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Terje Lea oprettede et doc.
CV Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea
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[Leonardo] F. Olsnes-Lea

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Terje Lea The original file has had the title: CV Terje L. F. Olsnes-Lea.
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Terje Lea The discrepancy between my documented work now and my rather poor academic performance is explained considerable "social adversity" culminating in a kind of "political prison"/"political crippling" (severing me of opportunities in life according to (intellectual) ability).
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Terje Lea In addition, of course, I'm planning to move abroad as soon as possible (hopefully within the year).
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Terje Lea Really strange to find oneself in "Soviet Union" on grounds of... eh... /intelligence/... ulp... (No, I can't make much sense of it!)
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Terje Lea It should read " explained _by_ considerable..."
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Terje Lea Formerly, everything has been backed up _properly_ by the genuine, underlying documentation. There is nothing here that isn't supported in the _hard_ sense.
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Terje Lea I'm actually a PADI Open Water Diver by "Dykkeren", Norw. for The Diver, and I'm student, for life, no: 51148 and supervised by Instr. no: 500438. Thus, my identity becomes embarrassingly unique for them. :-D 8-D
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Terje Lea
Inquiry: some people _now_ coin the Nazi greeting (stolen from a Nazi with an amputated arm stuck into his mouth) with the Brazilian flag, Ordem e Progresso, giving it new content! What do you think about that? And what if you add fx. Heil zu Angela Merkel und die Demokratie? (Beware, please, of the sensitivities of the older people, 50+ or so. The Israeli, the same, but they are not nice to the Palestinians, are they?) Also, you can add this to the idea of the Pistolier/Pistoliere (French) under the Blog Postings below. Good?
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Terje Lea
Fast note, intended to be found under the CV as comment: I'm actually a PADI Open Water Diver by "Dykkeren", Norw. for The Diver, and I'm student, for life, no: 51148 and supervised by Instr. no: 500438. Thus, my identity becomes embarrassingly unique for them. :-D 8-D
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Terje Lea
So under the "Issues from the Internet", under the header of "What are your philosophical positions?" you can now add on me, Philosophy of Law: Absolutist, Legislationist and Originalist. Just for the update.
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Terje Lea
I see from the Jurisprudence article on Wikipedia, that people may want some words on Philosophy of Law from me. These are (rather quickly): 1. There should be no holes in a good system of legal practice/legislation system! 2. The laws are absolute and they can't be reasonably dodged. This point is supported by point 1.
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Terje Lea ‎3. (if nec.) The laws are complete and describe only objective circumstances (pertaining to HDM and quality of evidence) and most certainly only real life.
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Terje Lea ‎4. Legislation is on TOP. The courts are nr. 2 and the Police are nr. 3. There are various security concerns to this. I think the Police need clear rules/procedures as they do their work. I think the Judges only need to set a precedent if the Legislative Assembly (National Parliament) feigns its duties. So I want/hold a theory for a sharp and pro-active Legislative Body and "Judges only to the rescue", acting secondarily so to speak! Good?
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Terje Lea Just in case of interest, I find Antonin Scalia's Originalist position compatible with a "Legislationist" position. Thus I pay respect to forming laws "in the spirit of the Book of Laws (fx. Norges Lover)". Or when you sit there writing, that you are "in a spirit of the Law". This should be the beginning bricks for foundation! (Not having read a book, but generally (very) interested for a long time (I'm 35).
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Terje Lea You should note my point on Godel (Goedel) in Phil. Notes. I'm hard and I know it. There will be no excuses if the future is properly cared for!!!
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Terje Lea The header of it says: Opinions on Gödel's Theorems of Incompleteness and Possibly Tarski and link is (one of them): .
What is Written...: Philosophical Notes of Intellectual Music
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Terje Lea Also take note on the meditative state for making laws. Legislation happens at most meditative state, down to the Judges (by the heat of the Trial and direct Justice down further to Police under fire, so to speak! Thus, this comes natural!
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Terje Lea You can get good lessons from Court TV (Nancy Grace) and various interviews from your or U.S. American Supreme Court Members by 60 Minutes. General media awareness isn't so bad either...
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Terje Lea I must add that Europe can do well with its own Courts reporting (by example of Nancy Grace) and Justice section on CNN U.S. American edition and a Situation Room type of Legal Practice reporting (in media where there is "interest"). I welcome a more aware and active Legal Practice reporting in Europe. Also in the Pan-European sense (to close some holes for these "U.S. Americans" if not the "Colombians"... :-D
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Terje Lea redigerede et dokument.
Security Programming on Distant Devices
Some on programming and security:
Classically, USA demonstrates this huge energy-generator that they set to destroy by a programmable interface and by destructive programming the generator is destroyed.
Well, this may be a counter-solution.
Given that the object-side of the programming is set by a physical code, much like MAC-address or SIM-card, but not necessarily.
This goes by a _secure_ ISP and is serviced by an operator, of course.
The service-side can designate the object-side's address and vice versa, and only this way, the two addresses being strict
and the object-side's device may be strictly set only by the programming, silently dropping idiot-packages. Thus, the object-side's device is strictly programmed with its own
masked code so that C++ becomes C++ custom, unrecognisable to C++ programmers, certainly not possible to program by C++ programming language.
In addition, the signals going to and from the object-side's device can be coded with a wildly generated, arbitrarily chosen algorithm, "broken" or not, akin to
printed codes on cards!
So let the crack-heads chew this for a while and let's have a safer world, please! Cheers!

