Monday, 12 September 2011

Idea for Peer-2-Peer Search Engine Application

Here's an idea for a peer-to-peer client search engine:
you use a client side application and this application has two sides,
one to your own computer (watch the permissions) and one to your peers of
choice, whatever registry you choose to visit. You pick up these registries with
a central registry _consisting of nothing else than a pure listing by text_! These may be Wikipedia and all else (Europeana incl.).

Note: I may have shared this idea with two other people, one from Google and one from Germany from the last 12 hrs.


  1. This idea has also been posted to both my Facebook profile and my Facebook group "Static Display of Work..."

  2. Please, remember that a server can also be a client, like in the case of Wikipedia above and this is implicated, because otherwise you wouldn't have the possibility to enter large collections of searchable material!

  3. Just note how nicely every moron administrator God is removed!!! (Although, IP-specific manipulation of settings could shift it, but then again, this should be easily detected, by other administrators and by visiting the library for instance.)