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Volden i det norske samfunnet! Translation?
Volden i det norske samfunnet!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-31 06:44:02

Joda, vi beklager oss... oh, ah, oh, nå er tenåringene våre
voldelige igjen... Også skyter de med VÅPEN! Kan du tenke deg?
Våpen! Og de skal du vite, BRÅKER i en sånn grad at jeg ikke kan
bli lege selv om den sjansen glapp for 20 år siden...
Oh, ah, oh, den volden, den volden...

Joda, det hjelper jo selvsagt når vi forbyr pepperspray, er så
j*vlig begrensende på håndvåpen og er imot noen særlig overvåkning
av bybildet... Oh, ah, oh, den volden, den volden...

Resultatet av den slags lovgivning: joda, vi trer den over hodet
på barna fordi de skal bære våre synder når vi sitter der og leker
"voksenleker", og sugler i det skjulte over all slags f*enskap,
"drikke" som noen sikkert kaller det!

Så det er det, volden eksisterer i den grad vi har den i samfunnet
fordi samfunnets ledere, voksne mennesker med makt, er i akkurat den
samme grad noen IDIOTER!
Så de sier: personvern... og alt det andre...

og jeg sier: oh, ah, oh, den volden, den volden... det høres
jo så forferdelig ut, er det noe jeg trenger å bry hodet med? Nei,
folkens, la oss jobbe på noe byråkratisk, noe som helst ikke betyr
noen f*en ting som helst!!

Volden som finnes er velfortjent og den er der på grunn av dobbeltmoral
hos samfunnets ledere, godt voksne mennesker som gjør dustete ting som
å forby pepperspray og annet i den grad at vi alle er blitt medlemmer
av f*cking motorsykkelklubber av det tvilsomme slaget og narkonettverk
bare for å være på den sikre siden!
Oh, ah, oh, den volden, den volden...
(Dette har først blitt skrevet på VG (Black) Debatt/Debbath, 2010-10-01, kl. 06:35 - .)
(From the original blog:​/t_daemon_lea/blogT/​/1418902/volden-i-det-norske-s​amfunnet/.)
PS: Det er med glede å meddele at jeg med dette er ajour med bloggene og at innholdet er nå 100% likt om enn med ulike datoer og med litt ulike kommentarer. Bloggene er nå parallelle. Hjerteligst velkommen som leser og mulig venn i filosofi og annet!

Note: Originally posted as​ Translation? Google Translation tool or other.
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Terje Lea
There's an additional point that includes Breivik's "terrorist activity" and this is that his mind-set and his perception of society have been grown out of a "hate-culture" of Norway insofar as his terrorist-deeds have been hateful! Either way, the responsibility falls on Norway for creating a culture that spirals people into doing this kind of action, both the bomb blast and the massacre shooting. More (refined) later.
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Terje Lea
The other point is that no matter how many "terrorist plans" Brevik blurts out during police interrogation, he can't be charged for more than they actually find. So even if he wanted to blow up buildings all the way "down to" Brussels and t...Vis mer
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Terje Lea Comments are posted to TV2 and BBC Have Your Say (way down there).
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Terje Lea Charicaturely also, laconically even, the answer to sh*t in society is sh*t by Breivik! Understand, please?
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Terje Lea Such that the causation chain is "sh*t to sh*t to sh*t to sh*t" continuing possibly forever... This may be a hard worry for future people to deal with!
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Terje Lea ‎"For World Forensics and Life and the 10 Commandments!"
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Terje Lea
My support to Breivik concerns: "Stoltenberg-Jugend", "anti-hate-ideologies" and (one more). Also note that the Labour-party side is more susceptible to perversion (of the most disgusting kind, i.e., torture, by its appeal to the lowest peo...Vis mer
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Terje Lea har opprettet et dokument.
Some social thoughts on USA and EU/Europe! Danger to the World?
Some social thoughts on USA and EU/Europe! Danger to the World?

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 20:43:00

I'll air some concerns here that may slow down the rate the world develops considerably.

First some links:​U​SA​overty_in_the_United_States​urope

I see internal aggression in Europe and USA coming from two angles.
In USA, the general security is cut by an incredibly sharp demand for being successful, the social abyss of the disenfranchised...
In Europe, the general security is cut by an incredibly sharp social scheming with considerable corruption and crime almost to the extent that it pays to be a murderer if you're part of a larger set-up.

