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The Dr. Mengele Club-project and others - Scripts for film

The Dr. Mengele Club-project and others - Scripts for film

"The Dr. Mengele Club", "Untitled (Leap!)", "The Long March - Papyruses in the Hidden - Empire Unification", "The King of France", "We Are Immortal" and "Cults and Types of the Hidden Leaders in the World and Some of the Not So Hidden Ones" are written by Terje Lea, 2002-2010.

The Dr. Mengele Club

A project for making a script for a movie with the title mentioned above.
It is going to be something in the style of '8mm' and 'Se7en' in the light from 'Radiant Cool'.
I could have added 'Eyes Wide Shut' but the main characters there look too passive hence the title and the people from the mansion look too ridiculous. I know of a lot of people who would regard it a comedy.

Untitled (Leap!)

A guy from Russia gets lucky and travels to Germany. In this journey to a new culture he has hardly read about he experiences the trouble in escaping from the Russian mob and to get located and have a job. This novel experience make him think of fundamental issues in language, existentialism and religion. He soon hooks up with people in his situation and they begin to work their way. Tags: Dualism-Escape-Theatre-(New).

The Long March - Papyruses in the Hidden - Empire Unification

Iraqi-movie, cross-culture intra Iraq, communication de facto, collaboration, in the dawn of a new empire within the Arabic-league. And so and so. Tagline: Civil-war, struggles, battles of churches and clergy and political power. It is set....

The King of France

Plot: A boy in trouble, a revelation, phenomenal connection to the past, learning French. Possible 2 movies, one international, English version and one French version.

We Are Immortal

Plot: 2 competing mega-organizations and a NSA-agent investigating them. Inspired by Hagakure and Matrix: Trilogy. I'm really excited with this idea. I think it has the possibility of becoming a smash hit. Tags: Immortality, secret societies, fringes of reality, chaos factors and natural order, competition, and the future of earth and humankind in the face of resource shortages, overpopulation, and global warming (others?).

Cults and Types of the Hidden Leaders in the World and Some of the Not So Hidden Ones

This film is going completely mental. It's about "metaphysical" schizophrenics in a popular sense. They are the leaders of the world in their special way of insanity. It's going to be a cult movie. This will be an explication of a kind of crazy following with some central people and others more peripheral and how they relate to make up these insane outlooks and personal theories of how the world operates through the "real" ways and mechanics. At least, this is the outline. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback on this. It should be cool and funny. I've decided to class it Drama/Comedy in the line of Voltaire.

Claim: I claim to be the creator/author of these ideas that are meant to be films. These ideas are mine. They've been made between 2002 and now, March, 2010. The oldest idea is the first one listed, each idea being conceived as you move down the list. The reason I haven't dated them is because they've been meant to be worked on to make up manuscripts and as such the starting date of the particular manuscript would be its first date, of course, giving the credit of being the ideas of mine before any list of authors of manuscripts.

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  1. Idea nr. 7: Suggestion for Matrix 4. A free epilogue version.
    Mr. Anderson faces an Earth of the few, if you bother to recall the hacker-room that Neo enters in the movie, nr. 2(?). Well, well, Tech-Eyes and ears all filled with "directed" content, dream or (fiction) reality or "semi-state"! Mr. Anderson is stuck in the World again. Any good?