Tuesday, 31 January 2012

3 Ideas from under the Norwegian Torture Clinic Set-Up

I hereby make the further claim of 2 ideas (trying to be) stolen from me:
1. Protective hearing protection by electronic qualification and blocking.
2. A software method for securing connections of own origin, already in place by RIM and Blackberry via Linpro by my publishing on door to supermarket in 2003 or so at Hommersak / Hommersåk.
3. (The Scalpel) Already published or the flushing of smoking lungs or cleaning of lungs by controlled short amount of immersion of lungs (in hospital, by medical treatment).
These three ideas were all published on same A4 paper and my apartment has been attacked in connection with this and under torture clinic impossible for me to retell until now! This is now an official _legal_ claim! My software method now published must therefore be redated to Oct.? in 2003 or so! Alright!


  1. This is a 2nd version on how the Hommersåk / Hommersak (Sandnes "kommune") ideas of 3 has come to life:
    1. Scalpel (written about again under Creative and all else, here on the blog.)
    2. Cleaning of the lungs (also written about again under Creative and all else, here on the blog.)
    3. Ear protection (now being claimed from a certain Norwegian company for stealing the idea from this place and using a criminal syndicate and contacts who could torture for making it happen!) It relies simply on the fact that sound is volume and that the speed of electrical signals to and from an automatic blocking device would CUT OFF injuring sound volume (fx. from gun fights in military zones) that would otherwise enter the ears! Exactly how the physical set-up is made for this is unclear as I haven't developed it, but it needs the digital qualification routine to work! Clear?

  2. I may be rightful in adding the the idea that led to the Smash product of Nidar, by telephone or mail or both. But in returning the respects they met a wall of blocking, both thwarting phone access and mail access to my home despite receiving the correct information and acting on it. Well, well, it's uncertain how this is to play out, but the State of Norway is *DAMN GUILTY* in disgusting violations of my basic human rights and more!

  3. And one more: As an improvement on my copyrighted invention/patent, faxed by mr. Jan Werner by Elkem Alum. Lista (now Alcoa Alum. Lista) by my drawing of spikes by 0s and 1s (in a sense, squares) exactly like the Hall-Peroult cell interpolaric distance voltage-meter as a principle for fingerprint reading that can NOW be set up to elegantly level with glass so that the 2 metal-strips reading the fingerprints (one for extra confirmation) gets embedded and exactly levelled by glass on a surface principle where thickness is given by physical/anathomical necessity! So the levelling of glass inbetween and on sides on a surface reader principle is the new here! The whole thing should now be VERY workable and competitive with other methods like the classic direct lighted glass plate as a kind of photo... Good? PS: This origins from 1997 or so...
    Inspiration comes from broadcasted crime methods by Discovery or other sent that time incl. line-ups and problems with testimonies and the rest. All in all, a forensics program! (Perfect for me, "as I've been looking for some people" (abusers and rest)!!!")

    Note: First written to Facebook moments ago!

  4. There are other "noteworthy" ideas involved here too, understatement or not, that I'd like to address, but is perceived as too dangerous to bother with at present... The number is 3!!!

  5. Corr.: anathomical -> anatomical

  6. * The air pillow
    originating from 1991 (or so) and developed by Nike!
    * Spring dart (also as principle for the radar direction, that is for the radar to operate, you only need to direct a smaller portion of its "beaming" of signals, also given by the screen defining lines by the actual screen the radar operator can see)!
    "Load" - little bow to direct the "load", giving every force "a name", so to speak, as they are directed toward some place, by built in turn on the force-making mechanism inside the object to speak of.
    * Spring jumpers -> hoppers to move faster than ordinary walking people can move!
    I think all of these ideas are ideas from before 1991 and that being whipped onwards by the duties to school and various hardship, incl. that inflicted by a local "torture shop" has made it difficult for me to remember what the contributions have been, but the very exotic and strange set-up should be all too revealing with Kingpin Kjell Eide, being one of the tops for a deeply criminal syndicate operating from Norway of course, with this and that nutty idea and the most insidious ideas by various experts such as cognitive experts and memory experts, trauma experts and psychiatrists and psychologists! I can't be blamed for all these f*cking stupid people and I have done my best to fulfill my part as a dutiful citizen toward a decent and lawful future, one that is now more or less shattered and rolled back to an emergency set-up where the citizens are most likely to use "coarseness" to obtain services normally taken for granted if one would be following "the book"! I'm sorry for these abrupt circumstances, but innovation and copyrights play a bigger role in the World that no-one can (ever) deny and that I'm going to pursue this (as I should out of general respect) until my rightful end or death! Cheers!

