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You may want to take further note of my writing to "On Psychiatric Diagnoses", link, . First:
Apart from the view on Psychiatric diagnostication elsewhere, I start this topic just to see where it goes (or just for the f*ck of it)... nicely alongside the other...

Diagnoses: It's my view that Psychiatric diagnoses are in fact best categorised by the two sides (of two) of Schizophrenia and Depression. It's also inherent that these two categories also contain these two concepts as actual psychiatric illnesses. Thus:
Category: Schizophrenia - Illnesses: Schizophrenia, Bulimia, Psychopathy, Compulsive Obsession (particularly of people), (more?)

Category: Depression - Illnesses: Depression, Anorexia, Stress Syndromes, PTSD, (more?)

This view is a mere suggestion.

(This has first been published on the Philosophy Now forum, by myself, today, 30.03.2011, about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.)

And _then_:
Besides, this thread really relates to this:
The billowing "millions" of mentally ill people by diagnosis, but mentally healthy in the functional respects
(that is, there is no unifying guidelines to how the mental health industry is to behave, I reckon)
and this
The Philosophy of Psychiatry edited by Jennifer Radden, .

It says in the review of Psychiatry in the Scientific Image by Dominic Murphy in BJPS, Vol. 60, nr. 3, 2009, p. 676, that "(5) Finally, Chapters 9 and 10 reach the book's goal with an account of Murphy's vision of a future etiology-based classification in psychiatry." While the author speaks much about biology and neuroscience (by concrete traces in the brain), I think it may be rewarding to also, or by higher priority, look to patterns of thinking to causes of insanity. This means in actual terms that a kind of "psychology of moralism/morality/ethics" lies as the foundation for how one may develop paths of pathologies, even outside the usual psychiatric spectrum. As I've written then, if you go outside the normative ethics, strange stuff can happen to your life and that this is the start of such a line, but also made objective by the metabolism test of the blood.

For the psychology of moralism/morality/ethics, I can refer you to Moral Psychology in 3 volumes edited by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Amazon: You can locate the 2nd and 3rd volumes.

The last I've read about psychiatry is that one is unclear, in terms of phil. of science, what is actually in the medical discipline of psychiatry and that this topic is meant to address this.

You can read on all there is. And yes, Izzywizzy, we hope to take delight in your superiority as well.

Cheers! :D

[Edit:] diagnosis... Sorry.

[Edit2:] Added a few words from BJPS, Vol. 60, nr. 3, 2009. Psychiatry in the Scientific Image by Dominic Murphy

[Edit, 22.05.2011:] Added impl. psychology of morality and a series of books by this title.

(This is to be added to Scribblings as far as it hasn't (by edit of 22.05.2011.)
"about 1 minute ago"

There's some discussion on the ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" and in this relation I can't find a plausible reason why this phenomenon should start/exist on a quantum/atom level prior to actual and perceived ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" _and not_ enter the actual and perceived ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" with the same level of accuracy as on the quantum/atom level!
"at Saturday"

This relates to the research of prof. Bem's work of actual and real capacity of foreseeing the future and the excellent work by a psychologist/quantum physicist by the University of Amsterdam in Holland.
"Yesterday, time, 19:56 CEST"

The name of the man from Holland is Dick Bierman, PhD. Also working by this university as earlier noted.
"Yesterday, time, 20:38 CEST"

...perhaps the best thing in some people's minds: The Standard Model of Elementary Particles May Now Be Complete! also by 1/2 blogs: . Good? I do enjoy your (silent) attention and I hope that you are enjoying reading and knowledge and ongoing science too! Cheers! :-D
"at Thursday"

I've also written about Cascading Effects of Weak and Strong Interaction Forces , 1/2 - and ...
"at Thursday"

And . It should be noted that the wording and some information is different, but this is to be sorted out in near future.
"at Thursday"

I've written about the Standard Model lately and you may want to take a look. .
What is written...
This is my personal blog of views and whatever else information that I come up with. Enjoy!
"at Thursday"

Regarding the legacy of my philosophy, I've written earlier that it belongs to my family. If you need some countries to "worship", you can _begin_ with Denmark, Germany and Austria. If this should change, I should do so in own person and by a video of live person on YouTube or somewhere. Alright?
"about a week ago"

The Considerations of U.S. American Military Presence ->
This is now the activists' page for the surveillance of US American influence in the world, mainly outside Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq (10 000?) and South Korea! I hope people are with me in gathering and pointing out discrepancies to the information presented on the Wikipedia pages and that we, together, can force the Wikipedia pages to become more accurate and possibly set this kind of information up elsewhere!

Under the new world order, I can imagine a shift from the #coldwar/cold war against Soviet Union/#Russia and toward making super-power truly global by ramping up military power all over the world in order to become #symmetric to USA under "LoveToUSA-war" / #LoveToUSAwar and that this war is not really any war at all (and it also sounds a lot better than "The Cold War"! World, engage your people for a better future, please!!! #coldwar #Russia #China #superpower #global.

This time it's about #military #presence by #USA around the world. I mean, the bases USA has, have thousands of people in them, not just a couple of hundred. You can check with their presence yourself in terms of #bases around the world. I can mention #Germany, Saudi Arabia / #SaudiArabia, #Japan and various other engagements around the world that I see as nothing LESS than #downright #regionally #subversive #economic #suppression! On the other hand, I do have sympathy to the military presence in (in descending respects) #Iraq and in South Korea / #SouthKorea and in #Afghanistan, obviously. I also support presence in Somalia and (with caution) the ongoing operations against Libya! But this is it! These other countries, like Germany, have presence on grounding that can only be described as "misty"!

