Friday, 10 February 2012

"Pro-proper-firewalls propagator/programmer"

I hereby solemnly declare myself "Pro-proper-firewalls propagator/programmer" with Firestarter and IPtables in heart. With this baptism, I now enter the ranks of crazy hacks of the Internet technology people!
I also have a keen eye on Windows Firewall, The Processes systems windows and manageability, various theoretical considerations of Firewall programming and viruses and, of course, the logical considerations of computability and programmability (Turing, Arti. Int. etc.) of logics, if not computing sciences directly!
Linux of the de-servered kind, eccentric to IT administrating "center" idiots should have been FAR BIGGER in the World, but somehow, when the systems are going up and the downloads of URLs start to blink on the server/mirroring screens, "the itching fingers" of base idiots ruin ALL efforts! It could therefore be a basic and fine chance for any University (with the most extraordinary efforts toward Humanity and progress, with possible Prize /in there/) to simply make the downloads possible, remove the f*cking "update to servers" option and make some "destroyed system" reporting possible on grounds of Microsoft /direct subversion/ by "online" partitioning tools! You can start with the 50 disks Debian system that exists on the internet AND THEY WILL NOT CHARGE YOU A DIME FOR IT! In addition, this can serve any people, everywhere! Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt, India, extranets, intranets, secured nets, everything! "Go, go, go, go!!!"

[Added1, 11. Feb. 2012.]
You can also keep a tab on these: , but as always "even when joining the Church of Scientology as member", there may be some drawbacks if you become too sympathic! Next...
URL: Wikipedia page: !
URL: !
URL: !
Warning on "free", when you read "free", you should mentally read, "warning: free!", but here is: !
Also with every software downloaded and installed, you may get greatly rewarded with proper _configuration_ before you "launch it onto the Internet"! Next...
URL: !
URL: ! Many of these ARE based in USA and as always, have their own little business model of money or "subversion" or "something". If they are clean, then ALL is well and good, but I give this general warning regardless, because VERY FEW services prove to be entirely clean!

There's always some f*cking on some registration of this or other, with alarms and what have you, favourite prey and this and that!!!
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