  7. The above are in fact the 3 ideas!

  8. Under "Being under the torture clinic in Norway and these 3 ideas", I can also inform you of this: A1 is a referance in USA to myself and it has a special story! The boyband "A1" is merely a symptom of this story! Note on the Norwegian member of it, Christian Strand Nilsen or so!
    I don't know why or how A1 came to be used, but I'm of the sound belief that the above information is correct!

  9. Upon reading about the air pillow from Wikipedia: air pillow Nike "Air Max is a line of shoes first released by Nike, Inc. in 1987. Since its introduction, Nike has frequently introduced new and updated models in the same product line." I first of all claim that the patent, as the source for the idea back at 1985 - 1987, that it is up to every shoe manufacturer to produce a product based on this, because this makes me effectively the patent holder as well! The patent is FREE so to speak with no exclusive rights admitted and upon calling the 3 shoe manufacturers from this time: Adidas (Germany), Reebok in England and Nike in USA! I am at least to investigate as these people have intercepted deeply needed mail and phone calls, setting up "phone robots" early on! I hope you approach this seriously!!! Cheers! PS: I have renown from before this by NRK and other secrets that make my claim plausible, possibly also themselves! Remember also that the air pillow can have a shape of entire sole, merely needing to raise the height to accomodate it! Other: pressurised production and cell compartments in the pillow for easier control of rubber and pressure!

  10. Studio 54 can have a special part in my life in that ("Studio 54 reopened on September 12, 1981 with a guest ...", from Wikip.) as it somehow got on air, I would have a radio-transmitter implanted by these crazy doctors, that sent a signal that launched exactly Studio 54 (this night or on this opening or during this nights show). I'm /that/ crazy to claim this. How big the radio-transmitter has been, I don't know. Also, I don't know the range of the radio-"antenna" inside of me or any other technical data. "Good?" (Sending "all the way", intermediary to this place or that, from Lunde in Farsund "kommune"/local county standing there by the crossing and Lunde Elementary School (at that time during day-time).)

  11. One claim over the "stitcher-device", where one stitches by 100 instead of 10 - 20 and where one stitches with "lower quality", possibly, and where stitching takes place by pulling a linear device much like you pull a rope with some kind of attachment to it, or your kid on the slide as you play with the snow. This may have gone to a rich US American and a guy with CalTech? They grouped up with a Norwegian team out (of cur.?) and "psychiatry" took hold again... I have been a "declared" genius ever since then!!!
    Time: appx. 1989, after studies of the sowing machine, type Husquarna...
    Carefully curved needle, stitching thread, skewed holes on the linear device and suitably hard material for the device, but great care on engineering it because the needle is to curve through the flesh so as to make the stitches almost automatic!
    Also by phone...

    First to my Facebook profile.

  12. Jon Wetlesen is suspected to have a connection to the University/College (either) of Seattle by "eye-implant" and "other implants" and to (illegally) supply a group, Nirvana, song texts while studying ethics _from_ a person, myself, at this point in time!

    The name where he studied me from and the place associated to in Norway: Lista Ungdomsskole, still, time, 1989, and Farsund "kommune" too! (A bit of teen-girlie inclination too..., being an older man.)

    He is for sure an ethics professor, at least, and "we know that doctors are sharp", coming out of the Harbour of Death...

  13. I now make the suspicion that Gillette blades are based on the suspended blades on grass cutters in the agricultural business and that this too need to enter the "considerations"!
    Gillette, before this, used to be known (only/mostly) for the shaving foam I suspect.
    Suspected time of shift: 1988 - 1990.

    The grass cutters of agricultural business are connected to the wheels AND blades the same, so that when the wheel bump, the blades of the cutter bump too!

    I think, with minimal insights into that industry...

    Possible secret deal with Telenor...

  14. And I just /hinge/ "The best a man can get" onto this as well... (already a song-writer)...

  15. There is more to I like to mention: the superglue/glue in cement or thereof, first made in 1998 by a certain firm that I now consider this recipe FREE from under a criminal syndicate with a two-point-joint-set-up: USA and Norway again. (I reserve some doubt for the scientific side here because I've never seen it demonstrated.
    There's another side too: a band back in the 80s with code "TS"! And these are connected. So here you are!

