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A Possible Title to My Collected Writings - Philosophical Texts and Related - The White Letters (to the UN)

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-03 12:55:01

I've been thinking of publishing my entire collection of writings, i.e., Program of Ethics, Time, Phil. Notes, Issues from the Internet and Scribblings. An addendum can be my writings named "Opinions on Science". I'm also thinking that a good deal of my blog writings are relevant for compilation. I'd also like some views on Scientology and Deism in there. I've now come to a possible title:

Philosophical Texts and Related (by myself) - The White Letters (to the UN)

Disclaimer on Cocaine: I've replaced Cocaine with White because of the very negative consequences generally associated with exactly Cocaine, although it clearly comes across as "White"! Don't abuse drugs, please!

Some music as end note for this thought of title: Eric Clapton and Cocaine on YouTube,! Explicit message: This is no encouragement to the use of drugs!

[With the Angelfire blog, I've had the video embedded from YouTube.]

Besides, cocaine chemical derivatives have been used and possibly are used still as pain killers! Thus, in a sense, I hope, I've contributed to killing the pains of stupidity by other writings and removing the pains of riddles that have been stuck in people's heads without getting solved!

Some substances you can check out regarding these "derivatives":

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  1. 3 comments to come up. 1 on Alexander Flemming and the 4 original medical remedies through more than 1000 years in Europe, 1. The Eggs, 2. The Medical plant, also for women in labour, 3. the Horehound plant for the peppermint. 4. the "Solei" plant, with a number of uses. The 2 others are on a possible Master's degree of mine in philosophy, starting with "The Closure Principle", spring, 2000 and a comment on the Fallacy of Appeal to Common Belief (as Spurious Claim, only).