Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some little things...

I am to add to my philosophical positions under "Issues from the Internet" that: I'm "Pro-democracy activist / political citizen" and that, despite being a Conservative in a constitutional monarchy, I have absolutely NO problem with the *existing* political arrangements elsewhere. Rather the rule is: Respect the current politics and add solutions to problems that are being discussed or where these solutions may contribute to mHDI, the human development index (also economical "growth"/stability)!!!

I've also been robbed of a better version of the Ethics file, I believe, being the "Integrity of Ethics" angle toward Kantian Ethics, as defined by the 80 pages. The line is something like this: Integrity has the pedagogical quality of being a global concept of your own person toward whatever aspect you choose! One of these aspects may be "ecology" and what you should do to preserve it, the environment! [This matters very little now that I've managed to complete an objective ethics system by one system, the Kantian one, and that I've already entered much of this information into my current work. Also, I think I've managed to take down the delusions of Rawls by his "Original Position"!]

For those who search for the soul in the human body, I give you this task: chop a person in two, the head and a headless body. Now, I ask, where is the soul? Good luck to your (futile) work of finding it! [This is written in irony!]

I can also inform you, by suspicion, that the software code "recipe" ("of Blackberry's", as my response to hacking of energy generators) has been transferred by Linpro (hacking? of email, Tele2 corruption also?) to the internet in 2003 or later. [This touches upon RIM and their Blackberry products!]

[More to come.]

Note: the above has first been written to Facebook some short time ago, minutes!

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