Saturday, 19 November 2011

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‎16 more blogposts have been added to the blogs since nr. 213. I can mention: A Nice Note on Angelfire, the name, by , ... The 5 latest are: Messages to Amnesty Int. (in Europe, Primarily), , making notes on deficiencies, Two Descriptive Nomothetical Psychological Laws (of Mine), , Comment over The Truman Doctrine and Truman Himself, Monitoring the Threats to Safe Air Travel - The terrorist threat, , suggesting opening air travel again given some assumptions, and the latest, barely bothering to mention it, Readers are welcome, but always above 13, , that it or this, rather is last word from me today, hoping that the #Fukushima work is going strong and progress is made (Cold Shutdown is aimed for by public message in 2012). Cheers!
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I've written two more writings to the blogs. By the one on Fundamental Defeat on Grounds of the Whole Legal Practice, , and The Free Will Theorem and Quants - Complexity, ! These come after the note of the last 16 2nd July, just days ago on Twitter. I'll repeat the Twitter posts here (again?).
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I've just uploaded a new writing to the Phil. Notes: the #MLP, A Mapping of (Descriptive, Nomothetical) Laws in Psychology, link: . I hope you like it. Cheers! :-)
Philosophical Notes of Intellectual Music
These are the Philosophical Notes of Intellectual Music. I make the points here that matter most to me in my (hobby-)philosophical life.
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Euronews reports on the flotilla activism: I respond, "I think they can be, but why can't the flotilla-activists be a little more careful and more willing to go straight to the Israeli harbour and report on the goods that eventually GO into Palestine! So much noise and so little substance, AGAIN! Activists, you should improve your campaigning, please! And don't forget the reports, with the substance, please.)" Check out Euronews, yourself, please!
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I have a while ago added some fairly obvious "bragging rights" and these are: By MrTerjeLea, myself, on my YouTube Channel.
* A good possible solution/description to the corona of the Sun that used to be a mystery
* A 100% or so, possibly, solution to diagnostication of psychiatric illnesses beside the solutions of metabolism test by blood sample and the (f)MRI
* The obliteration of the possibility of Graviton and the Higgs' boson
* The obliteration of string theory as multi-dimensional by power of description and critique of Schrodinger's theory as implication, i.e., string theory is obliterated by implication and not explicitly in my papers/notes/outlines of ideas

Possibly other ideas on science like cancer preventive measures you can count to this. There are other writings you want to take notice of too, but these are of political nature and not in my primary scope of interests. My political interest is rather due to fireman's work of putting out flames and doing emergency work in order to envision a possible a flawless future or a minimally flawed future where flaws happen in grained instances and mostly in private due to flaw-checking systems of public sector (by good/exemplary management) and by the ordinary business life by its companies which also have these.

Cheers! :-)
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By "power of description", I simply mean that I'm going to present/in part have presented a model (w/o string theory) that's more plausible and more unifying than today's physics!!!
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‎3 new writings have been added to the blog, A New Addition to One of My Ideas/Projects on Philosophical Notes, , For the Dual System of Windows and Debian/Ubuntu, and lastly, On the Denotations of Social Classes, .
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I've just added an addition to two writings to the blog. The two writings are: "The Considerations of U.S. American Military Presence ->" and "U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms" by the links in respective order, and . The text that's added, is "(A side note on diversity of operations:)
Tentatively, you may add Accenture to this set-up that I think has military/para-military facets to it. Adding this to calculated flaws of programming combined with social code of Microsoft and Google (by special indexing), prominently, with the rest following suit (i.e., AMD/Intel incl, other.), the world may well be dug thoroughly down already!
It's almost as if I can say: "Millionen stehen hinter mir" with Adolf Hitler being handed the millions of U.S. American dollars!!! This poster is, by the way, quite famous! This concerns the (pre-WW2) funding mentioned on top of this/the other writing.
This looks now dead set! There should be no doubt any longer that U.S. American radicalism is a fact in this way!"
Enlightened? (A bit awful to ask even! :-( )
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I've written a short while ago about "War on Drugs" and it goes: A Short Comment to the "War on Drugs"
(Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-11 12:11:12)
Considering the row of facts from nations that have large drug related conflicts going, I think it's time to draw the line and INCORPORATE the drug networks and cartels into state run businesses while maintaining the respects to the existing networks and cartels (regarding the personnel).

Thus, to make truce quickly, one should in the immediately near future have "Pharmaceutical Company of Mexico" with its directors and department staff as implied by the above. The business should be exhaustive in this relation, maintaining both concerns of distribution and production/refining.

This is a mere suggestion that has the possibility to gather following or not, but I think it has the virtue of effectivity compared with a hypocritic "war on drugs" that's lead by a priesthood of naive or deviously lying people with "an alleged religious background". Because these people have no concern for the large amount of capital that's involved or the huge demand that it represents or their own "closets from personal life". The DEA, given the Police reality, is probably more a part of the drugs business than it is in fighting it.

Conclusion: the war on drugs is hypocritic and the only alternative is to "route" (by the IT concept) this differently, to make it state governed and hopefully to make it enter, mostly, monitored/controlled programs by the usual med. doctors' routines, that is, by prescription!

Good? Cheers!
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I've made some alterations to the text as well: "priesthood" and added "Note: this comment is a reaction to a report by the Norwegian broadcaster, TV2, from today. It's also the result of a longer meditation over the relatively hard topic of applied ethics of how to deal with the drug problem and my longtime attention to related conflicts everywhere in the world."
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"107 -- 114 of 114 (combining 5 files)!" There are several issues here. I'm looking for presenting a more unified time-stamp image and also a better count of the actual combined files needed for each page while counting the posts at 114 now. (This accusation of Facebook X4/X5/X6/X7 for being dishonest because I post the content from old files from Facebook has no force! This is because the time-stamp for this particular posting has no relevance to the content presented other than saying that I'm on it, giving the readers a "live" image of the blog of following it as I write and this has been the only intention by this!! Comprende, you, ********?!


  1. Note on Accenture and "The Considerations of U.S. American Military Presence ->" and "U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms":
    1. The U. S. Americans are working with *forces* while we (the rest of the world) are working with *politeness routines*!
    2. The U. S. Americans are *waging corporate wars* while we (the rest of the world) are *working with companies*!
    Conclusion: we are NAIVE while the U. S. Americans are obsessed with the war-game of _American football_! This is an important distinction!

  2. 2. The U. S. Americans are *waging corporate wars* while we (the rest of the world) are *waging corporate idealism, combined with tendencies toward corruption and decadence*!
    (Now a bit corrected, holding two versions!)

  3. This now the end of the posts of "Thoughts by mr. Terje Lea", standing on some 114 posts!