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The Use of Radioactive Material for Mapping Subterrain Resources
(Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-10 08:07:30)
It's my recommendation that one pays less respect to U.S. American worries in using plutonium, highly enriched (impl. high radioactivity), or other for locating and mapping subterrain resources of all kinds, possibly, but commonly the oil.

I think USA is playing an unfair game (uhh, again and probably more compulsively than one has reason to believe) with the so-called safety standards. That is, they, themselves, use both "transgressing" amounts and radioactive materials for doing these mapping operations on subterrain resources.

We, the rest of the world, should then just DUMP their alleged honesty and set one for ourselves under, of course, hard and most strict safety standards of transport and handling (because of the idiot terrorist and so forth).

So send these into the ground for safe deposit or possibly retrieval (perhaps not so important, just go for "safe deposit" as standard) and see what signals we can make of it and how far we can take them, please!!!

As I'm thinking about it, there should be plenty of resources for the whole world to enjoy for all foreseeable future!

Have fun! Cheers!

Note: this writing has been made primarily for the possible concern regarding the outright lying or dishonesty by the U.S. Americans in relation to the use of highly enriched, highly radioactive material, most prominently the plutonium, probably to everyone's surprise! From the link, . :-)
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The latest: Chinese Aircraft Carrier
(Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-08 14:14:05)
With the BBC story of the new-built Chinese aircraft carrier,, I welcome this move for securing world democracy as a whole (by symmetry) and in line with Love to USA (Twitter: #LoveToUSAwar). It's not so much about a cold war, but being about returning symmetric love to USA! You understand, please? Cheers!

Somebody, please keep a tally on those army capacities until we're there!

Additionally, one should make the headline "Viewpoint: A new World (exc. USA) - US American high-tech arms race?" instead of BBC's "Viewpoint: A new Sino-US high-tech arms race?" by this link, From the link, . :-)
China general admits carrier plan
The chief of China's General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Chen Bingde confirms that China's first aircraft carrier is under construction.
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I've made some new writings to the blog(s): Two Scientific Notices - Eye Impairment and Cancer Signatures, , Threats to Police - Corruption, , some little thing, Om SvenskeKONGEN!!!, Academic Subjects - The Expert, , God's Guidelines or Natural Laws, , A Comment to Aaron O'Connell's Lecture, Making Sense of a Visible Quantum Object by Ted Talks, .
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The latest I've written: A Certain Distinction over Terms of Violence, , "I just like to mention these three concepts:
Attempt (French: Attentat), mostly political

Coup (Coup d'etat), political revolution, armed revolt

Terrorism, the act of imposing general fear/terror on a certain population or on a scope of population

Now as these are listed, I just like to point out the excellent distinction of "attempt". As a part of the political "game", one can expect to be having the possibility of committing an attempt. An attempt is important in the sense that hard impact (mostly implying damage and killing) can be made to some justified extent. I'm not sure if RAF (Rote Arme Fraktion) has been admitted this term or if they were just some kind of terror group. What I find interesting is that violent behaviour to a dysfunctional aspect of society is warranted. You know, that you have a good and justified violence to turn to in case you make the case for it and I think this avenue should be used more rather than seeing people blowing themselves up in apparently aimless acts of "terrorism", that the fashionable words have gone too far, like the ecological movements call for nuclear free world while flaunting increased fossil fuel dependence and overpopulation issues or the Doha debates for cultural understanding when the reality is really about business obstacles and the domination game. But then again, I find these harder activities void of the good intellectual leadership. An extraordinary example in this relation is the separation between Sinn Fein and its armed political activism of the IRA (Irish Republican Army). So, all in all, the intellectuals are missing their chances of getting the good data and descriptions presented and the media only gets to present the base, factual occurrence of violence taking place. This is not very helpful and I think we who can should work to amend these explanatory deficits! Good?" 8-D
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On the Angelfire blog, I've added: "Attempt (French: Attentat), mostly political (as opposed to ethical/vigilante, for forcing through political change)"
"1. June, time, 20:26 CEST"