  16. The cement is kept in "vacuum" containment and the glue is moderated in by chemical considerations of the usual stuff that cement industry is making the whole time... (From the vacuum containment then pumped to its final destination of use.)

  17. The tea company of Lipton may have been involved with the "Norwegian oil fund" and a very letter of mine going to Twinings over matters of dried fruits and additional flavouring issues as a matter of test-production to a panel of people or sold directly to (some) of the public with selected supermarkets or so.

  18. Also, any "state-produced" porn against my person will now fall on Norway (all embassies, Oil-Fund res. incl.) as /it/ now has to be regarded as political weapon for the direct and inhumane exploitation of my person, tech-wise, money-wise, creation-wise, science-wise, psychology-wise! I'm also seeking to connect them with Srebrenica under a special pathology view inv. Scandin. Star (1990 or so). The litigation against Norway is hereby ON!!!

  19. I am also to be regarded as "a Jew to post-Nazi-Germany right after the end of the war", out of concentration camp or not!!!

  20. I think I have something to do with Ghost'n'Goblins and the conesequent "I love Rock'n'Roll" lyrics that first appeared as tack-on to this game, that I have been the brain behind as the story goes, "in one version". I don't know one end of this to the other and a little investigation needs to ensue to how things are connected by this! Alright?

    PS: Not that I like the song particluarly much, but the context to this game and the rest makes the case for it, for what goes of my own. That some context in this World "of rock" so to speak, makes it digestible, although a bit repetitive and boring!

  21. The launch-button for aircraft-carrier jets. The instructions:
    Upon start of the engines, system activated, the launch-button is pressed. It sets the exhausts downward against the up-raised ledge, as in shoving, _virtually_, the stick from you, then after a given time for forward air-pillow "to collect", mainly by ledge, while throttle at full, launch-button is released so that exhausts _stand straight_ and then stick is (prepared) pulled for real 10-15 % upward outside the ship-deck so that take-off is secured, upon gaining more speed by plane, you can pull the nose to higher angle.
    You can test this, the ledge and launch-button, on an ordinary runway, setting marks for actual take-off by correlation to camera, or if sharp, make the runway take-off shorter in front of a lawn. This is to go for every carrier, where the take-off lane is _straight_ (and most certainly not that hump)!
    Considering the take-offs, I think I'm entitled to say that weather-conditions need to obtain for take-offs to happen at all!
    Secondarily, not important for me, "unfortunately" I do not have Nazi-Germany and "Coaxial"-Satan Cross on Japan on my resumé and with Half-Slobo, I'm "lucky enough" to be without genocide on the resumé too! Cheers!

  22. The Library of Alexandria, with turning "turret" marked with Saturn (also "turn" in Arabic characters) after the work with M1A1 Abrams and making the drawing right there on the salon-table of ours, before getting hit by tech-eyes assistance to might may have been a declared competition by "Illustrert Vitenskap" and by "agreement" to an architecture firm by name: Sun, Winds, and Light! (More later, also.)

  23. Technical note, Saturn Library in Alexandria: also the roll-gear, keeping the mechanical rolling action between two round surfaces coming together, are to be cylindrical straight, probably, and not by any means, conical, and that this can be proven by very accurate mechanical engineering calculations.

  24. A possible starting point for the idiots:
    I also report that I have been the "man", the person, to the tell my teacher then, at 7 years old, Marianne P.(?), of how to make a metal band to tighten the power-line-cables so to avoid stress on cables, either summer or winter, by keeping them at the correct length, using the band to create a loop of potential length to add, simply put! USA acted quickly? Also using neuro-band on the spine?

    I may also be able to question the character (not that I want to, but because of the songs, etc. how this follows) of Simon and Garfunkel by the two songs:
    Sounds of Silence (1985) and Cecilie (1985/1989).

  25. From "Message Regarding the Blatant Violations of My Human Rights", controversial777.blogspot.com ,
    I've been sent this "insane"/insane email from Tore Fossum of the "Kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen" where he obviously displays contempt toward own duties by this:
    Nå har jeg sjekket med vårt arkiv og de kan ikke se å ha mottatt noen e-post fra deg 4. desember, men derimot fikk du et svarbrev fra kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen datert 4. desember, jeg legger det ved en gang til. [Probably wrong accusation/fact statement.]

