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The Latest from Facebook Again #2?

Here is a Europe (Here we have the Bates Hotell..., Psycho cited) that in contrast to a USA which incarcerates _its_ criminals AND allow personal security for its citizens by (right to) guns, tazers, peppersprays and stun-guns, FAILS to incarcerate its criminals, fail to punish them properly and FAILS to deliver its population personal security!!! _They_ enjoy the decline in crime (and growth of business), _we_ (in Europe) live in corruption and decadence and can't put the worst criminals to death, citing "a bleeding heart" in doing so... This is nothing less than PATHETIC!!!

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The criticism of Amnesty Int. continues until European legal practice emerges as decent and that people can have a chance to live through life as people, not some monsters, coerced or stimulated to eat other people, virtually or not...!!! God damn idiots...!!!

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Line for the writing to come (legal practice): This forgiveness to heineous criminals is something that does nothing more than for them than to laugh in deepest contempt over human stupidity!!!

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That is, of course, over EUROPEAN legal practice and its stupidity!!!

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Above... (the text)...

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It's a suspicion that Arne Johannessen and the rest of the police forces have been insisting on being 500 to 100 000 in the past (1988?). Now they request, by democratic concerns, for the double, 1000 police officers to 100 000 citizens, i.e., as ratio. This comes in addition to whining over the lack of resources to the Police during a large period of time, 1995 - 2008 or something, incl. that of old computer systems and equipment... I mean, this country is so freaked dubious... How f*cked can it get? And always NEVER the good, unattended camera surveillance as switchable harddisks or tappable harddisks by the USB interface... This insistence for crime to happen is so stupidly blatant!!! Well, well, Norway rolls on its fat belly to another day!!!

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Note on the difference of "insist" vs. "request"!

9 hours ago .
Forside - Politiets Fellesforbund

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Also, there is a note on USA for waging a non-cognitive side of War against Terrorism, in how they lead all forces combined, incl. black/subversive operations against countries that are blatantly peaceful, "just to remove those dangerous "white" signals from them!!!" This goes by suspicion, mainly...

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My mentioning of Block Time Theory and Eternalism may require a definition of them that are uniquely suitable for my Time theory. It's questioned whether time stops when or if (/this/) human kind is no more and if another human kind (equivalent) arises elsewhere in the Universe and whether this /new/ human kind discovers or not that another human kind has lived (us) in the Universe... This is all theory and my time theory may not exactly fit the two concepts that are mentioned by my time theory, thus requiring this adjustment of them, not the other way around, that I change my description of my time theory!!! This is merely a notice...

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I'd also like to call for, under Amnesty Int. and other human rights activists, the implementation of shooting to death people of misconduct or great corruption/"evils" for being generally interpretated as "political attempt" and given, accordingly, the proper remarks upon sentencing with a possible (symbolic) reduction in prison time!
(It may also be noted that "code" can just as well be admitted as a matter of ethical duty from the judges, the courts! If not already at the police level, informally!)
*Sometimes, it may be honour /to sit/!*

2 March at 00:50

These are only valid at the extreme ends of (applied) ethics considerations! Passing as ethical, but only under "ethical concerns"!
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Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea Even then, under some "political attempt" by Breivik one may still wonder as much as think that he has a hit a bulls-eye!

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Note still on ANC, PLO, IRA and RAF and the non-existence of "individual terrorists" because individuals can NEVER gather the force to terrorise a whole population, as little as mass-murderers of other kinds, like Jack, The Ripper! Also, with Breivik, /only/ political targets have been hit! Also note on the absence from society to even /try/ to "wash" or usher in a new and better legal system in the wake of Breivik. NO! Under Breivik as terrorist, one has found new ways to screw the public further by robbing them of any chances of expressing deeply justified anger as political attempt! This, of course, further the impression of Norway as a state of living Nazism, a haven for "practiced Satanism", not even embarrassed!!!

2 March at 00:58

Also, on some deeper levels of "real" politics, I sense that the political battle between "The Frankfurter School" and "Neo-Nazism" is still being fought! (Even though most people are very and genuinely justified with "only" saying: DEMOCRACY and then the political parties, incl. one's own!!!)

2 March at 01:00

Relating to the common views of Jonestown, "Jonestown was the informal name for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, an intentional community in northwestern Guyana formed by the Peoples Temple led by Jim Jones. It became internationally notorious when, on November 18, 1978, 918 people died in the settlement as well as in a nearby airstrip and in Georgetown, Guyana's capital. The name of the s... [See more]

2 March at 00:39

Also, allied agents working in Nazi-Germany have been known to have these self-destruct cyanid pills for avoiding capture as best means available!

2 March at 00:41

Url: .
Jonestown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2 March at 00:42

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