Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Life as God's Test of Humanity!

I'm not sure if I've written it before, but I think it says in the Bible that "life is God's test to humanity"! That is, as we endure the difficulties in life, we choose God's path in life in order to achieve God's goal that's set for us! However, this doesn't mean that God has only created this humanity on Earth (among other humanity on other planets) or that God hasn't given us a sufficient chance to fulfill a God's set goal, "Heaven in one form or another, whether as reincarnation or something else". Indeed, I think we have or we've had this opportunity sufficiently for us to say that God is God, that God is perfect and that the principles need to be carried through, no matter what!

To say that humanity has failed on Earth doesn't mean that humanity has failed everywhere in the Universe/Multiverse. It doesn't mean either that the souls here or there are condemned likewise. Cheers!

Note: by this, then, there are chances by degrees that are given by God out of our own human behaviour, of which much would be 100% given that we would have made our lives more wisely ordered (and even in death to be blessed)! This is clearly not reality today!

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