Friday, 26 August 2011

Radar Screen as Roll-Down Screen Lifted by Two Balloons or More (as Necessary)

I hereby claim an invention that has been sent to the Pentagon as part of CNN's encouragement to send them ideas and tips that could lead to the capture of bin Laden.
For this occasion, I've sent them an idea over a portable radar-screen, in line with the huge "Soviet Union" radar-screens set up on the fields. The new about these is that you can acquire the same (I think, I hope) with blowing up two or more balloons (big enough) to hold an optimal screen (of the roll kind, think about a roll down theatre screen for film) that could function as this radar-screen to look for bin Laden/al-Qaida forces fleeing into Pakistan or something similar. That is, this screen would look for certain movements in the terrain of people forces or kind.

There are also some suspicions to who eventually took the credit for this as I've used Tele2-email-account and that I've encountered some correspondance problems with them, "managing" my own website there and what have you. Well, well, the idea is the important part. I just like to write about it, still.

Note: Originally posted on Facebook, under Static Display..., 22. august kl. 04:42.

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  1. The radar needs two other units I believe, the "beamer" to emit the radar signals, a battery unit, and the detector that's supposed to work with the radar screen itself, picking up the signals!