Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Theorem in Political Science for the Break against Nazi-Ideology or NOT!

The theorem in political science for the break against Nazi-ideology or NOT!
Over the code sentence as a matter of (the) "highest" intelligence of the Earth, "Microsoft is working", meaning to imply a World _in chains_, NO KIDDING, all carnivore included, to a World that is leaving its best ideals in the hands of the legacy of Nazi-Germany and Nazi-ideology where people have been (and WILL BE) systematically killed, this is the urgent call to download, at least, one other Operating System, outside Microsoft Operating System and Apple Operating System, as a matter of emergency or exclusively on own system!!!
This is now or never! These people are actually moving in for IT!!! After this, given that they are successful, people WILL BE primates forever, potentially, the direct implication from above is the danger I warn you of now! Please, hurry (nr. 2)! (The first one is to act to reduce the Overpopulation problem, by natural means, by encouraging 1 or 2 (or rarely 3) kids, set into action by 1 - 3 Ministers of various departments, in a possible joint statement!)
Not to kill you or anything, I hope you can contemplate it for some time to come (if at all). I feel as if this is the Cyberpunk version over 1984, almost as if reading William Gibson *live*!!! Well, well, I think you get it! Good luck!
Remember also the code/key sentence "Microsoft is working", almost as in "Twelve Monkeys", that this includes all the most sick set-up, including all corrupt Police, all torturing health personnel and all of the rest of f*ck and hell on Earth, obviously including Monkey-biz!!!


  1. Not to get entirely beaten down, there are other strategies in play, but they need to remain in hiding for a while longer and they also require a (sign.) lower threshold for (meaningful) violence so as to take down or kill the worst people who are most obstructive to ideals of democracy and intelligence/wisdom!

  2. I've already written about several peer-to-peer systems and a de-servered Debian of 50 disks choice or fewer! You to choose. Cheers!

  3. Formal declaration of science: I hereby declare that Mysticism has deafeated the Scientism, the Scientists! This is a final verdict for what I consider the remaining time of humanity!
    Additionally, I predict that unless the obstructive part to this understanding dies away, the consequences will be severe for the entire Earth because of their, the Scientists, lack of sensitivity toward Ethics! So, Zeta, (greek letter) all matters considered the Earth is in a (strange) way HALTED in achieving progress in all fields, science broadly interpreted!
    Not that Scientism by this is any more serious. No, the primary matter here is how one considers Ethics to be a part of the Scientist's education, discipline and attitude in conducting science and in being a leader of science in society, i.e., how science plays out in the World by itself or in the expression of technology!
    Take care!

    Note: *NOT* in any can it be perceived that the "Mystics" in this weak sense, respecting the mysteries of Nature, stand lower than the Scientists in terms of science and scientific seriousness and productivity! This writing is simply not for the (religious) Mystics!!!

    (This may be considered a part of Cyberpunk aspects of prediction, as conceived by William Gibson.)

  4. Somehow, Blogger prevents me, by absurd message (ampersand isn't allowed in label) to enter the above addition to the main body to where these comments are added! OK?

  5. BTW, this addresses in particular the psychologists and psychiatrists and what "that industry generates", given by the above and as last section under the Theorem!

  6. The Facebook note is here: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/notes/leonardo-f-olsnes-lea/an-addition-to-the-cyberpunk-corpus-as-prediction/