Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Straight Addition to 100% Society - Philosophy of Politics

Dear Political Party, wherever in the World

I'm looking through your website and I find some remarkable features of it.
First: we in Europe found our politics through the Yearly Party
Convention that's basically our cornerstone because programs or issues
are voted upon here.
Second: I've checked "The Issues" and this seems somewhat short from
what one can gather from a common political program over here in
Europe. You may simply check with this:
standing at 5548 KB
the ideological platform
standing at 761 KB.
Third: Not that I have much to say over it, but the Social Act is of
course a deep concern with your political opponent, the Opposing Party.
This should be monitored and ascertained to be at the minimum 51 %
capture/preference voting rate with the voters. If you don't provide the
same political credibility as your political party, many people I think,
will brand you for this and vote for the The Other Party.

1 thing then, make the issues downloadable both as ideological/principal
program, but also toward a set period, like the current and next
Presidential period, one for 2009 - 2012 (perhaps discardable) and one
for 2013 - 2016!

As a foreigner, I have nothing to do with YOUR politics, but I hope for
a more systematic approach on how to shape the best and most wise
politics of tomorrow so that your nation can still have the respectable
standings then as now, if not better by far.
So in the end, this email to you, if you bother, is to consider the
European approach to political system and reliability (implicitly
democracy) and I hope that you follow for the pure sake of the best
interest toward your country. Today is a starch reality in many aspects
and I think the World needs to work together to ensure a better future!

Best wishes to you and your country!

Yours sincerely,
Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea

Note: This letter then forms the basis of how politics is supposed to spread across the population and how the communication should happen to the public in this regard, along with "Please, take a serious interest in Politics now and join your favourite party, whatever this may be (even though your vote has greater chances with one of the big parties)!"

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