    Fint om du kan sende din e-post av 4. desember en gang til kontroll@stortinget.no [un-official email, the real you can find yourself under www.stortinget.no .]

    Tore Fossum
    Komitésekretariatet- Stortinget
    Tel: 23 37 37 47 [wrong phone number, the real is 23 31 37 47]
    tfo@stortinget.no [un-official email, the real is as above, please, look up if you want it.]

    Conclusion: something /very/ wrong is going on here!

    Yes, also tfo - Tore Fossum - "Mr. Teflon", with "experiences/references" from abroad as well?

    As much as there are possible references for Jens S. as J.S or J ET S (ET- latin for "and", and ET - as we know, SETI, Extra-Terrestrial, "I am an insect", the pervert reference from very early: 1,95, his biological height (rounded up) to nearest centimeter, cm, yes, that's ISO cm!

  26. The theft of the "Seven" / "Se7en text of 4/7 pages has taken place in 1989/1990 by a certain "Dag Sandnes" by suspicion, a teacher at this Jr. High School, "Lista Ungdomsskole". The text has had the title: "Sev/7en or All Cardinal Sins Displayed", also playing on (dis-)flayed, in removing the skin of a person as in a horror story, most infamously Hellraiser (Clive Barker) and addressing the Cardinal Sins "undressed" or "most immediate" or "straight to the flesh"!

  27. But there's more also:
    After the metal band to the power grid cables, saving millions of "Dollars" in government money, I can mention:
    Jakten på Spektralstenene
    Bladerunner (Renneren på norsk)
    Fraggles (NRK to BBC or something)
    The orange juice "Solo" as in Solo flights and "Sol" -> Sun, Star
    The founding of Nidar or many products to Nidar
    Smarties, probably, of Freia
    The Sandwich Ice Cream Bar
    The solution of the road conjunction of Sandvika, Baerum, also as presented by the newspaper, Budstikka, under Lea (on the map-correlated left side)
    an entire "complex" set of buildings, as a matter of Sandvika architecture
    +++ (I don't know, this and that, more and more!)

  28. The year of 1982:
    "A possible starting point for the idiots:
    I also report that I have been the "man", the person, to the tell my teacher then, at 7 years old, [1982], Marianne P.(?), of how to ..."...

  29. For the metal band there is a double reference:
    To her, the teacher, Marianne P., in citing a stupid society...
    and to "Televerket", a public company at the time, partly privatised now as "Telenor".

  30. Sorry, that's orange-based mineral water "Solo" as in Solo flights and "Sol" -> Sun, Star
    Should I add the 7-Up/Seven Up of Pepsico to, am I entitled it?
    And we always have the crushed ice with refreshing drink to go, the "Slush"/"Slushy"... "from long ago"...

  31. Listerine, by the science and alcohol based to start with, with optional fluoride to go, can also be mentioned, funnily enough, with the strangest requests such as being asked to deliver a truck with it to Farsund "kommune" out of what must be "intercepted"/"stolen" mail that has had my address on it "or other queerness" that they, Farsund "kommune" as represented by one or more idiots, are now known for, whatever the freakshow!

  32. Also, by "proper connections make good business", that USA has demanded to deliver all mail to my person as "embassy mail" by the Norwegian embassy to USA, you know what to hit them with! They have broken all words! They have violated all promises to me as person! The business conventions are broken by them, for 27 years or more, a very serious violation by a developed country!

  33. I'm denied "limited police authority" for protection of own person and for carrying through my legal matters.

    As far as I can see, by the lack of confirming letter, I'm also denied additional police protection either way.

    Additionally, there are suspicions that the "tingretten", lower courts, has had part in the Srebrenica massacre by the reference "Hovsæd", (loosely, NO: Royal Sperm, or by "hovmod", aloofness).

    Denied as letter, received by myself today, 23. January, 2013, is signed by "Vitsø" (NO: Joke and the crate to the sewers to go, ø).

    UNHR Art. 3 and 5. Unable to finish the legal matters as they stand now.

  34. I know what a (black/corrupt) police murder is, and, if my death is imminent or not, my life lies on State of Norway (by torture clinic or not) and /moved/ toward death, in any way it may come, under these really bad decisions (of allowing these) people!!!

