Saturday, 1 October 2011

Note on other inventions and ideas...

I intend to put all ideas and inventions in the files of "Evolution - the science page" and "Various Designs - the design page".
This concerns the cold war of the World outside USA vs. USA, an arms race to punish every nation in case it wants to do harm, unjustified, to another nation. This idea of (descriptive) science is called (#)LoveToUSAWar, first announced on Twitter. This goes then to the Evolution page.
The "Security Programming on Distant Devices" goes on the Design page as well as Radar Screen as Roll-Down Screen Lifted by Two Balloons or More (as Necessary). I do have a problem over where to put the IT ideas as they seem to end up, often, in two categories, science and design! Good?

1 comment:

  1. The radar need two other units I believe, the "beamer" to emit the radar signals, a battery unit, and the detector that's supposed to work with the radar screen itself, picking up the signals!