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The Work to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israel-Palestine conflict - Seeking to solve it!

Various! Written by Terje Lea 2010-12-31 13:24:49 [on]

I've written this writing (in Norwegian) to the Committee of Palestine, a Norwegian
committee, I believe, 02:44 AM (night...), Tue 16. Nov.

The writing basically consists in this:
* Why isn't the UN and the EU (among others) on the spot/in the area
with their own, coordinated, observers and work-groups (engineers and
leaders/organisers) on both the Gaza-strip and the West Bank?
[Edit, Unsp.:]
* (Loosely with/by unrealist42:) The observers should use the latest technology in their mission, possibly web-cams for observing the check-points! unrealist42 suggests the use of web-cams for monitoring the check-points directly to the internet by full publicity. This may be too radical, but a moderated use by the observers can be a valuable contribution! Indeed, the latest technology should be applied as in all other (modern) countries so that Palestine can enter contemporary standards on all fronts, including industry! [End of edit.]

* There should be an updated map for the areas of conflict where (as on
the Google maps) one can find check-points, surveillance cameras,
the Wall, the settlements, special conflict-zones, operating UN/EU/others'
activities and all other activity (like "finally" imported goods to the Palestine

* I also think there should be a COMMON web-portal for this conflict that is leaded
by UN (in the same fashion as WWF's web-presence). Here I suggest that all activities, in progress and in planning, are being presented/communicated. One should also emphasise the importance of transparency (no side "fools"/"undermines" the other).
* One may also have a money-effort surveillance page under this common portal that displays the actual effort (and direction) to the Palestine areas (and in the long run seriously undermines any hidden support for the tunnels into the Gaza-strip).
* One may also have a "tally" count on the number of people involved and what they do!
* I may come to add more points as we go, but I must say that I think the quality of the "engineering" work for ending this conflict could have been far better and had a better progression! I hope this improves in the immediate future!

[Edit, as extra compared to the email:]
* An addition to this writing on this forum: It should be a standing requirement that the representatives for Palestine accept Israel as a Jewish state on EQUAL footing as Palestine probably announces itself/looks upon itself as a Muslim state (i.e., the sound/massive support of Hamas, a rather (moderately/strongly) Islamic oriented political party). Poor people also tend to mind religious matters more strongly than fx. the affluent Europeans without this being a point, but rather a remark one can lend one's eye to.
* Also, I think the Israeli rhetoric has improved greatly for the last month or so. Though, it's seen as quite provoking that they push on these settlements to this degree.
* One report I've read, says that Israelis choose the settlements mostly for economic reasons and it should be possible to change this incentive or at least highlight it.
* (Loosely by Typist:) The world should support both Israel and Palestine as equal/symmetric states. Hopefully spurring both nations into prosperous, peaceful economic cycles of partnership, cooperation and to the service and benefit from and to the world.

[Edit, 17.11.2010:]
* In relation to the conflict (I-P), I'm also interested in the status of the Palestinian airport and the arrangement for Palestinians to communicate with one another between the Gaza strip and the West Bank. I'd also like to know the routines for moving between these two areas (physically, as the areas are indeed physically apart).
* Communications do include phone connections, mobile and "regular", as well as internet. I'd also include the aspect of communications from the Palestinian areas and to the world at large!
* It must be pointed out that despite the long coast line of the Gaza strip, the Palestinians have no harbour whatsoever! Even the fishing vessels have come under fire or harassment from time to time. There is no problem in conceiving an Israeli administration of a Palestinian harbour during a period of transition!
* There should be no problem in incorporating these concerns into this web-portal if only as static reports or points. [End of edit.]

[Edit, 12.09.2011:]
* It needs to be a part of reporting that incidents and wounded and killed are included in the (web-)reports! Formerly, I've hoped that active policing (by the Police forces, Palestinian, internationally strengthened (by non-Israeli) or not and the mere presence of international observers (and set-ups as described above) would reduce incidents and wounded and killed (in direct connection to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, i.e., Israeli killing Palestinian or vice versa). [End of edit.]

