Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sharpness of Society - Notes on Suppression of Human Rights

[by Terje Lea, 12. July 2011, time 08:26 CEST]
Considering conditions in Norway, the degree of "sharpness" ("heh-heh, as you like it") is given by 500 suicide cases a year and in addition comes disappearances, some "traffic accidents" and some "medical accidents" at the hospitals (incl. elderly homes)! Do you understand? People are being hunted into the graves in every way, (if their personality isn't corrupt enough, qualifyingly)! There is a lot of work to be done as corruption is probably rife everywhere on the planet. My suggestion to this is simple as the problem is coarse, allow lethal weapons of most kinds, i.e., killer knives, (hand-)guns, bats, batons and what have you (outside the ordinary and better means of powerful tazers and pepperspray). What say you? This has been posted to Amnesty International's (in London, England) Facebook page just moments ago (on Facebook)!

Note further: you should, though, include murders and "accidents" that are never revealed as murders! In addition comes _hard_ "suppressors" like crimes of passion, being sexual and physical violence, and the devastation of losing an eye in "mere" violence, intended or not, fx.
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  1. My assertion is that people with or without parts of government are locking down/blocking possible suicide avenues of all kinds, assessing people as they check in to hotel rooms, picking up on "tail"-information about them from whomever's tailing them, setting up various watch-people and watch-houses, just to have the possibility of getting a "catch" to torture "the last blood drop out of", that you can possibly wring out of a desperate, lost soul, making the escape from Earthly pains, a person who explicitly wants _nothing_ to do with "a World they can't tolerate to live in" (on of commonsense grounds)!
    So there you have it! One must be wondering...
    (And the primal love labours on...)
    (There must be ramifications for such an existing reality, such that "rescuers" are to stay away from lonely people and so forth. People should understand this and, please, take action now!)
    The case for suicide should now be pretty clear! (See my writing on the case FOR allowing suicide to take place under "Issues from the Internet" by the argument concerning suicide, please!)