Saturday, 1 October 2011

Addition to the Efficiency Argument of Phil. Notes

It should be relatively clear that you may or can enter Natural Kinds among the other criteria. Objectivity is definitely required in Science and my impression is that "Natural Kinds" is usually added as tail notion (with "hindsight wisdom") or noting that it entails a certain new scientific finding. My objection to Natural Kinds is exactly this. It doesn't do much in adding explanation other than entering a scope for possible investigation (as much as "Science is what is produced by the use of HDM). But HDM is a crucial method while "Natural Kinds" is merely a concept akin to the (The table of) Elements! Do what you want, please! If you add it, so be it! If you don't then this is good too! Good?


  1. Besides, "Natural Kinds" is entailed itself by Objectivity, Parsimony and a few others. Thus, the criteria that are already entered have the explanatory force already in place!

  2. Thus a possible line in _my_ argument: (Natural Kinds, possibly) - This only includes what is written on Natural Kinds up to the date issued (22.02.2010?)! I also understand that Natural Kind philosophers are trying _hard_ and good luck to them with that (as competition with making a better demarcation than myself and others in my line/my vein/my strategy)!