Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Concerning The Free Will Hypothesis of Math - Suggested Modification

This will be the Modified Hypothesis of Free Will by quantum experiment maths. Applied Mathematics!
Allegedly then, by this, Free Will is obtained by merely _neutral_ and positive values of tested particles.
That is, you simply _deselect_ some options like an extremely (medically aided) long life, by one argument for Free Will!
This is inline with both my own Free Will arguments and with the two mathematicians of Princeton! Good for them and cheers to you!


  1. The free will theorem of John H. Conway and Simon B. Kochen states that, if we have a certain amount of "free will", then, subject to certain assumptions, so must some elementary particles. Conway and Kochen's paper was published in Foundations of Physics in 2006.[1] - My respects to them _by name_!
    Secondly, people are deeply _wrong_ if they think that I don't understand that The Free Will Theorem is about the free will of particles, I _merely_ dispute the degree "their", the particles Free Will is _*significant*_!!! I also wonder what kind of Free Will would be displayed if these particles roam toward the edges of space/universe! To my knowledge, Free Will arises as matter of life on planets and that, of course, Free Will _takes hold_, is made possible by this _only_! But in the end, I don't need to question the status of Free Will in these particles. I only need to point toward the consequences of larger facts (by ..._deselect_...) of life and _downward_ to these particles, regardless of what Free Will lies there! If I'm pushed on this matter, I simply fall because I believe in "monads" too! Cheers! (This has been posted to the Facebook group "The Free Will Theorem"

  2. On the Free Will Theorem, and Free Will, all in all, thoroughly proven, it's important to remember that Free Will lies *UNDER* science and NOT above it. Free Will or Determinism has absolutely no implication for science and the laws are of course held under the concept of "laws", because they are expected to never break!

    As laws of nature or principles, as correct description, of nature!

    This has first been added to Facebook some minutes ago!

  3. If they want the assertion directly, The Free Will can be considered OVER 3, read, "three", values: positive, neutral (my addition to The Free Will Theorem, destroying some of their math, making the necessity of a recalculation of the whole thing, but more positive and even more evident) and _negative_! To say that Free Will obtains by positive and neutral values is to say that Free can obtain ONLY by these two values, NOT that it EXCLUDES the negative value! This should now be VERY clear!

  4. Free Will has also, traditionally, in Philosophy, been considered according to the notion of "agency" and that relating to the above... Please, mind your steps.

  5. So, over the earliest moments of Universe, iff. Big Bang Theory as true, then a bigger/heavier body of mass to transfer or induce life forms to display what we perceive as "Free Will". Not to say that Free Will doesn't exist, no, the other way, any origin to intelligence is now best seen in the human being, whatever the cause, jointly with the form of human being, being the most able predator and manager of the Earth, and having a cognition, that I say clearly displays Free Will, surely, one may say, sets intelligence firmly into future "as we build through time", sending these signals potentially out to other and better systems of life! Are we entering God therefore?

    Note: This is not entirely placed right and certainly not with the Free Will discussion. As such, this little text should be parted into 3, Philosophy of Religion, Cosmology, and the Metaphysics of Existence, that fundamental question (in fx. Richard Taylor's Metaphysics book of 4th or 5th ed.). You can't simply insert this notice into any context in this form, it's a bit more complicated than that.

  6. Some other notions of attention worth:
    Hence my strict adherence to the "disciplines" of the academic subjects and the working on /the/ super-map of all, science, academic subjects and the rest!

    I also warn against the abuse "of a given God Tube Model" (of theory) and a so-called God Tube Model can rather relate to early cosmology and the assymetry/symmetry-debates! Enjoy also!

    Some people may think "determinism" enters science as such, but this is mistaken. Determinism is really the question of a theory as probabilistic or law-definite. As such, no question ever goes into science as "free will/determinism".