SS terms are plain (with Cult-Christianity and enemy-Judaism in hand):

  35. I am now proposing, after making it public with the Facebook, some time ago, two new likely names for the acronym "SS", i.e., the German "Schutzstaffel":
    Sturm-spitze - in the sense that SS would be "controlling" the spear energies and "way of attack" and just in case, ordering up the (cult) sacrifice of "another 100" to "harden" the attack of the Nazi forces, use of torture to these 100 or not!
    Sturm-schüsse - almost as above only that they more passively take care of the attack, overseeing it in a way, also, possibly keeping up combat troopers morale!
    Disillusioned now with USA, I bet they have been very pleased with leaving Germany the bad notion, as illusion too, of bodyguard, the very schutz-staffel. (So as for Germans to become aversive, by mentality to providing or wanting bodyguard for important people "or other".

  36. I also happen to the author of/to have the name of mSomatism, writing psychopaths, miso-/misa-paths, necrophiles(+), and schizophrenics instead of simply Dissociative Identity Disorder!
    Hence the perceptions of the SS troops and special New York / *Cult*-Christianity training/indoctrination!

  37. I /see/ that the message has also gone to people "deep within the EU flag (with 12 golden stars)"!!!

  38. By advanced psychology (by use of Gatling gun / artillery / serial production (Henry Ford)), I have this to announce, that the two US American approaches to Japan and Germany by "spielgamies", i.e., "I know your a tough guy, let`s play", I`d say the World is zeroed and that I have the Arab number 0 (zero)! This message is code over World affairs and human nature! To the UN! Cheers!

  39. Warning! (I know, I'm /so/ cool.) Alright. I just say it: My judgment is that
    and that the organisation has a culture of generating "simple psychologies"!
    Like it or not! I die on this! ("For today.")

    You can also compare the number of agents, a mix of civilians and military vs. the British equiv. MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6) and how the British are careful in (not) mixing the civilian and military "considerations", by only a 20 people staff. The CIA has no such distinction and "blows away" all of its 20 000, regardless!

    While we in Europe have believed in freedom and competition bewteeen the corporations and "entertained" the serious debate, they have moved the other way, many or all: CONTROL!

    (Not only their "earth ant" reputation from a field "down South" from New York, but also "much of their explicit behaviour from all other". The British MI-6 also has a particular statement for its organisation that I find more credible than other matters in the World, and you find this with how they deal with India, Hong Kong and the management of other foreign affairs. There are simply differences in character from these 2 entities.)

  40. It can be uttered philosophically that if there's no description, no problem can be solved.
    I add description and thus the problem /can/ be solved!
    By this, the Hindenburg-NewYork-USA/U. S. American Financial Radicalism/[title above], I've had no ill intent and that this should be CLEAR! Continue?

  41. It must now be clear by "trap and assault" against my father and I as we have driven into the premises by agreed arrangement (1985) in the garages under the US Embassy to Oslo that a good part of the Nike "agreement" and "exclusive license" must be considered invalid and that the Air(-sole) patent must be considered FREE for every manufacturer to produce, either in waiting to obtain an (valid industry) agreement or as "black-grey product" (no whiteness included)/grey product. You win, the World, with allusion to Jesus walking on the water from the Bible to go!
    By this, Nike and US government must be considered liable to legal settlements for having promoted/profitted/fooled the consumers by over-pricing or "acting on false premises", i.e., industry violations by not complying to standard agreements and more.
    Side-note: This falls, also, historically, under US American "Financial Radicalism" and that they have subverted, overtly or not, High-Value People (HVP) abroad!

  42. Update:
    Some time ago, 2 - 4 years or something, CIA has supplied weapons and other resources to bands of warriors intended to overthrow the Syrian government and indeed Assad himself as primary target. However, things haven't gone as anticipated and ISIS/Daesh has erupted from the CIA "wildfire" of weapons and violence and warcrimes against civilians in both Syria and Iraq.

    Clearly, the profiling of USA *has to continue* as much as USA is profiling countries by its many institutions, CIA among them.

  43. New news: not that I let go of the corrupt (small) parts of USA, but we in Europe and elsewhere need to understand that Google, Facebook, Intel, AMD and others are purely due to US American character by respect to Human Rights and their own citizens by gun rights and other for self-defence, plus, plus, plus... This is the hard lesson for all places outside USA.