Saturday, 12 November 2011

About Steely Character and the Controversy of Displaying Good Character

To you, good people,: when speaking about character, today's society, I think, wants the steely character as opposed to "angelic, i.e. avenging angel, angel of vengeance, the angel of Gabriel, champion of justice, white knight etc.! Actually, I think these more evident labels are controversial and struck down upon by "idiots"/bastards/f*ck-ups and people who are destructive to society! This is therefore a STRICT recommendation that you describe yourself as "of steely character" rather than trying to stick out a foot! Besides, "steely character" can be better to oneself, own mentality in being of the weapon, snake/"snake", blade/killer-knife, reminding oneself of the urgent and vigilant need for action in society, and bravely so!!! As before to Amn. Int., Courage is the requirement, decency and honour are the rewards!! Cheers!

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  1. This is urgently put here today and should be valid at least for the next 200 years or so!