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Two Notes of Bragging - Not Important Maybe

Two Notes of Bragging - Not Important Maybe
Some Bragging... :-)
Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 08:09:24
You can possibly consider me as serious because of these feats of mine:
Finalising Ethical Objectivity
The New Modal Conception of God
Reestablishing the De-Dicto position in relation to Indexicality
Solving the Demarcation problem in Philosophy of Science
Making an Irrefutable and Certified Solution for Epistemology
The sinking of the Paradigm theory by Thomas Kuhn by ICT
The definite Time theory and putting away McTaggart for good

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 25.12.2010.)

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Some More "Bragging"
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 19:19:02
Only to have written it here as well, there is some more stuff on my "kill list" that may be declared and these points are:
By MrTerjeLea, myself, on my YouTube Channel a couple of months ago.
* A good possible solution/description to the corona of the Sun that used to be a mystery
* A 100% or so, possibly, solution to diagnostication of psychiatric illnesses beside the solutions of metabolism test by blood sample and the (f)MRI
* The obliteration of the possibility of Graviton and the Higgs' boson
* The obliteration of string theory as multi-dimensional by power of description and critique of Schrodinger's theory as implication, i.e., string theory is obliterated by implication and not explicitly in my papers/notes/outlines of ideas

Possibly other ideas on science like cancer preventive measures you can count to this. There are other writings you want to take notice of too, but these are of political nature and not in my primary scope of interests. My political interest is rather due to fireman's work of putting out flames and doing emergency work in order to envision a possible a flawless future or a minimally flawed future where flaws happen in grained instances and mostly in private due to flaw-checking systems of public sector (by good/exemplary management) and by the ordinary business life by its companies which also have these.

Power of description means here:
that I'm going to present/in part have presented a model (w/o string theory) that's more plausible and more unifying than today's physics!!! That is, my description aims to become a better and more plausible explanation than what string-theory can ever provide.


Note: this is merely for issuing these writings and may not be important at all to most people.
Note2: originally posted as
Note3: Later posted on Facebook again, Static Display of Work... 14. juli kl. 14:32
Note4: - This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 25.12.2010. This has also been posted on a Google Profile and a YouTube channel, MrTerjeLea or some.

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