About a Conspiracy Connection Between Star Wars and USA: what if USA is the (white) Death Star that has the tractor beam aimed toward all those rebel "falcons", i.e., good people (everywhere) and inside the Death Star reside Lord Vader, the Emperor and all the red cloaked "cardinals", i.e., the highest subordinates and what is all this fuelled by? Yes, the biggest "machine" ever, the largest torture/terror scheme ever deviced, the "Proton Reactor" or whatever you want to call it! Yes...? :-(
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Let me add to this: the satanic/cultish "cardinals" with of course Lord Vader and the crazy "rich and old/decadent" leader on top, the Emperor himself!
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I have been sharing this thought with other people, but I don't know if they have failed to pick up on it or found it uninteresting.
"2 hours ago"

Now, as my real name has been changed from Terje Lea to Terje Leonardo Ferdinand Olsnes-Lea, the name of this group should have been changed, but I've decided to keep it as it is, at least for now.
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There is a new writing on my blog,, and it goes:
Is Dark Matter a Joke in Light of No Existing Central Sun?
(Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-05-29 08:48:43)
Upon the NASA news of this:
Are the planets without the gravity center of a sun/star making up for the alleged Dark Matter? Is therefore Dark Matter a bad physics/astronomy joke?

I don't know for how long the central stars of gravitational systems last (there is literature that you can check with), but as they explode in becoming dwarfs, the other planets, undeniably whir off to other orbits, taking on a whole new orbital life (insofar as they survive the explosion). So are these whirring planets of orphanage the secret behind "Dark Matter"?

I happen to have a Norwegian book on the subject, Astronomi - Fra strålende objekter til sorte hull - Vol. 2 (only) by Øystein Elgarøy and Øyvind Hauge with even a third title - Stjernehimmelen (perhaps name for the 2 volume series). Maybe I should buy another one in English and also bigger than this, 195 pages. It has, though, a strict university level content. There are no jokes in this book!!! :) It also has a chart for the typical life span of stars on page 85/92. This chart goes under "Main Series" of stars.

Another person, rloldershaw, also has questioned the nature of "Dark Matter" by suggesting the exact same thing as I do, but a little earlier, May 19, 2011 6:24 PM, and this person has posted a reply to the NASA on the Physics World site, by this link,

Note: this has first been published on the Philosophy Now forum under "Post subject: Is DarkMatter a Joke in Light of No Existing Central Sun? PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2011 6:49 am".
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...perhaps the best thing in some people's minds: The Standard Model of Elementary Particles May Now Be Complete! also by 1/2 blogs: . Good? I do enjoy your (silent) attention and I hope that you are enjoying reading and knowledge and ongoing science too! Cheers! :-D
"about a week ago"

I have now added:
"Friday, time, 05:47 CEST"
It's also my recommendation that you look up for

If, conditionally, new particles are claimed then the new particles are required to be placed or attempted to be placed in t... [More...]
"Friday, time, 05:48 CEST"

I've added a comment for clarification of the Standard Model, making it now 26 particles. This writing still lacks the newest combinatory particles that have been made. This comment has been added now, 05:04 CEST, 27.05.2011.
"Friday, time, 05:48 CEST"

(This is to be compared with Facebook X5.)
You may want to take further note of my writing to "On Psychiatric Diagnoses", link, . First:
Apart from the view on Psychiatric diagnostication elsewhere, I start this topic just to see where it goes (or just for the f*ck of it)... nicely alongside the other...

Diagnoses: It's my view that Psychiatric diagnoses are in fact best categorised by the two sides (of two) of Schizophrenia and Depression. It's also inherent that these two categories also contain these two concepts as actual psychiatric illnesses. Thus:
Category: Schizophrenia - Illnesses: Schizophrenia, Bulimia, Psychopathy, Compulsive Obsession (particularly of people), (more?)

Category: Depression - Illnesses: Depression, Anorexia, Stress Syndromes, PTSD, (more?)

This view is a mere suggestion.

(This has first been published on the Philosophy Now forum, by myself, today, 30.03.2011, about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.)

And _then_:
Besides, this thread really relates to this:
The billowing "millions" of mentally ill people by diagnosis, but mentally healthy in the functional respects
(that is, there is no unifying guidelines to how the mental health industry is to behave, I reckon)
and this
The Philosophy of Psychiatry edited by Jennifer Radden, .