Note: it may be that Blackberry operates its own ISP on "generic"/"open" networks so that they can guarantee a special set of security mechanisms to their customers,
gaining also phone traffic income.

Note: I've corrected C+ to C++.
Note2: Originally posted on Facebook, Tuesday, 30.08.2011, time: 02:18.
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Terje Lea C+ is really C++. I've just been away from it for too long. (Although, I probably would deserve a beer over my head with the guys at the pub.) This set-up is based on custom made service-side to object-side software and is of course that hardware that is supposed to serve some device of this or that nature, like the generator. I have at least seen C-programming being used on the net and I claim to know (with Ajax or embedded code or something) that it's just a matter of sending the instruction-code from a sender to a receiver. This is special for such code, but it's possible because one can make it custom code for both sender's software and receiver's software/hardware (eg. the generator). Good? (I guess much better now.)
1. september kl. 16:16 · Synes godt om
Terje Lea I'm not denying either that you may set _applications_ as the object-side (by identifier). It can be as simple as programming a peer-to-peer client where either party holds a kind of software key that they either designate themselves or is designated generically by software code that's downloaded with the peer-to-peer clients. You choose... The world is open! Enjoy yourself (together or whatever)!!!
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Terje Lea Besides the identifier issue (as with SIM/MAC code) is that only a translation application of "Mystic Code*" -> C++ needs to exist. In effect the translation tool obscures the code language as well as the code is further obscured by coding algorithm. So really the C++ to MC and MC to C++ is no problem. The Translation Application sits on sender and receiver alike and here you have it! Cheers!
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Terje Lea ‎"Mystic Code*" is the stuff the crack-heads get the chance to look at "in the wires"/"in the air traffic"! Good?
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Terje Lea
Pga. "mystiske" problemer med å kode en melding med "Alle": En siste hilsen til det u-demokratiske Norge (før jeg drar): påstand om obstruksjon av Politiets arbeid. Ang. DNA testen! Hvor trolig er det at en gjerningsperson har DNA som skiller seg BARE ETT (1) gen ifra en kvinneperson?!!! Min teori: akademikerne har lagt ifra seg en dr*ttpakke til Larviks befolkning! Dere? (Sorry for the Norwegian if it offends you!)
fredag kl. 17:17

Til Østlands Posten som jeg nettopp har skrevet til står det i tillegg: Tips om Therese Johannessen saken (og korrupt politi)!
Skulle kanskje lagt til: korrupte undertjenesteleverandører...!
fredag kl. 17:21

Oops, jeg har altså kommet til å blande sakene litt, ja, Birgitte Tengs, Therese Johannessen (Risør), Therese Johannessen (Drammen) og Kristin Juel Johannessen saken som denne er altså... Beklager! _Denne_ saken handler om MORDET PÅ KRISTIN JUEL JOHANNESSEN I LARVIK I 1999. Er det bra?
fredag kl. 18:03

Therese Johannessen (Risør) er _ingen_ sak i det hele tatt! Saken heter Marianne Rugaas Knutsen (saken) (Risør). Gut?
for 12 timer siden

Litt "hearsay" (gjennom luften, kan man si): Therese Johannessen saken i Risør i 1981-83, en mann forklarer at "jeg sto jo her" og da utpeker seg som gjerningsperson, dvs. "løgndetektoren", potensielt, lyser "vilt" på løgn i spørsmålet videre om han er drapsmannen. Dvs. utsagnet "jeg sto jo her" er riktig, men påfølgende spørsmål vil avsløre denne mannen som gjerningsperson... Er dette riktig?
fredag kl. 18:09

Er dette løsningen på sak nr. 2? Har det gått rykter om denne i et visst kult-miljø?
fredag kl. 18:20

Jeg er informert om at saken ifra Risør i 1981 er om syv år gamle Marianne Rugaas Knutsen. Dette er en korreksjon.
for 13 timer siden

Bare for å gi litt solid data i saken: . Nå blir det ingen misforståelser. ::..
Politiadvokat Unni Fries Stepachko forteller at åstedsgranskerne har tatt med se...Vis mere
for 12 timer siden

Det er også verdt å merke seg at setningen over refererer seg til en dokumentar og _ikke_ Fornemmelse for mord serien på TVNorge!
for 12 timer siden

Facebook, appx. time: 22:17, date: 04.09.2011.


  1. These 6 files are primarily uploaded in the wake of redefining three concepts/lines of words well known for being from the Nazi-era AND for being Nazi themselves, "embodying" the Nazism in a way! However, these three concepts/lines of words are now given a distinctly new sense to _democracy_ or democratic "forces" of all things and this is a shift of how one can redefine something one likes into a much more pleasant and sensible package while leaving the horrible people, in this instance, the Nazis, to themselves! Cheers!

  2. Not that it has much to say, but as a peculiarity, the time reference to supply when time is of the uncertain, being fractionally off the summer/winter time divide, is to supply both concepts rather than none, that is, fx. CE(S/T)! Like it?