Friday, 26 August 2011

Addition to the Efficiency Argument

Today I'll write about an addition to the Phil. Notes. This concerns the "The Efficiency Argument".
Parsimony is important for objectivity to obtain at all. It connects with inter-subjectivity and agreement on status of reality! Parsimony thus enters the list above, "The Efficiency Argument entails:". I've been thinking of parsimony earlier as part of HDM, being proof to more than one person, but I guess people want it specified as an own point in itself that I respect by this. One formal reference to Parsimony is Mulaik, 1989, p. 329 that is cited by Donald Gillies. A recommended book is on this note, Phil. of Science in the Twenth. Cent. - 4 Cent. Themes, by Donald Gillies, 1993, Blackwell. (Not the Chicago Style order of reference.)

Note1: First written to Facebook today, about time: 13:28, date: 26.08.2011.

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  1. The Efficiency Argument is given (right below) in the Philosophical Notes...