[Edit, 12.12.2010:]
* It should be mentioned that as Israel is a perpetrator and that it is reluctant to acknowledge valid borders to Palestine, its victim, this may be pathological and the issue should therefore be openly demanded as a few countries already have recognised Palestine an own state. Thus the next point on my "list" for an underlying plan to highlight steps that are needed, is that Israel makes it clear what borders it recognises so that this "pathology" can be safely scrapped, which is most welcomed by the whole world, I assume.
* This website with this map should clearly mark the 1967-borders and the eventual contemporary borders Israel accepts today if any. [End of edit.]
(Sincerely yours,
Mr. Terje Lea)

[Edit, 16.11.2010:] A comment on the side, pertaining to the settlements. It's a fact that the Swiss have been
addressing the Israelis for making Palestine look like a Swiss cheese (a cheese, as we all know, is known for
for its "holes" (bubbles)). [End of edit.]
PS: Let's end this together! (Joke?)
PS2: Typist is a user at the Philosophy Now forum. This entire writing has first been written on this forum.
PS3: unrealist42 is a user over at
PS4: This plan is updated today, 15.12.2010, despite my protest by not writing. However, don't interpret this as I'm beginning to write again (on my websites).
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2 further notes to the conflict:
1. note.
Note I side with Turkey over the verdict that "leaked copy of the United Nations report ... But the report also concludes that Israel's naval blockade of Gaza is legal - a move that has angered Turkey" because I think there's no convention (legal) or precedent for such a "legality" in international relations. On the other hand, I suspect "the Patient of Palestine" is suffering under "the Doctor, with split personality", overtly Israel and USA, and covertly, EU and Norway and Colombia shoved in by FDI (foreign direct investment, handler: USA) and "blackened Arab personality/corrupt money (sorry to suggest this). Solution: be aggressive on expressing frustration to friendly/charitable nations so that they can relay the political pressure, both media and diplomatic toward the _un_friendly nations! Good?
End of 1. note.

2. note.
On Israel and 900 new settlement-housing units planned in East Jerusalem: In light of the planning of 900 new housing units, I call for "cautious" sanctions against Israel on all sorts of signal products as Champagne and Parma-ham for their _consistent_ undermining of solutions with their neighbouring Palestinians. This should be discussed at UN. And even though this definite undermining of disciplinary reactions to Israel by USA takes place, I think the other nations are fully entitled to announce their dissatisfaction, thus _increasing_ global pressure against Israel for getting more serious in the conflict. The sanctions can be justified citing worldwide security concerns as incitement for conflict and the obvious idiot will to this incitement by the Israeli. This means that I hope these countries can come together and give these declarations against Israel despite the idiot vetoing by USA for making the full _other_ 6,5 - 7,0 Bn (Billion!) people heard and that _they_ (not USA) get to give this dearly welcomed voice to the Palestinians and their cause for a rightful state with some borders if not directly the 1967 borders to start with! Cheers!

This has also been posted United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights,
United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights
The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People...

I'm sorry. The world population number on Wikip. said 7,4 Bn people. US Census says 6 937 326 780 _right now_!

Thus deducting some here and there making it 6,5 rather than 7 at any chance!

The Israelis should be well aware also of the possibility to build larger housing complexes and especially _taller_ so that NO people need to live on occupied territory/settlements obstructing peace with the Palestinians.

This comment of mine comes as reaction, slightly delayed, by the story brought by TV2 with "Publisert 04.04.2011 20.28", that is published on 04.04.2011.

The link:
[Israel utvider bosetning på okkupert land]
End of 2. note.

Note: this is meant to continue until the conflict has ended. Thus, more is likely to be added!


