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Facebook XX-R5 - This is both random and unsystematic...

For my idea of having a de-infection/de-virus/de-malware website for the browser in question, i.e., Mozilla for the Firefox and Microsoft for the Internet Explorer, I have drawn inspiration from the Micrsoft Update/Upgrade page and Norton Online Virus/Trojan/Malware check! Alright?
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"Blut und Ehre" is another contemporary "Nazi" motto that I'd like to address people with as well as it eclipses with the urge to courage very nicely! I've written, earlier, to Amnesty International (AI) about the necessity of courage for achieving decency and honour and this is worth much more than what "these other people" can ever understand. They just "fly on" whatever (whether it's heroin or something else). This is an important decision for You to make! I just tell you... (Blut und Ehre as Courage has the Blood _to_ Honour in it, yet the writing says Courage to Honour (placed with AI)! This may be found contradictory ...
lørdag kl. 17:00 i nærheden af Oslo

... , but it isn't because "Blut und Ehre" is just the mantra/motto _leading_ to decency and honour, not necessarily being this, Honour (Ehre) -> Honour (impl.), which is of course to write something strange! (What would Honour to Honour mean other than a version of Tarski's meaning theory or Honour from one person to another person (of Honour)?) Not that I'm against one person of Honour to another person of Honour, but this is a very common notion of friendship or of the Philo love to close connections and the love within the family.
lørdag kl. 17:06

As with the dead Nazi's greeting, there's no way in Hell that I can or will be connected to the stupor of Nazi ideology. I know you may find it weird that I'm writing "with sympathy" of "Nazi greeting", the speech by Hitler to the Reichstag in 1939 and, lastly, about the "Blut und Ehre" motto/mantra! This is because the Nazis have given a sh*tty reputation to what can otherwise be found to be good/full of character/stylish/encouraging! So, it's THEM, the Nazis, who have stolen from the good people and turned it into sh*t! I'm simply returning these good features BACK TO the good people, AGAIN!!! Good?
for 6 timer siden

Sentiment for Palestine at the UN: Palestine is a missing friend here at the UN and this friend of "mine"/us should be included as soon as possible!!! Get them in, please! Cheers!
søndag kl. 17:43 i nærheden af Oslo

The formal decision for whether Palestine is accepted as member to the UN starts at 23. Sept. 2011 as procedure or is decided at this date. For your record just in case.
søndag kl. 17:45

Marketing for the (next) EU election: EU oo-o, (howl of wolves by human voice) EU wants YOU to vote now! Then formal announcement of the cool/dictorial kind announcing some formalities relating to the election... You know, so and so, do this and that... :-)
søndag kl. 17:40 i nærheden af Oslo

From a BBC story, I find this interesting: "We are going to the United Nations because we want really to strengthen the chances for the resumption of negotiations," Mr Malki said. The link: So, if _they_ set this _for_ credible negotiations why are the Israeli supposed to win an argument that furthers 21 years of stalling? (Hey, pilots know what stalling is...) I'll be back with more! Salem.
Palestinians set date for UN bid
The Palestinians say they will ask for full UN membership next week, while Israel's prime minister says he will address the UN on Israel's objections.
søndag kl. 03:16 i nærheden af Oslo

If the new state of Palestine is offered on grounds for accepting 2 new settlements of the Israeli, just to avoid the (endless) fighting over words, I think the Palestinians should accept for getting to next stage. I also remember loosely the statement by a some Palestinian official uttering something like "I'll accept every proposal for borders, just give me borders" and it is in this vein I'm thinking. It's time for this to get real (and for Palestinians to get the self-esteem of statehood and for being part of the UN "club", better looked after by international relations). Good?
søndag kl. 03:40

1993-2000: Oslo peace process
Main article: Oslo Accords
Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat during the Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993.
In January 1993, Israeli and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiators began secret negotiations in Oslo, Norway. On September 9, 1993, Yasser Arafat sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, stating that the PLO officially recognized Israel's right to exist and officially renouncing terrorism.[46] This is by the fine link of Wikip., -> Consequence: it's better to write "18 years of stalling" above. Please correct!
1993-2000: Oslo peace process - History of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict - Wikipedia, the free en
In January 1993, Israeli and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiators...
søndag kl. 03:47

I've now posted this to three places here on Facebook, UNISPAL, BBC Have Your Say and CNN IReport. More people who should have the messages?
søndag kl. 04:09

Additionally: I just want to address the anti-Palestine state woman with the 3 other panelists: the negotiations start with the "SWISS CHEESE" get in their hands when the state is formed. That's where it starts! We shouldn't forget either that it's not crystal clear that the Palestinians even get near or with the 1967 borders just yet... Even then, there are probably 100 years or so for a complete transition to occur before everyone is happy (together)! There is a tough road... (To BBC... and CNN...)
søndag kl. 04:35

Notice: The above is in response to BBC's WHYS YouTube video.
søndag kl. 04:39

I've made a slight correction to the above... "anti-..." and "(for this occasion)" and added "they"...
søndag kl. 04:53

We should also remember that as Pres. Abbas gives his bid on the 21. to the UN, he's the one who is likely to have that thunderous 6.6 Billion people backing while Netanyahu gets the mouse voice of 0.35! This may very well go the right way for the Palestinians! Cheers! The evidence? Yes, a lonely veto of the USA to demolish constructive diplomatic work on 4. April, 2011!
søndag kl. 05:22

So on top the the "Love to USA War", I make a version over Hitler's speech to the "Reichstag" in 1939, right before the war on Poland, 1. Sept. 1939: Rund 6,5 (komma) Milliarden Bürger und Bürgerinnen standen damals hinter mir! (And now I get a famous poster where I can get money with my "Brazilien" greeting, stolen from a dead Nazi.)
lørdag kl. 16:39 i nærheden af Oslo

Brazilien -> Brazilian (Probably, Brazilien in German, heh, heh, I guess it is...)
søndag kl. 04:19

Remembering the speech(es) by Jeremiah Wright(?) that I like a lot!
søndag kl. 04:20

Somewhere in my blog writings I've pointed to "viral game of sickness". This is to change to "viral, venereal, exotica games of sickness"! Just a notice.
lørdag kl. 16:41 i nærheden af Oslo

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