Saturday, 1 February 2014

The National Parks and the Future – The Parks Become Wisely Old

In the spirit of national wilderness parks/areas/ranges (also with WWF and Greenpeace), I suggest concreted (on site, possibly) steel mantelled (“light”) tunneling of existing roads and rails through these “critical” areas in order to allow the wilderness animals and other (like insects) to CALM DOWN. Do you like it? Let’s do it!

(Remember that a WiFi-mast/tower can mean activity in two directions, one of them being “to chain animals” away from their natural freedom “to Darthmouth malpractice of insanity to nature”!),_1913.jpg

PS: One natural goal now must be to corroborate and “build” these natural parks/areas bigger by demolishing ALL human-made buildings and structures (radio-/transmitting-towers, roads, rails, ALL).


  1. Failures of leadership, 2 cases to start plus one that we leave alone:

    1. WWF, data-set: 1993 – 2014. Delivery on promise and agency: Nothing!
    Premises/Quality criteria/Qualification:
    1. Failure to curb overpopulation.
    2. Failure to curb CO2 emissions.
    3. Failure to introduce anti-overpopulation policies (1 child or 2 children, economic incentives to any other nation than China.
    4. Failure to increase the total World-area of national parks beyond the number of 1999.
    5. Failure to communicate the stress on animals by the oversized number of human beings on the planet.

    2. Adolf Hitler, data-set, primary: 1933 – 1945. Havoc of an idiot!
    Failures: the most a man can accomplish in dying to early!

    (3. A man with a Blood-Whore (NO:Blod hore) problem of a nation down veneral south.)

  2. Reminder. I'd like to remind the responsible parties how demoralising / stupid (stoopid) it appears when they can use 2 seconds to arrive at a sound conclusion and these "high" leaders "of honour" fail to do so in 20 years, even when it's their full-time job! What a signal to send to members and World in general.

    Not only this, but also the trending "bad behaviour". That if one is suitably bad in the World, you can become something depending on your willingness...! What is "work code" in being wicked and what is work completed as expected...? "No, nobody knows!" As if one is willing to accept such an excuse! "Hasn't the salary been acceptable?"

    Conclusion: We may be looking at a perfect storm here...! (Despite Pugwash movement too! By end of January, 2014, CO2-reading hits 397,80 ppm. Read about it on

  3. You know, I'm speaking in terms of completeness, that no option toward the better is left out. This means that all sensible policies toward sound ecology should be put into effect, such as the common economic incentives for nudging the population in the right, ecological direction. Ok?