Sunday, 28 August 2011

On the Topic of Cars as Art - Over Arts, Guns and Automobiles

On the Topic of Cars as Art (or Over Arts, Guns and Automobiles): I've watched a glimpse of a humourous segment of Top Gear (a show that I rarely view) and there they want to present the Art aspect of carmaking!
Even in Arts theory, Aesthetics, as we (lay-)philosophers like to call it, this can be a bit of trouble to make this fit in along with aspects concerning Architecture and general Industrial Design. For the cars, as schema or template for other similar branches in life, relating to objects, even buildings, of use, I have this to add.
A possible solution of discerning the art from the object/building, is to take out the components! The implication of this is that, for cars, the curves get presented by themselves as well as other details that may be looked at as interesting. These are presented with the colours that come with the model of car we're discussing. At last, same or all of the features of the car, by technical drawing, black and white, can be presented with numbers! Finally, the year (with date) the car is presented, is added to the arts exhibition in question.
By this, you can present a fine line, fx. 1930 - now, of artistic drawings/posters (Andy Warhol) where the cars are presented as outlined above.


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