Monday, 27 February 2012

My Achievements in Physics (Ver. 2 :-D )

Bragging list in Physics:
- New gravity theory
-> comparison of electron shells to the atom core
-> to gravity from the Earth itself starting with the Earth
--> most heavy and then outward toward the upper limits of
--> Earth gas atoms
- Wave collapse to psychology
- Schrödinger's rat
-> First to decisively crush Schrödinger's theory by his
--> rat/cat
- Revisionist Standard Model, 27 particles
- Definite destruction of QCD
- Likely destruction of String Theory
-> Mathematical point over Grigori Perelman
- Demolition of the Copenhagen Interpretation
-> only 1 direct observation and 2/3 indirect observation
--> points to remain
- First HARD realist in Physics for the World to follow
- Two photon experimental designs meant to pave the way forward to
-> quantify the photons and to make possible the studies of photons
--> interacting with materials, here, the metals
- Photon theory has also emerged from my works
- Impossibility of both the Graviton and the Higgs Boson have also been completed
- I've also added two additions to The Free Will by John H. Conway and Simon B.
-> Kochen
-> that address complexity and size of body to obtain Free Will and
--> that the neutral state has to be included in the Free Will Theorem,
--> thus making the whole thing look less sharp or "more relaxed" so
--> that not every moment is about "good and evil",
--> but rather about "good, neutral and evil", time being more at your
--> discretion

So: ("- all the rest!", uncertain to what exactly this is, given that I need to recapitulate on all my text!) I don't hide the fact that I'm VERY proud of this list that should now be unique and one of the best in the World! Thank you for the attention this far!


  1. I've corrected some errors now. It now looks better!

  2. To Facebook, Friday, 6. April, time, 23:11, To the Cascading Effects as Gravity expressed through property of mass I may withdraw from the strong/weak nuclear forces and simply write "gravity as cascading property of mass, including ALL particles with an eV-value and thus also directing a very critical view of "force-negotiating particles, the W and Z bosons.
    These bosons may also suffer "death" along with the Gluons. This as the latest!
    Don't steal my theory, please! And don't try to alienate me from my own words! I do find it offensive (and idiotically self-defeating from the opponent whomever this may be)!!!

    This nullifies an earlier note under Cascading Effects as Gravity, removing Gravity from the World of physics and enter a multi-propertied mass kind, one that parallels the human capacity for doing a number of things, like singing, running, using instruments and so on!!! Cheers!

  3. To be entered two more places, under the Cascading Theory of Effects instead of Gravity as from classical theory and under the "Opinions on Physics" where Schrodinger's rat resides and more... (Photon Theory ...)

  4. When it comes to the W and Z bosons and how well corroborated they are or not, I do not any longer "entertain" a lying USA on everything from human rights to a current value of the Technicolour theory. I'm therefore _dead_sceptical to the W and Z bosons if they do not have references to the "outside" of this "singular business network" of deep radicalism (read: former Soviet Union equivalent)!

  5. Again, note on why this may "come out of the blue": I'm sorry if I come across, surprisingly, fast at you, but fact is that I remain "not properly graduated out of the educational system of Norway"!!! So while people sit back and become irritated by "poster facts/lies", I can only give you this explanation "as direct consequence of the delinquent idiots I have been/are living under!"

    Note too: I take the resp. for "original, foreigner like" twist of "coming across to"...

  6. Concerning a possible "attack" on the W- and Z-bosons: they may get impossible to hold if you consider charges by the electron (negative charge) and the proton (positive charge). These are said to be responsible for doing a lot of things to "atom balance" and "atom interactions balances". The Proton itself consists of 2 "up" and 1 "down" quarks. I say by this, by the same notion that Higgs' Boson gets killed by the Photon notion of gravity property, that the W- and Z-bosons are now also (almost or not) blown out of the window of the World of Physics!
    The matter is of course that "atom and molecule dynamics" are more complex than adding these two bosons and that matter itself is something alluring as one doesn't get that much out of fission and fusion reduction to photons and "other residue" from these reductions! Cheers!

  7. The Standard Model of Particle Physics ("Revision 5", date: 2013-12-02)

    The revision today, 2 December 2013, containing from earlier also:

    holding 6 only
    Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom (with note on "minimal set", for possibly excluding Top and Bottom)

    holding 2/3 only
    Electron / Positron
    Muon / Antimuon
    Tau / Antitau (with note on these two, withholding definite decision on "final" status judgment)

    Gauge Boson(s)
    holding one only
    Photons (also under Photon Theory)

    holding a special class category explanation

    (Baryons, only a select part and only under Hadrons, being one special class of "fission"-"re-fusion" products of the accelerators, emphasising instead on the strict "fusion" products under Hadrons so that description is kept consistent and outside "useless" particles)
    (holding a special class category explanation)

    holding a special class category explanation
    Leptons and Quarks (6)

    Protons and Neutrons being the early subatomic particles

    This list reduces the Standard Model of Particle Physics to a kind of best level, providing the best and most credible explanations for the Physics everybody relates to in terms of Reality.

    All else: Either in the Investigation section or dumped for being found "not real", definitely.

    Note on Baryons being added after the publishing to Facebook shortly before.

  8. Suggested text to go:
    After having declared a "war" on the "idiot" parts of Standard Model (of Part. Phys.), I have here today the best, I think, suggesting among else that Gluons and various other particles have no place in Physics, also smashing Technicolor (US name) for failure to fundamental physics description (withholding a hidden admission by USA by them redefining "Technicolor" to only the "usual" particles of mass).

    Also in line with the text published to Facebook, profile and else.

    (See latest publicly accessible report from Particle Data Group, this year being 2013, cited as "Berenger" or so.)