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The Higgs Kill List

The Challenges to the Higgs' (All) - Killing it?

I just add the list, *The Kill List* for the Higgs':

Why the Higgs' field of the Universe when the Universe is (mostly?) "best" vacuum?!

How does Higgs' fit into the Unifying work of Physics?

Is it really necessary to have the Higgs-Boson to explain mass?

Why can't ordinary particles have mass simply by property, that is, mass is part of their nature?

Even then, why is it necessary for mass to "obtain" rather than to be as in "gravity", one form or another, i.e., explanation?

"Technicolour" isn't an alternative as it confuses "energy" and "forces"?

Wasn't the intention in the first place (by 3,5 TeV/7 TeV) to smash these pieces smaller? So that the Protons would be split to smaller bits? Then CERN presents masses on 125 GeV? What?

The Up Quark has mass 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c(2) and 125 GeV(/c(2)) means something bigger than the Protons even, so you're considering "fusion effects" of the Protons to be the Higgs-Boson?

Finally, the realism: To summarise the masses: Higgs Boson is suggested to 125 GeV(/c(2)), Proton 938.272046(21) MeV(/c2), W boson, 80.398±0.023 GeV/c2, Z boson, 91.1876±0.0021 GeV/c2 and (finally) the Up quark 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c2! Good? Merry Christmas!

Reaction, as in the military: Add the Photon Theory by asserting (plausibly) that "Photons are the smallest constituents of all matter. I assume the other particles of the Standard Model are made up of photons. Why is this? The sun burns mass and to my knowledge it only/mostly by far emits electromagnetic radiation, consequently in the form of photons. When a nuclear bomb explodes, it converts matter into electromagnetic radiation, energy of various forms. Compared to this, I think one can throw the string theory out the window along with dimensions beyond the usual 4 (I'm not certain about this concerning Einstein's theories that I'd like to keep as it is). Also, let's assume higher intensity radiation emits more dense amounts of photons and that it declines further down the electromagnetic spectrum.

(Extra: New on photons: I think I can also hold that photons are "semi-fluid" on a hyper-level (of course). I don't know what this adds to our view of reality, but it's a possible way of reconciling the wave-particle duality.)" On top of the Photon Theory: Unifying work -> full speed ahead!

You may want to check out Slashdot org under "LHC Homes In On Possible Higgs Boson Around 126GeV", message nr. 207, and The Kill List and the Photon Theory that's added there for all the virtues they can present... Enjoy! You know, the whole thing, the "split time-units after Big Bang", the "supersymmetry" on this basis, the "symmetry" and "symmetry break and the rest", it's... *for you to decide* (incl. other mysteries of this kind)! So therefore, at this point I don't go into that, but I admit that speculation is fun and it's going to be exciting to see how the map of science develops! Cheers!

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  1. I also made an additional comment to a story by BBC's New Horizon(s) where they presented "the mystery". Well, well: Some data to consider: Posted to http://www.news4jax.com/news/-God-particle-coming-into-focus/-/475880/5346918/-/1js680z/-/index.html in relation to "Gravity" _forces_ are a whole different thing than energy by photons! Forces are given by a kind of smashing force, popularly speaking and this hinges on to the extent of this "Technicolour" set-up! You can't make "forces hop out the hat" like that! To look for forces is "to look for a car _in motion_"! (Or a photon in motion...) This "forces talk" is therefore doomed to fail as well!
    'God particle' coming into focus
    Gossip isn't just for teenage girls -- scientists spread rumors, too. Physicists are giddy about an announcement that will come from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on Tuesday at 8 a.m. EST.
    The forces issue in physics is really a meeting here of classical physics and these nuclear physics (all including string theory and quantum mechanics). All this has been under hard debate concerning the divide between classical physics and "new" physics and how to make it all come together!
    Is it really necessary to have the Higgs-Boson to explain mass? Why can't ordinary particles have mass simply by property, that is, mass is part of their nature?

  2. The above comment to news4jax has previously been added to the scientificblog777.blogspot.com under Opinions on Physics!

  3. Concerning a possible "attack" on the W- and Z-bosons: they may get impossible to hold if you consider charges by the electron (negative charge) and the proton (positive charge). These are said to be responsible for doing a lot of things to "atom balance" and "atom interactions balances". The Proton itself consists of 2 "up" and 1 "down" quarks. I say by this, by the same notion that Higgs' Boson gets killed by the Photon notion of gravity property, that the W- and Z-bosons are now also (almost or not) blown out of the window of the World of Physics!
    The matter is of course that "atom and molecule dynamics" are more complex than adding these two bosons and that matter itself is something alluring as one doesn't get that much out of fission and fusion reduction to photons and "other residue" from these reductions! Cheers!

  4. Again, note on why this may "come out of the blue": I'm sorry if I come across, surprisingly, fast at you, but fact is that I remain "not properly graduated out of the educational system of Norway"!!! So while people sit back and become irritated by "poster facts/lies", I can only give you this explanation "as direct consequence of the delinquent idiots I have been/are living under!"

    Note too: I take the resp. for "original, foreigner like" twist of "coming across to"...

