Saturday, 1 October 2011

Confusion over Nuking of Japanese Cities and Status of Tokyo

People may think that I confuse simple things as which (2) Japanese cities that have been nuked during the WW2. They are in fact Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (And along with notions that I'm unable to do correct math of the type, "corruption [by Police] + corruption [by Berle] = 2corruption". I'm not going to be shoved by such pathetic attempts to deprive me of my (great) Set-Theory in math, just so it's clear!)
But, it's a fact (by reading Akio Morita's Made in Japan?) that Tokyo was not "itself" after WW2. No, in fact it was as heavily "f*cked" as Dresden for those interested in history (of bombing) during the WW2. Dresden is known for being the single object city for "terror-bombing" by the Allies during the WW2, thus making the Allies less "innocent" that what is commonly thought of! You get this too? (I'm to correct shortly!)

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  1. Berle is a lawyer working for Norwegian Internal Affairs ("Spesialenheten for Politisaker"), responding to a complaint made by myself titled: Is the population put under an unreasonable threat scheme? Are there too much threats of crime to the Norwegian population? Does the population suffer mental illness because of severe threats put to it? (I've been trying to initiate a kind of commission of inquiry and also to shed light on the threats of Monkey Biz and possibly also making it a story by the media and the Health Department) However, my efforts have fallen short and they seem to WANT it, either overtly or covertly which seems to suggest that THIS society is off its hinges! Something needs to happen to a society this sick!