Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bragging List (of Rights) in Physics:

For the "humps" to finally face the loss to greater performance (being fairly exposed even still to these "people"):
Bragging list in Physics:
- New gravity theory
-> comparison of electron shells to the atom core.
-> to gravity from the Earth itself starting with the Earth
--> most heavy and then outward toward the upper limits of
--> Earth gas atoms.
- Wave collapse to psychology!
- Schrödinger's rat
-> First to decisively crush Schrödinger's theory by his
--> rat/cat!
- Revisionist Standard Model, 27 particles!
- Definite destruction of QCD!
- Likely destruction of String Theory
-> Mathematical point over Grigori Perelman
- Demolition of the Copenhagen Interpretation.
-> only 1 direct observation and 2/3 indirect observation
--> points to remain.
- First HARD realist in Physics for the World to follow!
- Two photon experimental designs meant to pave the way forward to quantify the
-> photons and to make possible the studies of photons interacting with materials,
--> here, the metals!
("- all the rest!", uncertain to what exactly this is, given that I need to recapitulate on all my text!)
I don't hide the fact that I'm VERY proud of this list that should now be unique and one of the best in the World! Thank you for the attention this far!

Note: First written to Facebook just moments ago!

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