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Patient's Awareness, Tips and tricks for the patient

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Update: 04.07.2011. Written by Terje Lea / Terje L. F. Olsnes-Lea / Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea. 04.07.2011.
Since I've began the investigations on psychiatry, this page has come into mind more and more and finally presented a while later, seeing the urgency, probably world wide. The original date is this far unknown, but maybe it's from about 2006 or 2007 or so.
On one occasion, it has been republished, after the website has gone down, on the Philosophy Now forum as Psychiatric Views and Findings, by Mon. Nov. 23, 2009 7:15 am. Probably CET, but consider also GMT.
This page has first been published as Notice and Countermeasures by the filename, notice_and_countermeasures.html. The publishing date that I find likely is around 28. April, 2004. This page has used to lie one step under "About abuses and torture...", by the filename, commentsabutort.html, that has the definite publishing date of 28.01.2003. Thus, this webpage even precedes my psychiatric investigations. Cool?

Patient's Awareness, Tips and tricks for the patient

Countermeasures (check routines for compensating for faulty mental health personnel):

Log/diary: Create a log or diary. Make sure you get your things through according to your planner.

Relations: Stay in touch with people you trust.

Isolation rule: Isolate if things get wrong. It may help to calm your head for a number of days in order to look at the basic things over again.

Counterthreat: If you can counterthreat, it may be helpful, but you should be ascertain that you have the odds... On the other hand, it may be wise to keep things in secret from your enemy in order to get to results.

Formalization: Make sure you seek a formalization, like seeing a therapist or a physician. If you have knowledge, you should make a complaint right away for the sake of record. You shouldn't worry too much about making a complaint. It can only help you!
(I add some words to help people overcome trouble from living under the power of lunatics. These are:)
Make sure to get the copy, hard or soft, of the most important parts or all of your journal. Don't leave out this point!

Telepathy: It is critical that people learn themselves telepathy. It makes your everyday a lot safer. You also detect danger much more easily and your social skills become much more adept and acute.

Remark: I you consider suicide, then do not! Allow the assholes to die first (like in 1. place).
Because you are usually good and they are bad. AND see here: Here is a sound procedure of likelihood of greater chance and less misery. It follows... Farber's Theory of Suicide S = f ( PIC.DEC.DIG.TS / Su.HFT ) where the key is ( / = dividend as on the calculator).

S = Probability of Suicide

PIC = Frequency of Production of Personalities Injured in Their Sense of Competence

DEC = Demands for the Exercising of Competence

DIG = Demands for Interpersonal Giving

TS = Tolerance of Suicide

Su = Availability of Succorance

HFT = Degree of Hope in the Future Time Perspective of the Society (where you are. You can change it) NOW if you take these considerations into account of your own situation, you can quickly identify the focus of your work and efforts. (I will write more later so that it becomes more clear what to do.)

I hope you get to use this information well and I like to give you the warning that life can prove incredibly difficult and it's up to you to make the bottom line consideration on how long you want to keep going by Farber's theory above. Best wishes to you!

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