Sunday, 5 February 2012

On Hacking! My Claim: The Hackers Have Lost!!! (Read below, please!)

My claim is backed on a couple of my writings incl. technology underpinning Blackberry today and stemming from 2003. A response to hacked energy generators that power the electrical power grid (of USA)!!!
This claim is made on top of a couple of my writings!
Concerning a BBC story on "cyber wars", I can make the definite claim that the Hackers have lost, technically speaking! And that the the Hacking / cyber wars we experience are due to malicious programming on grounds of innovation and general corruption and thus has only or merely social foundations today! That hackers enter my computer because of lousy Mozilla programming or simply Mozilla traps by the Firefox or other doesn't make my claims FALSE! No, they are confirmed on SOCIAL grounds!
How much would you excuse your phone operator if they sit there and eavesdrop on your phone calls? Is this hacking? Or is it simply a criminally bad set-up and IT administration? I certainly think that this is just a criminally bad set-up to allow these phone operators to do this!

Note: First written to Twitter some minutes prior to this time stamp when this is written to this Blogspot blog, Whatiswritten777.
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