I like you to consider these two remarks and what it may mean to add/bring positivity to the rest of the world! These two reasons may very well be the foundation for the relatively slow ascent to a properly developed world (if not the failure of human kind, outright)! (I'll edit this entry later so that it appears less spontaneous.)
(From the original blog:​/t_daemon_lea/blogT/​/1418865/some-social-thoughts-​on-usa-and-eueurope-danger-to-​the-world/.)

Note: Originally posted as
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Terje Lea har opprettet et dokument.
Patient's Awareness, Tips and tricks for the patient
This whole (web-)page of my writings belongs to my person, i.e., © Terje Lea / Terje L. F. Olsnes-Lea / Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011. Make no mistake about it!

Update: 04.07.2011. Written by Terje Lea / Terje L. F. Olsnes-Lea / Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea. 04.07.2011.
Since I've began the investigations on psychiatry, this page has come into mind more and more and finally presented a while later, seeing the urgency, probably world wide. The original date is this far unknown, but maybe it's from about 2006 or 2007 or so.
On one occasion, it has been republished, after the website has gone down, on the Philosophy Now forum as Psychiatric Views and Findings, by Mon. Nov. 23, 2009 7:15 am. Probably CET, but consider also GMT.
This page has first been published as Notice and Countermeasures by the filename, notice_and_countermeasures.htm​l. The publishing date that I find likely is around 28. April, 2004. This page has used to lie one step under "About abuses and torture...", by the filename, commentsabutort.html, that has the definite publishing date of 28.01.2003. Thus, this webpage even precedes my psychiatric investigations. Cool?

Patient's Awareness, Tips and tricks for the patient

Countermeasures (check routines for compensating for faulty mental health personnel):
Log/diary: Create a log or diary. Make sure you get your things through according to your planner.
Relations: Stay in touch with people you trust.
Isolation rule: Isolate if things get wrong. It may help to calm your head for a number of days in order to look at the basic things over again.
Counterthreat: If you can counterthreat, it may be helpful, but you should be ascertain that you have the odds... On the other hand, it may be wise to keep things in secret from your enemy in order to get to results.

Formalization: Make sure you seek a formalization, like seeing a therapist or a physician. If you have knowledge, you should make a complaint right away for the sake of record. You shouldn't worry too much about making a complaint. It can only help you!
(I add some words to help people overcome trouble from living under the power of lunatics. These are:)
Make sure to get the copy, hard or soft, of the most important parts or all of your journal. Don't leave out this point!
Telepathy: It is critical that people learn themselves telepathy. It makes your everyday a lot safer. You also detect danger much more easily and your social skills become much more adept and acute.

Remark: I you consider suicide, then do not! Allow the assholes to die first (like in 1. place).
Because you are usually good and they are bad. AND see here: Here is a sound procedure of likelihood of greater chance and less misery. It follows... Farber's Theory of Suicide S = f ( PIC.DEC.DIG.TS / Su.HFT ) where the key is ( / = dividend as on the calculator).
S = Probability of Suicide
PIC = Frequency of Production of Personalities Injured in Their Sense of Competence
DEC = Demands for the Exercising of Competence
DIG = Demands for Interpersonal Giving
TS = Tolerance of Suicide
Su = Availability of Succorance
HFT = Degree of Hope in the Future Time Perspective of the Society (where you are. You can change it) NOW if you take these considerations into account of your own situation, you can quickly identify the focus of your work and efforts. (I will write more later so that it becomes more clear what to do.)
I hope you get to use this information well and I like to give you the warning that life can prove incredibly difficult and it's up to you to make the bottom line consideration on how long you want to keep going by Farber's theory above. Best wishes to you!

Good now? :-)
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Terje Lea
I've formerly written on something one can associate with MAD (mutually assured destruction). So for assuring this MAD, I prescribe Nuclear Warheads on SCRAMJET missiles on, possibly, the Typhoons or all else (in countries except USA). These should perhaps also have curving capacities. This for now. The actual blog post is coming up! They probably know this (the military people) and I also support all other options, yet in line with overall Pugwash strategy if this can be achieved.
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Terje Lea
I've read some analysis on this webpage and I think it hits the target: . You can, of course, check out the link on too, although written to these pages earlier, link,​behring-breivik/ .
Meddies Blogg
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Terje Lea It appears now that this analysis by http://-medinab.-blogspot-​.com/-/ has been removed or something. You have at least to refer to.
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