  5. More to the Death of the Higgs Boson

    Main objection to the Higgs Boson is that we who oppose it, expect it to stretch out in mass spectrum, from photons all the way up to appx. 133 atom mass (Cs):

    That "elongated" photon particles/"telepathy" particles aren't "plausible" and do not comply with particle nature that's seen everywhere else! (Despite Statoil/Norway respects to the Nobel Foundation.)

    If the development of the Higgs Boson has lately been toward MY Photon Theory and MY solution of the Schrödinger's Cat THEN I am the true creator of the NEW and BEST physics to DATE! (By equivalent expression conventions, see fx. Heisenberg and another fellow on the "Einstein physics" and other...

  6. That the fans of the Higgs Boson seek logical circularity in order to hide uselessness by the Higgs Boson as contribution to physics in the descriptive sense now that Schrödinger's Cat resides in far more "daylight" than before.

    Note again on research conventions for the guinea pigs, including mice and rats.

  7. More attacks on the Higgs Boson:

    Further for the Higgs Boson:
    What separates it from the Hadrons? That extreme results, i.e., more photons and more extreme Hadrons can be expected from the Large Hadron Collider? Yes, I assume!

    Why do we need Higgs Boson for mass when we have mass, m, for mass, m?! Does not this follow the convention of ours, in all sciences from biology and chemistry to physics to science of politics and psychology and more, that in fact, when we see an object we give it an explanatory name, such as human being for human being, cancer tissue for cancer tissue, muscle and meat tissue for muscle and meat tissue, milk for milk, product for product, computers for computers, flowers for flowers, bones for bones, lungs for lungs, atoms for atoms, molecules for molecules... then Higgs Boson as not-Hadron but as mass, m, but not-mass-m-like-that, nooooo, mass-Higgs-Boson-only-at-special-129-atom-mass, see also your sh*t score?! What???

    A little line for this way of thinking: "The Physicists' Club - A Night Out in the City and Not More than Brown Smoke..."

    ----- (Below line and not "entirely" included in the criticism...)

    No, the mystery of Donald Duck Higgs Boson continues... Not like that, but 129 atom-mass Higgs Boson, only the one with the biggest f*rt and with an idiot title of fraud to go! So as to seem convincing to people by mere title... "Well, his a** smells STRONG! And his "horse" has been running for years with p*rvert tears to go!" - Suggesting fraudulent set of people and powers behind this nominee for Nobel Prize in Physics!

    Is this to say physics club to the World and say "impossible to criticise too"? I guess I am out /because/ I hold no Professor's position and ... "I'm no Uncle God-d*mn crazy-Bob cannibal and successful cannibal too"!

  8. There's more too:

    My opinion is, despite its promises to deliver on symmetry and asymmetry shortly after the Big Bang (Theory) is that this is another theory/particle by 129 atom-mass that gathers ad-hoc hypotheses just to save it.

    The symmetry and asymmetry considerations are also vague or theoretically weak because the data supporting them do not exist as having any definite underlying data-set to which its supposed to belong to.

    Like with Darwin's Theory. Darwin has gotten wide support from paleontology, in identifying bones of animals living before our times. In addition to finding these bones different places on the planet.

    This is how we come to believe in Darwin's Theory in actually being TRUE!

    The symmetry and asymmetry considerations have no such definite data-set. They are merely hypothetical entities that /may/ turn out "mathematically appealing", but providing no reality outside the mathematics.

  9. Last comment to Higgs Kill List - Removing the Higgs Boson from the world of Physics

    How do HIV/AIDS, fake science, as Nobel Prize 2007 and "Black Peter Higgs"/"Higgs Boson", fake science, as Nobel Prize 2013 go together? Not only this fakeness. The connection to telepathy, corrupt minds etc.

    It has to do with the status of "Telepathy"/"Telepathy expressed as photon behaviour, the quantum mechanics effects", I think!

    My criticism stands, that they, the responsible people behind these two Nobel Prizes, are to answer for these dubious claims under the respectable label of "science". Note how serious it may be to "approve" systematic killings under fake science as the former dube of Anorexia, fx. That these people are acting like this for very other reasons than the scientific.

    Let's see what happens!

  10. It may be a step too far, but Eugenics lies under us there on the garbage heap.

    Along with the science of History Writing, that Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina (Srebrenica), Kosovo, Ottomans and Armenia are KEPT UP by the Nobel Prizes of Literature and Peace. Will they eat candies tonight, perv***....!!?

    The RESPONSIBILITIES ARE DEFINITE! How many times do I need to say it!?

    (Code: _2_013-2007 - 66_0_as idea_ worth sexual 6 for the v*gina = 666)

  11. It seem strange to strange to place the CERN-LHC particle of mass (on several levels) under the Higgs Boson, not only because Higgs Boson is supposed to explain mass in scalar terms, but that the bosons (photon, W and Z bosons) as group are there to mediate force/energy directly as particle. It seems most clear, therefore, that Higgs Boson "currently" falls short of its role!

    "Any Q Force (Boson), anybody?" (Please, look up London "inner knowledge" for...)