Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Own Aphorisms

Formerly known as "My Own Quotes"

Note: Consciousness with own language may provide you a few good quotes/aphorisms yourself. In everyday thinking you may find more cleverness than you thought of in the first place. With regards to ever growing depth of thinking and experience or with the fresh, fondling experience of life, I think that you can find excellent connections of own life where it is so commonplace that nobody is supposed to stand out.

My own aphorisms:

'It wouldn't be rational to think of moral issues, if not thinking of moral issues would make you a more rational everyday.' TL

'Use the source, Luke, use the source.'

(My apologies to Obi Wan Kenobi for this twist.) TL

'Evil is nothing. Nothing is evil. Everything is good. Life is good.' TL

'Evolution happens exactly when it should. Evolution is perfect. (It is only assumed.)

Death happens exactly when it should. Death is perfect.' TL

'Jesus Christ is a space-explorer.' TL

'I shot Hitler.' TL

'You are the General of your life for the army of factors that surrounds it and you bear the ultimate responsibility for it, namely the way of your death.' TL

'I know nothing and my set is empty! Can you call illusions knowledge? I don't think so! What is it to know? I have absolutely no idea! To "know" has been assigned to me! Thanks, Russell, for pointing out the danger of having a single proposition of knowledge!' TL

'Motto for the welfare capitalist: No ceiling and no abyss!' TL

'Come Hell! Because it has been defeated and it's done by you and your steadiness to moral.' TL

'Why abuse your feelings when they are so closely connected to the brain? in the nervous-system as in the central nervous-system... Be consistent! :-)' TL

'How many angels can take place on a pinhead? The assertion is that only a limited number can take place on it.' TL

'If you get the question: are you counter intelligence? Your answer should always be: absolutely not!' TL

'Do I bring the message of peace? Only if it's useful!' TL
By 28.01.2010.

'What do I feel when I kill an asshole? A little recoil from the gun only!' TL

Note: this is a version of an army quote where I've replaced the word "terrorist" with "asshole" and added "from the gun only".
By 28.01.2010.

'Forgiveness should only be given when the perpetrator has learnt one's lesson (and compensation paid), not a second before then!' TL
By 30.01.2010.

'Artillery Brings Dignity to What Would Otherwise Be Just A Vulgar Brawl just like guns bring dignity to the art of killing in more peaceful times!' TL
Note: this is a version of an army quote and from an unknown person where I've added "just like guns bring dignity to the art of killing in more peaceful times!"
By 28.01.2010.

'The respect I give when I'm being threatened is equal to the biological reaction of letting go of a fart. Clearly, you must see me now, Asshole!' TL
By 27.04.2010.

'Do you have a big ego? Not in particular, it's within my brain and not bigger than my intelligence, being a kind of function of the two, thank you!' TL
By 04.05.2010.

'I want to live with my dreams because then I never get disappointed!' TL
By 09.05.2010.

'If callousness toward these [horrible, perverse, deviant and cruel] people is what you see in me then you have touched my mind with yours!' TL
By 18.05.2010.

'The celebration of philosophy, some black humour: only the living are dead and the dead are the living!' TL
By 20.05.2010.

'To exercise the correct morals is to be triumphant as a human being!' TL
By 05.06.2010.

'Content is King, but being Ethical may be God!' TL
By 13.07.2010.

'Information should be free in the sense that it enables people to do [ethical/moral] good and only to this extent!' TL
(This is a precision of Steven Levy's '3rd Commandment of the Personal Computer Revolution': 'All information should be free.')
By 28.07.2010.

'People are not bred like dogs! There is, therefore, no human race, only the human kind!' TL
By 03.08.2010.

'I don't support shitty people! This may be an understatement (as you like it from the English culture)!' TL
By 13.08.2010.

'Motto: When I'm dead, I will travel to and continue life on a planet a galaxy away from ours, just like L. Ron Hubbard!' TL
By 17.08.2010.

