Saturday, 26 November 2011

Further on Telepathy -> Ganzfeldraum and all the rest...

On telepathy: If telepathy, whatever way you see it, provides nothing, 0 results, _then_ you're justified in NOT believing in it, but if it gives you 10/100 then these 10 results may be worth something very special, on skill, almost the same as when jet-fighter pilots begin using their eyes on the sky and get better in it! Not only this, but what fantastic nature doesn't these 10 results hold? I'm telling you, START believing!!!


  1. This posting is doubled between this one and ! Best wishes to you!

  2. As for track record, I've been supporting the case Pro-Telepathy for a considerable time:
    Aetixintro by the old Philosophy Now forum wrote:
    Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:29 pm Post subject: Re: is telepathy possible?


    I would like to defend the position that Telepathy exists.
    Especially, this is an answer to I_blame_blame.

    First, the existence of telepathy in science is based on particle physics, namely quantum mechanics and the phenomenon of twin particles. Instances where 2 particles have the same condition or the same spin of up to great distances apart.

    Secondly, it is referred to the Amygdala-area in the brain where a plain scientific test pinpointed the active braincells while in 'telepathic' state or where the subject is experiencing telepathy.

    Thirdly, telepathic witnesses to crimes have been used with great success in aiding the police detectives. An experienced police-detective said he would not hesitate to recommend psychics in aiding the police to solve serious crime. There are plenty of the series, just watch Discovery Channel.

    Fourthly, telepathy has been connected to the ability to foresee events. That is when one is thinking of the future, the ability is somewhat similar to projecting what is going to happen. Same again with amygdala-related tasks.

    Fifthly, I recall something from the BBC News just recently where one is to review the position one has on people hearing voices, not only those mentally ill. This is all I have to say for now. Science will probably teach us all what there is to it in some time, but for now I believe in telepathy and many with me. Thanks. :)

  3. On the wholeness of being: I walk, I think, I telepathise...!

    This request for "sawing" off parts of people's brains _must_ end! Finito! (The enlightenment of telepathy must therefore continue on grounds of the reasoning behind information society and the empowerment of people, if not on mere scientific grounding alone!!!)

  4. Remembering the mental health professionals (psychologists and psychiatrists) upon the approach toward speaking ethics to people: that I'm supposed to have perpetrated by promoting (scientifically) the existence of telepathy when they probably have admitted the "special connection" to violators, but never to scientific openness! When they speak of exciting new times (of this and that "sh*t), but never how important it is to behave ethically toward one another _because "ethics has never been PROVEN"_!!! Don't (f*cking) speak to me about your ethics!!!