It says in the review of Psychiatry in the Scientific Image by Dominic Murphy in BJPS, Vol. 60, nr. 3, 2009, p. 676, that "(5) Finally, Chapters 9 and 10 reach the book's goal with an account of Murphy's vision of a future etiology-based classification in psychiatry." While the author speaks much about biology and neuroscience (by concrete traces in the brain), I think it may be rewarding to also, or by higher priority, look to patterns of thinking to causes of insanity. This means in actual terms that a kind of "psychology of moralism/morality/ethics" lies as the foundation for how one may develop paths of pathologies, even outside the usual psychiatric spectrum. As I've written then, if you go outside the normative ethics, strange stuff can happen to your life and that this is the start of such a line, but also made objective by the metabolism test of the blood.

For the psychology of moralism/morality/ethics, I can refer you to Moral Psychology in 3 volumes edited by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Amazon: You can locate the 2nd and 3rd volumes.

The last I've read about psychiatry is that one is unclear, in terms of phil. of science, what is actually in the medical discipline of psychiatry and that this topic is meant to address this.

You can read on all there is. And yes, Izzywizzy, we hope to take delight in your superiority as well.

Cheers! :D

[Edit:] diagnosis... Sorry.

[Edit2:] Added a few words from BJPS, Vol. 60, nr. 3, 2009. Psychiatry in the Scientific Image by Dominic Murphy

[Edit, 22.05.2011:] Added impl. psychology of morality and a series of books by this title.

(This is to be added to Scribblings as far as it hasn't (by edit of 22.05.2011.)
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Terje Lea
There's some discussion on the ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" and in this relation I can't find a plausible reason why this phenomenon should start/exist on a quantum/atom level prior to actual and perceived ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" _and not_ enter the actual and perceived ability of "foreseeing"/"telling accurately what the future holds" with the same level of accuracy as on the quantum/atom level!
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Terje Lea This relates to the research of prof. Bem's work of actual and real capacity of foreseeing the future and the excellent work by a psychologist/quantum physicist by the University of Amsterdam in Holland.
21. mai kl. 19:56 · Liker
Terje Lea The name of the man from Holland is Dick Bierman, PhD. Also working by this university as earlier noted.
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Terje Lea
...perhaps the best thing in some people's minds: The Standard Model of Elementary Particles May Now Be Complete! also by 1/2 blogs: . Good? I do enjoy your (silent) attention and I hope that you are enjoying reading and knowledge and ongoing science too! Cheers! :-D
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Terje Lea
I've also written about Cascading Effects of Weak and Strong Interaction Forces , 1/2 - and ...
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Terje Lea
And . It should be noted that the wording and some information is different, but this is to be sorted out in near future.
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Terje Lea
I've written about the Standard Model lately and you may want to take a look. .
What is written...
This is my personal blog of views and whatever else information that I come up with. Enjoy!
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Regarding the legacy of my philosophy, I've written earlier that it belongs to my family. If you need some countries to "worship", you can _begin_ with Denmark, Germany and Austria. If this should change, I should do so in own person and by a video of live person on YouTube or somewhere. Alright?
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"xx -- 106 of 106 (combining 7 files)!" There are several issues here. I'm looking for presenting a more unified time-stamp image and also a better count of the actual combined files needed for each page while counting the posts at 106 now. (This accusation of Facebook X4/X5/X6 for being dishonest because I post the content from old files from Facebook has no force! This is because the time-stamp for this particular posting has no relevance to the content presented other than saying that I'm on it, giving the readers a "live" image of the blog of following it as I write and this has been the only intention by this!! Comprende, you, ********?!


  1. This will now contain the "famous" notion of USA as _the_ Death Star, delivered to CNN by web-interface-mail as a contribution for background analysis, i.e., as a possible back-drop to see something against!

  2. I've now finished this file, length standards can come later as I've blown an attempt at keeping a certain number of posts on each! I'm thinking about doing it the Scribblings way, having 5 - 6 pages of A4 standard pages each! Cheers!

  3. Concerning "The Use of Radioactive Material for Mapping Subterrain Resources", I think there may be possibilities for shooting beams of radioactivity from coned Plutonium rods down into the sea/seabed/ground and catch the reflecting signals and by this being far cheaper than the far more complex operation of taking this down into the drilled wells! Again, this boils down to signal handling and signal strength and this is up to you to investigate! Alright?