  35. There is a (well-founded) suspicion that my tech-eyes and tech-ears have worked and is working (to smaller extent?) like a lighthouse with missile launchers to shoot at the ships it provides lighting for, as much as the *spotters* I've described under Controversial777 work the data-input of (the horrible) electrification of my person against the very virtues I (consistently) try to promote!

    Conclusion: still suppressed my police idiots, only Norwegian interests or USA/Norway interests combined!

    Outcome: possible state-approved murder of my person!

    Status quo: Due to persistent torture-clinic threats I haven't been able to get to know my current situation relating to the (deeply) criminal implants!

    Add. comment: For Slobo-Jens-S and these other syndicate-idiots of crime, as perverse as they can possibly get, all hsopitals included, that there's no particular use to make a legal plea to them, as crime against humanity is to them as commonplace and cheap as air in the open fields of wilderness! They need a BIG hammer on the head, and it can only be as international as /direct/ and /univocal/ punishment from the WTO, with NO (heh-heh) compromise possible!

  36. Further to Jens S. as behaviour and Norway too, "as climate", Srebr. incl.:
    There is a suspicion over a further reference on Jens S., the current PM of Norway, this time in his younger years, achieving the dubious "Boatman" nickname from South of Vietnam, in faking his (failure of studies) reference to Univ. of Oslo in research on boat refugees from exactly Vietnam.
    You may also consider him for both "Cult" and "Urinal" as well after, according to history, killing x number (very) young and old there along with his gay friend from those time, the Jangling Jack of Farsund "kommune", his fav. cock-s*cker, the "knife", John G.!
    Well, well, "I guess you still heartily, more than ever now, congratulate the Norwegian people on their Prime Minister"!!! "What an excellent choice /still/!!!"
    Also, for this "pathology" of behaviour, please look up James Bond: Octopus and Octopus outside and add the two psychiatrists Jan (Blackout +2) O. Johannessen and Inge "Fisken +3" Joa for its "eyes" and Amnesty International /Norway/ for its brain, by the Octopus, contents, of the hardest crime, of course! (Also as pattern under "police profile". Subs. as a kind of investment mentality toward financial life, still being their Prime Ministers, "...any senses left back there...?".)

  37. It must now be clear by "trap and assault" against my father and I as we have driven into the premises by agreed arrangement (1985) in the garages under the US Embassy to Oslo that a good part of the Nike "agreement" and "exclusive license" must be considered invalid and that the Air(-sole) patent must be considered FREE for every manufacturer to produce, either in waiting to obtain an (valid industry) agreement or as "black-grey product" (no whiteness included)/grey product. You win, the World, with allusion to Jesus walking on the water from the Bible to go!
    By this, Nike and US government must be considered liable to legal settlements for having promoted/profitted/fooled the consumers by over-pricing or "acting on false premises", i.e., industry violations by not complying to standard agreements and more.
    Side-note: This falls, also, historically, under US American "Financial Radicalism" and that they have subverted, overtly or not, High-Value People (HVP) abroad!

  38. + Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Corvette and these are the 4 giants from the Mars-family-man.

    (Ivo Caprino is mentioned aside.)

  39. Announcement: I have a date set for the application to ECtHR by 2. September, 2013, given the awful circumstances down to personal cleanliness and getting out to buy necessities/the dailies.

    Given the _legal_ circumstances of all crime committed against me under the responsibility of Norway by the Justice Department, I expect them, the State of Norway auto-DEFEATED for LONG, HARD 30 years (+)!

  40. I am also Mr. Song, not the Chinese like that, but speaking Norwegian natively, having lived in a "Chinese house for some time", i.e., some dubious referance on what's been going on.

    Otherwise: Legal matters on Copyright, Bern Convention, etc. do apply and it must be clear to many people that I seek to claim my rights that I'm entitled to and re-establish my rights as well as my reputation of being trustworthy and reliable as person, "counter these or those".

    Note: Tech-eyes/tech-ears must be known criminal and subversive to my person regardless of physicians of madness! Like Dr. Ev...e/Dr. Evil from Farsund "kommune", "holding stakes", falsely, in the Mars/Snickers syndicate Norway-USA!

    The Tech-Eyes owner-structure "as legalised criminal enterprise": Under Telenor, under Canal Digital, under Golden Tech Eyes by Terje Lea, one of 5 possible people in Norway today, but not me included anymore! Tech-Eyes...

    http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telenor .
    Telenor Group (OSE: TEL) er et norsk teleselskap opprinnelig opprettet av staten...

    http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canal_Digital .
    Canal Digital er Nordens største TV-distributør.[3] Selskapet distribuerer rundt...