  1. I've made a further note on Facebook, originally that I'd like to update this posting with as comment: I've watched an interview today on BBC World where Mrs. Kay of BBC America interviews the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice. It irritates me slightly how USA keeps demanding this fruitless meeting at the negotiation table, but let's meet them! I have this to say. Sure, let them make their demands to one another at a negotiation table at the UN, in New York, in Israel or in Jerusalem, at least somewhere. So they put the demands on the table and begin to "read Donald Duck or whatever" (because they have met so many times before). Thus we meet with the demand/requirement of USA for making a Palestine state. While these people of Israel and Palestine keep meeting one another, here or there, the Palestinians make a bid to the UN Security Council for an own state, The State of Palestine! This state can very well have limited sovereignty to avoid rapid hostility actions to build. This limited sovereignty is to be described under "a transition to normalcy between the two states" as a normalcy between two developed nations, fx. France and Germany. So there we begin... 1. The negotiation table, 2. The bid to the security council, 3. signing the agreement of limited sovereignty "for a peaceful transition to occur", and by this I think we're set to solve this conflict! [If USA keeps being "subversive" they need to be "reminded" of this/hammered by World presure and independent declaration from the other states at the UN, fx. Security Council and so on. Let's hope this doesn't get necessary. Just a formal point though.]

    The UN's organisation's acronym is UNISPAL...

    The reporters name is Katty Kay! [Finally right!]

    Also posted to BBC Have Your Say and CNN IReport.

    In addition to this input, I've gotten the report of CNN by Richard Roth! Peace! [Add. to the above posted to BBC and CNN.]

    Salem, Shalom... (Love labours on...)

  2. A few more remarks to the conflict:
    1. As one has had 18 years of talks, there are limitations to how powerful the urge to _further_ talks can ever be, even as they are spoken by Pres. Obama!
    2. I suggest that you, the Palestinians, take the words of Sarkozy to heart if your bid fails: "Let's have one month to resume discussions, six months to find agreement on borders and security, one year to reach a definitive agreement." Because this looks very constructive!
    3. It seems so obscured, the peace talks, when one considers the History of Peace Talks by BBC. They seem to be lacking public communications during the peace talks and it's highly unclear whether the talks go on the WHOLE time or whether they just meet every now and then. This can be a possible issue to solve and that one makes sure that "the obstructing part" gets taken for being idiot! Thus, the very WORDS of every event of peace talks should be properly reported upon! Agree?

  3. All the way since either 1991 or 1993, it has gone ONE WAY for the Palestinians, DOWN! They have continously lost territory! They have stayed impoverished! They are continuously suffering under hardship mentally and medically by this conflict, blockade/embargo and poverty! Think, for Christ's sake!!!

  4. Tehnically, as with the EU Constitution, one approves of the Palestinian state and _ratifies_ it on signing the "transition to..." (as it says above). Shouldn't this be it?

  5. One can check out the UNIPAL's collection of documents here: . This makes the opportunity to get a bit deeper and more true to the conflict than reading the more biased media reports!

  6. I have found this search/link particularly useful: !
    A good man has also uploaded a package of documents (6 pages) to Scribd: concerning the latest!

  7. You can also read the two more recent notes here on Blogspot by myself: !

  8. A note from me, at least, as part of follow-up in supporting a /lasting/ solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I´d like to issue a need for Israel to have drones up in the air so that BIG bombing campaigns can be avoided (also avoiding mental stress to the population of Gaza (incl. and especially the young there)! The Quartet should also see its duty of piercing through this "noise" of reckless "rocket-attackers" and go forward with the "Swiss Cheese"-map of State Palestine! Soon, please? (Frm. pres. of France has achieved agreement for "within 2012", recently! I ask the int. community to pay respect to the words and to "make it happen"!!!)

    PS: First to Facebook this time.

  9. Relating to the map issue, one might just as well use a combination of the 1967 maps with those of today because the recognition of Israel entails a necessary map by the recognition of Palestine. Therefore there may not exist a "map-issue" at all.

  10. Palestine/Israel:
    My opinion is that there is nothing wrong with Palestine and Israel sharing Jerusalem as capital.
    Quite unique in the World, even greater excuse to celebrate the Abrahamic faiths! Hurray!

  11. A note to Palestine: I find it unacceptable that any state/nation supports terrorism. As such, Palestine must stay away from terrorism and cooperate with Israel on terrorism in order to hold on to credibility as a responsible and beautiful State, State of Palestine, of, by and for the Palestinian people!