'Maxim of the Role-Player Movement: 'Every child on Earth should have a large set of various Role-Playing Game books for inspiring creativity and imagination!'' TL
By 17.08.2010.

'Don't try to tell about ethics to an ethically blind person!' TL
By 25.08.2010.

'Just say "p*ss" so that you stay uncontroversial. To say "peace" is indeed to take on adversity!' TL
By 30.09.2010.

'Information is [ethically/morally] good if and only if "information is free in the sense that it enables people to do [ethical/moral] good and only to this extent!"' TL
Note on Steven Levy as he is mentioned above.
By 30.09.2010.

'I am to myself the only step to God, and no-one else is between, implicitly!' TL
This aphorism is added 21.11.2010.

'Doctrine of goodness: goodness belongs everywhere on the planet Earth and to all of humanity. Make sure you prove yours, please!' TL
This aphorism is added 22.03.2011.

'I believe in Right/True in the n-th power, that is, Rightⁿ / Trueⁿ!' TL
This aphorism is added 17.04.2011.

'Are you going to save the Universe from itself? No, of course not!!!' TL
This aphorism is added 17.04.2011.

By Terje Lea, 02.10.2005, in between, 20.11.2009, 23.11.2009, 24.11.2009, 25.11.2009, 28.01.2010, 18.02.2010, 05.04.2010, 27.04.2010, 04.05.2010, 09.05.2010, 18.05.2010, 20.05.2010, 09.06.2010, 13.07.2010, 28.07.2010, 13.08.2010, 17.08.2010, 25.08.2010, 30.09.2010, 08.11.2010, 21.11.2010, 22.03.2011 and 17.04.2011.

Note: a number of these aphorisms have first been written elsewhere on the internet by myself so the dates reflect when they are actually published on this site, not Twitter or the PN forum, for example.
Note 2: I think the first 4 aphorisms are written sometime between the start of the website in 1998 and until the creation of this page 2. October 2005.
Note 3: I've added [ethically/morally]/[ethical/moral] to the aphorisms concerning Information and relating to Steven Levy's "All information should be free!", on this date, 08.11.2010.
Note 4: The dates have been added to each aphorism and these are the only changes this time.
Note 5: The two latest quotes have been published first on the Philosophy Now forum 12. April and 14. April, 2011, respectively, in the order they appear.


  1. Maxim: Under truth, perfect justice!
    If I utter, let this be a maxim: "Under truth, perfect justice!" will I then have made a version of "by Jesus 2nd coming everyone will be judged by truth", (loosely)?
    Posted by L.F.O.-L. at 10/25/2011 10:42:00 PM
    Labels: 2nd coming, Jesus, Maxim, perfect justice, Under truth
    This is to be deleted and replaced under "My Own Aphorisms". As a sidenote, I've found that the 1. Law of the Bible, "thou shall have no God other than me", /can/ mean "thou shall worship truth (because by truth, no more than one God can exist)"! What do you think?
    "He [Jesus] will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end. ... We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen." From Wikipedia!
    I still don't support the idea of Jesus on *more* than the metaphorical point! I've earlier launched the idea of "Metaphorical Jesus" for uniting the JCI and making more sense to Christianity, thus removing the moral paradox of Jesus in the Bible!

  2. Generic products, incl. medication? Straight "into the skies" at minimum cost! By myself
    -> This is my explicit support for generic products!

  3. Motto for the World Today:
    I think I can make this a motto for the official attitude to the World on this date, 18.12.2011, 05:34 CET: To be in the World today is to
    "Travel with Happiness and Celebrate the Vacations (all around the World)"!

  4. Your subconsciousness may be your enemy who is my friend and your consciousness may be my friend too! I speak to you both!

    (- T.L. before changing my name to Olsnes-Lea.)

    Note: Adding Paul Ricœur to my team "makes it no better"...

  5. The above has been entered to Facebook, I believe far back then, 2007 or later... (before changing name in 2011.)

  6. "It is better to die by the weapon (pistol/revolver?) than by torture!"