    Note Canal Digital Norge on one picture vs. the other!

    Again, Tech-Eyes or Radio-Pins for radio-detection of my whereabouts have been a problem throughout 82..., 85, 86, other... up to 2013, today. + Failure to prevent severe crime/aggravated assaults with this equipment on, that is, this equipment must have been implanted with the attitude of MALICE/deviousness!

    They must have been lunatics, these physicians and others!

  41. I'll just say it right now, that my IQ on 191 is due to the IQs of my sister and my brothers and my parents too, ranging from, let's say, 141 to 191, with myself on top. That I've blown this retard game of Norway on my path in time up to this point, 2013, October! We also add other individuals to this, no more than 4 or so. That the entire family of us has attracted great attention for all good reasons.

    Also by Mensa, IQ and Bell Curve text here: http://whatiswritten777.blogspot.no/2013/02/over-iq-testing-bell-curve-and-future.html .

  42. Under "unlawful detention" in Norway:
    Declaration: All of my copyrights are hereby granted to other people as follows...:
    Generally, country specific, copyright is awarded to legally appointed person by each and every nation where this is wanted because Norway has failed to comply with international and domestic legal obligations concerning my person. Specifically, by these 3 pts:

    1. Norway does not fufill its legal obligations even when circumstances are plainly in the face and with "eyes wide open".
    2. Norway has obstructed me, effectively, from travelling abroad for health services twice, at least, and is consistently preventing me from relocating to a place abroad too!
    3. By all the verdicts of High Court of Justice, Norway (NO: Høyesterett, reference: 2013/1170) and Borgarting "lagmannsrett" (EN: District Court/County Court, reference: 13-065948ASK-BORG/04), Norway has approved grievous crime for more than 30 years and running!

    "To parties abroad, you are now free to act! I'm hereby worthless!" (Implying failure to publish my work according to laws and regulations based on intellectual strength/competence/talent.)

    Sweden, Germany or other country can assume the rights from Norway, legally seizing all values there, i.e., intellectual property rights etc.

    PS: Formal note, these "transferred" copyrights can be transferred back to me if I'm to successfully present myself abroad at any point in time. This is a part of legal circumstances that cause this agreement, by this text, to be "reasonable" with suitable reward money granted for having carried the responsibilites if these copyrights are to be transferred back to me at all.

  43. I think that I'm entitled, with my parents from that time, to say that I've invented the cheese-heavel and that the chesse-heavel represents attempts of history faking in history writing being science. Further, the cheese-heavel also represents controversy in Norway in terms of history writing as scientific activity, hence von Ranke of Germany.

  44. The place we're talking of is of course Hauglia, Farsund "kommune". Time: 1983/1984.

  45. I want my resources by legacy to be placed counterpoint to Norway, adamantly, and 8 foreigners to replace us as gene if we die like this. They may come from everywhere, but let’s say half from outside of Europe. Should be simple.

    If Norway is to be considered honour (in my name) I MUST be able to settle abroad within the next few months.

    It must also be understood that I want Norway to be punished hard for these extra ordeals of waiting, this “mental torture”/mental torture, my ideation for DEATH! Very unpleasant to be acted against in this way! ”Correct! I am not dead!”

  46. Claim! I've made the "Moon and sun" (NO: Måne og sol) psalm of Norway, often cited as Norwegian psalm nr. 240 (as in 24/9, my birthday).

    This psalm also goes by the well known crime-investigation route of USA, I claim to have written this while we have lived in Farsund, Hauglia (neighbourhood).

    "What, stolen? No, taken by the means of torture and utmost cruelty!"

  47. My names of former:

    Donje - being the don, the head, the intelligence of my family - refers to Kaneheia, Michael Jackson also.

    Mr. Song - refers to my skills in making/composing songs for artists to perform them.

    The Boy from Hauklia/Hawklia/Hauglia, where Hauklia translates into Hawklia in hawk being a smaller predator than the eagle, another symbol of power!

    Also, King of Intelligence x2/as declared twice now, 2014-03-02, solving the awful mystery of telepathy and a few others, pertaining to intelligence.

    One declaration has to do with Germany and beating CIA/USA in making chess computable, BACK THEN, generating a tip white Europe reference from Sweden(/Russia, now a democracy)!