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Genuineness of My Work as Intellectual Property and My Commitment to Non-Plagiarisation (as in Ord. Academic Stnds.)

The History Behind My Webpages/Website(s)

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 11:23:13

I have the sense that some people doubt the track record or dates on my websites so I present the history of internet hosts here.

The servers for White Room, running track for these webpages/website(s): (1998, autumn/early winter to 1999)

I believe there's been a break here of about a year.

New: while living with my grandmother in Sandnes, I've had two Frisurf subscriptions from Telenor and I'm also wondering if my original website has at some point been launched to this kind of account of 10Mb storage allowance for a shorter period (about a year?). (2000/2001/2002? to 2006? Certainly not anymore!)

New: I've found a date for this Tele2 website on my system to be from 25.09.2002 and I'm consequently wondering if I've launched my website on this URL at this point! (2003 to now [04-06.07.2011]!) / - (2006 to now [04-06.07.2011]!) (Oct. 2010 to now [04-06.07.2011]!)

This is an additional note that I've now added, 2010-10-10. So today, as you probably know, there are (now) three websites with basically the same content that runs in parallel, a kind of assurance of always having a host there to display my website! Cheers!

(This has, in large parts, first been published here:

Note: originally posted as
Note2: the most likely date of these may be 5th July 2011. I'm not sure, though.

Additionally, the history of my blogs as they started with the one on Angelfire:

Deletion of the Blog - I'm sorry. Please, forgive me.

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-31 06:39:57

I'm going to file every post I've written anew, hopefully with as much correct information as has been originally contained in the posts. I'm sorry I've deleted the blog. I shouldn't have done it.

On the other hand, the posts will have the chance to have some spelling errors and perhaps I find new approaches in the process. One word I'd like to correct is the "genious" from The Religious Address post. The right word is, of course, "genius"!!

Please, have some patience, I have a good deal of pages of blog posts to copy to this blog from the old downloaded pages of the deleted blog. I also need, probably, to correct all the RSS posts containing blog posts to have the correct URLs and GUIDs. Uggghhh!! A lot of clerical work is waiting! Cheers!

(The background for this post is that I've deleted the entire blog for a period of about 4 days, suffering (more than usual) a severe bout of depression, thus I've written this to make amends.)

I've uploaded all the original underlying files for these posts that I've "recovered" to this blog. There are 21 pages, supported by RSS, and show hazy saving, losing 5 comments in the process. Well, well, life is just like that... The files:

Not by RSS: A tip may be to use "wget" and especially the "-r"-option because then you get the page plus the rest of the website. -r is for recursive, I believe. Wget is best known for Linux, but you can get it for Windows as well if you just search for it. It's free! The typical command is "wget -r [the_whole_url_possibly_with_page_name]". Enjoy the net!

(From the original blog:

Note: originally posted as
Note2: this has been how I've worked out the first deletion. This time, I think, there will be no new blogs until I've relocated and found "safe" websites that adhere to "non-aggressive" policies.
Note3: other than the 2 above, this is just for the memory of it. Cheers!


  1. Formal notices of intellectuality/copyright (by symbol: ©):

    There is a difference of an advocate of an idea and the very creator of an idea!
    This goes to fx. Mr. Tucker (Transmission Argument, IEP pres.) and Mr. Kornblith (Closure Principle, conn. to Embassy to Norway).

    I also like to note the dubious quality one places in a copy-and-paste-doctor ("because I've found a thing on the internet that I've copied and pasted into my own work as core idea").

    Then there are always the questions of "What is the abstract of your paper/work?" and "Please, explain your paper/work in few words"... That these may present themselves as awkward to the fakie-himself/herself, and "but I'm good in writing text, that..." under a schism of kind, of police code, that you enter a dark room with a lamp lighting a table with a paper on it and that you are "expected" to approve this as exemplary/brilliant work of writing, that this person "without doubt" has profound qualities in writing literature...

    Well, well, as you know... Cheers!

  2. For now and for the speed of it, I mention the Bern Convention, that all my copyrights are well protected all over the World. . . . .

  3. It may say Bern Convention, but please read BERNE CONVENTION, and with it, also WIPO.

  4. Warning on Trying to Rob Other People's Intellectual Properties

    Charge to this despic...
    "Transmission Argument after"... Tuckie boy of NZ:
    Judgment: NO WORDS ARE HIS!
    If people bother to reformulate a bit, effectively speaking, he stands back with nothing at all "because he has attempted dishonesty and stealing", also by failing to list the references properly.

    Reference for this (justified) accusation: IEP - Transmission Argument/Epistemology!

    (This is also a warning to all other people in the World trying to steal intellectual property from other (worthy) people!)

    The matters to be properly accounted for: , also adding his own: Tucker, Chris. 2010. “When Transmission Fails.” Philosophical Review 119: 497-529.

    Transmission and Transmission Failure in Epistemology [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy] . - as I stand as the very author to it, I also add the correct important context, the Star over the Nobel Prizes, 6, being nr. 2 by 1 - 3.

    The Transmission Argument - Epistemology - Star no. 2 over the 6 Nobel Prizes

    Formality: the other 2 are: nr. 1. , nr. 3.

    Headers just in case: The Efficiency Argument - Philosophy of Science - Star no. 1 over the 6 Nobel Prizes AND Criticism of Kuhn's Paradigms - Building Babel's Tower - Philosophy of Science - Star no. 3 over the 6 Nobel Prizes .

    BTW, the usual two for the Nobel Prizes have been references, plain number and recognition. .