I therefore call for the removal/withdrawal, as soon as possible/ASAP, of these bases that don't take part in a CLEAR/#clear #threat #scenario (of war). Thus, in my opinion, the bases in Germany, Saudi Arabia ( #SaudiArabia ) and Japan should go, at least!!!

Some links: ... tary_bases (Funnily enough, Wikipedia IS incredibly accessible! Thank Heaven for Se...!!!) and ... eployments.

I almost forgot: when #911 happened, USA suddenly got another excuse for its miliary "play!!!

The above relates to #NineEleven.

When I write military presence, do not stick only to military terms of thinking!!! No, please, think in terms of all the crazy range of actions, like: "#psychiatric #techniques", #torture, #rape, #suppression, #gang #tricks, #biological #foul #play, #sabotage, "#doctors' #games" (whatever the interpretation you "like" to add!) and the whole range of sh*t!!! So, military presence CAN/DOES mean A LOT!!!

Just some thoughts on the military stuff: ... in_Germany - NO number on personnel stationed there! - NO number on the personnel stationed there! So how many are they? I mean, the list on Germany is #Satanic! Even the Novo Selo Range is "surface area of 144 km2" ("note on 12X12"). "The US Army started in late 2008 a 61.15 m USD investment"! "...stationed troops in Vicenza to 5,000", just as an example!

This looks to be a lasting project just for the surveillance, but they say "with more than 369,000 of its 1,580,255[2] active-duty personnel serving outside the United States and its territories." Alright.

Some more on these numbers:
Total: 369,000+ (2009(?))
Minus: 28,500 (South Korea, uncontroversial, 2011)
Minus: 90,000 (Afghanistan, uncontroversial, 2011)
Total2: 250,500 (hundred thousands and five hundred, possible nutcases doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the world, see list above, i.e., #gang tricks and so on...)
Germany: [numbers]
Spain: [numbers]
Japan: [numbers]
Italy: [numbers]
Greece: [numbers]
Brazil: [numbers]
Cuba: [numbers]

Note on Iraq: "By December 31, 2011, all U.S. military forces will withdraw from the country." by!

USA! You get the Tommy Gun from Emily Thompson (known for the etiquette), that's for sure!

Note: this has first been published on Twitter and later added to the Philosophy Now, just today, 12.05.2011.
Note2: This has been edited today, 12.05.2011.
"about a week ago"

I've written a few little things lately and I'll present two of them: In Support of the Chinese Currency Policy/Policies - I hereby declare my full support to the Chinese currency policy or policies in the sense that the currency is set to encourage domestic demand (and inflict poverty in relation to all business abroad) and for limiting imports (because they are then expensive).

I can't say I find anything wrong with this, ethically or economically. This is indeed the most sensible thing to do when you're the developing country for the reasons above.

As a matter of fact, the OECD, the developed world has for a long and unjustified time relied on dubious matters like cheap coffee and cocoa and other (like minerals and what have you). This logic now needs to be removed from the (self-)deluded "western" minds!
These goods have been cheap way beyond what can generate an ascent for these countries of these products and this unreasonable pricing has lead to a constant poverty in exactly these countries. China seems to be aware of this and does consequently what is good for them, having in mind the decadence of the leading developed world. (You can check out my suggestion for Syndication...)

The matters should change when China breaks through as a developed country because I think it's plausible then that we will see a currency that levels out and become stable along with all other developed nations.

The obvious conclusion is then that China is now, rightfully (insofar as it is on this low level), using the economic mechanisms correctly for ensuring a continued (maximal/optimal) growth for their country.

Note: if USA (and possibly more or fewer of the OECD countries) are pushing this issue down on the Chinese and it becomes evident that they "suffer (to some degree) detriment/adversity more than reasonable (by the hard work of becoming a developed nation or, excl., by the recipe of the world(?) in the sense of the recipe for society in "pricing in" corruption)", this change will become a mark of the time when USA (by world power) has been negative as matter of being humanistic toward the world and in this matter, most prominently, the Chinese! This should be very shameful in case it's allowed to happen.

Note2: this has first been published on 2011-05-11 20:19:40.
"about a week ago"

"Hei dere. Selv om dette defineres som en "distortion"/"warping" av tid-rom så er det ikke noen spesielle problemer med å kalle disse samme effekter ...av tid-gravitasjon og videre ...av tid-Cascading Effects of Strong/Weak Nuclear Interaction Forces! Bare så dere er klar over det! :-) Ha en fortsatt fin helg!
Endelig bevis for Einsteins teorier
Et av de mest langvarige forskningsprosjekter i NASAs historie er avsluttet."
"about 2 weeks ago"

You know, when evaluating the combination of Strong/Weak Nuclear Interaction Forces, please, bear in mind that this is a possible inclusive "or" relationship! I've not made the calculations yet on how this may look like! Cheers!
"7. May, time, 21:44 CEST"

You should know this, however, that it only relates to the explanation of gravity. By themselves, they are good as they are!
"7. May, time, 23:39 CEST"

"xx -- 99 of 99 (combining 0 files)!" There are several issues here. I'm looking for presenting a more unified time-stamp image and also a better count of the actual combined files needed for each page while counting the posts at 99 now. (This accusation of Facebook X4/X5 for being dishonest because I post the content from old files from Facebook has no force! This is because the time-stamp for this particular posting has no relevance to the content presented other than saying that I'm on it, giving the readers a "live" image of the blog of following it as I write and this has been the only intention by this!! Comprende, you, ********?!

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