Monday, 29 August 2011

A Defence of Multiculturalism

One note, 2 points, on Ethnical Conflicts, the "controversy" over multiculturalism: To be unable to cooperate (directly on own soil) with other cultures is to be an inferior culture, i.e., multiculturalism has come to stay!
To cite (physical) power as a point to the rest of the World is to have disposed off the best of what we are supposed to be, intelligent! This suggests inferior intelligence to other parts of the World and a kind of scarecrow to the dumb that for us to prosper, other people need to stay poor!
Even then, we, ourselves, struggles with fundamental questions such as legal practice and overpopulation! So long to that fantasy of that "dominant, white culture", one that's heavily mixed (now) in USA, having the most poweful military in the World! Pathetic!
Note: I don't deny that there exist "hate-games" and that "police code" play a good part of instigation. One is of course also encouraged to add the usual "dubious" Erich Fromm considerations to this, as human nature as carnivorous!

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Endnote. Straight to endnote first. -> Besides, the alternative to the Frankfurter School (Adorno) and Nazism (Hitler) isn't some other lunatic "raft" of ideas! No, it's democracy! And let me remind you that ALL people in Europe (EU) are there according to the letter of the Law. Nobody is to be "touched" unless they commit crime against one's own nation (the nation of one's presence). In a way, all aliens (foreigners with no domestic nationality and who are seeking to remain/live/stay) are also there by the letter of the Law because they are to be treated as such, i.e., refugees in refugee living facilities/camps (also according to Human Rights) and some are of course there on an unlawful basis and you may report these people to the Police anytime you like, that is, it's a duty to do so!

Next up is PM David Cameron's address of Multiculturalism as failure. First I think Cameron is poor on his definition of what kind of Multiculturalism that fails. So we need to find the Multiculturalism we (incl. Cameron) want to live with and ditch those notions of Multiculturalism that are useless/damaging to society. Definition that is wanted is to be presented. As well as the unwanted ones (or scopes of these).

This is now an "open project" along with work with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and legal work in Europe (alternative org. to Amnesty Int. or improvement of Amnesty Int.). This is for now. Cheers!

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  1. Jokingly: So that when we are Tourists, we get to speak to other people in English (because nobody knows English). So that when we are Tourists, we get to speak to other educated people (because nobody is educated). So that when we are Tourists, we get to travel to see other people of the world (because nobody travels to other people than their neighbours). And so on... probably knowledge and various other.

  2. This idea is also meant to go along with "100% Idea of Society". I can also report than one possible mainstream idea is to implement Japan's strategy to immigration. Another idea for adopting Japan's strategy is of course to (easily and uncontroversially) "allow"/"admit" people of other ethnicities to remain as the citizens they are! Thus, by convention, the new legislation (whatever it gets to be) is enforced toward new immigrants (no effect backward in time). Good?

  3. I have two more points "later" today, as the Sun comes up. One is the example of USA and one is mutual understanding.

  4. This is part of it, "Sun comes up" has become a day later...:I think it's also rightful to add USA to the discussion as a nation that's highly multicultural and with undeniable success as such, being the ideal/best nation of the World today to some or most of the Earth's population!
    It has, though, a special story as a nation!

    Multiculturalism (in line with the Japanese model) has proved useful for international relations, incl. business life.

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