Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 Issues - The Artificial Language and Its Early Application - Repeating the Metaphorical Jesus

I had once upon time misinterpreted a writing and I wrote to my brother about it, rewriting the same writing, but with parentheses in place so as to notify where the basic units of understanding would lie. That is, some units of meaning can be different. Fx. one can write x and x and y with z meaning several things: x and x and y with z, x and x and (y with z) and (x and x) and (y with z) thinking of a choice between two alternatives! This is for you to consider either way. It can be interesting and fun too!
Metaphorical Jesus, first written to a former Twitter account of mine by the name Aetixintro:
Advise from a Friend to Believers in God - Christianity

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-23 04:47:10 [CET]

Over the status of Jesus and how to remove the apparent contradiction and the moral trouble with Jesus being tortured and killed on the cross, it can be worthwhile to consider this thought:
if you consider Jesus to be a kind of symbolism that goes like the following, I think you'll be better off. Alright, Jesus is (now) to be considered "purely symbolic" and it should spark the these lines.
1. It might be that God loves humanity so much that he would incarnate on earth as "his Son, Jesus".
2. But this thought is so abruptly wrong because humanity loves God back and can't bear such an experience. Thus God is asked to refrain from this and the humanity to God and vice versa of love is by this affirmed!

Hallelujah! Enjoy your religion!, later posted to my former blogs, this one as you see from the URL, hosting company, under my domain there,!


  1. ...the 3, #JCI now with the possibility to share a greater deal of understanding and coming across as honest, cross-religiously with this.
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    ...because it hypothetically can be accepted in all three, yet only has a definite status in one -> Concl: Theology stays the same, but...
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    Just in case it's worth something, it may be that my interpretation as suggestion to #Christianity may unite it to #Islam and #Judaism...
    "15 hours ago" - This is my 3 tweets after the "Metaphorical Jesus" suggestion!

  2. Things to come:
    _MY_ solution to the set theory of mathematics, founded in the example of Kant and his four categories, Analytical and Synthetic and Apriori and Aposteriori, one being empty: Apriori Synthetic.
    (there is one more I need to remember...)

  3. The one more to remember may be this, although, not certainly: The library of Copernicus prior to his Heliocentric Theory has happened by the biggest collection of astronomy data by his contemporaries. At least, it must be said that the library to his disposal has been of significant size, even renowned! It now resides in Stockholm, Sweden!
    The interesting fact, however, in the aspect of Cumulative Growth of Knowledge, is the gathering of astronomical data all since an ancient Chinese sighting of Haley's(?) Comet and up to finishing Copernicus own theory of the Heliocentric Solar system. Even then, one has discussed Copernicus' theory for some years (100?) after his publishing, after his theory was _known_ (as "papers" would take time to get known by other academics properly by physically being possible to read, the "paper" to get acquired)! Cheers!