Saturday, 16 November 2013

The World in Human Rights - UDHR - ECHR

The Human Rights, most explicitly, by UDHR, minimally, are now everywhere in the World with a possible exception of North Korea.

Russia is with the Council of Europe and USA has still New York state with UN as one of theirs.

EU is hosting the court of ECtHR in France. The idiots have fallen off the stairs to every university in the World, at least theoretically, such that absurd objections to evident, straight in the face truths and their cases are no longer "cool to utter", even if you have been a 10 people worth cannibal under police corruption or police states (huh, do they exist?)!

So here we are with a Worldscene, with some small exceptions, ALL HUMAN RIGHTS! Legal duties have become definite and absolute under the lie detector investigations and "police questioning rooms" on the good side, carrying out the work according to procedure.

For USA despite its "Onslow" speed (sorry for the Picket Fences reference from Britain) in reacting to New START Treaty and getting it through, here are some Human Rights references for them (also outside Scientology context, "so that they no longer need to feel that they have to present them, in a special way to some people"):

Government Organisation by
To Facebook,
State Department by
Organisation more by
Link 2,
Human Rights Watch by
By Wikipedia,
Their email: .

Additional: if you bother to read it.

Note: There's nothing wrong with Scientology presenting Human Rights, but, please, can't they add the UDHR reference for "Christ's sake"!


  1. This makes me certain that we in Europe have been entertaining idiot politicians for a very long time, "and with a larger portion of them failing to read primary literature" if not the Bible directly.

    We need to get our legs together people!

    (Try to pull that face in USA!)

  2. Over lunacy work for Human Rights and more (Justice, the good causes):

    To say that legislation is passed against human rights or to subvert people is to be crazy in the work to advocate Human Rights (UDHR, by UN).

    Legislation can never be passed to protect, defend or cover for crime because this constitutes crime/corruption against own population, violates much international convention and agreement and does not pass the very formulation requirements themselves in being general.

    The pro-Human Rights combatting must take place by combatting corruption and crime in general, that ICCt is correctly used and supported.

    So to add, "heh-heh-heh, also in Norway", corrupt lawyers are very much a problem, as much as a psychiatric corrupt-minds-issue, when they in fact are relied on and are vital in offering legal services to the public as well as leading the police forces through the daily work.

    What's next or what's the standing on the legal systems throughout the World? I don't know. One plain example: is the torture, also in terms of estimates, correctly reported? Also by the most important news-places, also by the most important authorities.

    "Fun fact": The lyrics of "living on the edge" should have read, We're living on the edge when everybody should go up and nobody down [in terms of justice...] - emphasis on use of "should".