Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Road Ahead for Global Security - A Proposal (and idiots do not need to suggest anything...)

To the UN: I support the view that there _can be no_ copyright/patent infringement for the military uses and that one should seek to have this convention ratified by the UN on grounds that every nation should have the possibility to make the best for the defence of their nation and use ALL (material-wise) that it takes to do so!!! Will you be there? Cheers! (SCRAMJETS are still up!!! And note on USA that's less than helpful to the World in terms of security with a consistent subtle threat of all from the "fishes" down there in the sea (like USS Miami) and the out-of-convention use of military and threat by its nuclear arsenal that some people even get frightened to hear of!!!)
Also, one can enable WTO to punish transgression on a per case basis, by the usual rules and by examples of such that "entire companies are placed under military departments only to grow big and then come out from the copyright/patent rules". This last type of examples should obviously still be struck down on!!!
Whereas the (naive) Mahatma Gandhi came out successful toward the civilised opponent of Great Britain (they still speak a version of British English today), I'd say Cold War historically is equally successful because it lead to the two nations taking part in it, to come out "alive" and possibly better prepared for the future!
The situation today is similar, but we can't risk idiotic naivity toward a possible loathing USA (in considering the ruling "forces" or "powers") on top of meat shops, torture set-ups in hospitals and other and other widespread human rights violations... No, the answer must be that this is the normative road ahead and that stiff threats that can severely damage or destroy a nation must be sought out, regardless! We need to come across as sharp to another in face of the most severe transgressions of all, the transgressions of nations, every god damn one, sticking out its Jangling Jack attitude! To this, we need the *HARD* and serious UN Security Council that works well today and should come out successful tomorrow if the proper steps are taken for it, to ensure MAD, mutually assured destruction, in the future for ALL (transgressing) nations! (This recipe is now final and normative and any excuses outside of it will not be accepted or tolerated by those who support it (because other options are likely to fail and trying to pursue other options is idiocy)!)

Note: This has first been published to Facebook during some minutes ago!

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