Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Artificial Language for Linguistic Exactness - The Craziness of Philosophy - The Philosophy of Language

The artificial language in terms of completeness, aside from the use that the existing science- and daily manuals aided by drawings/illustrations give us is provided by,

connectives: AND, OR, NEGATION, CONDITIONAL, BICONDITIONAL (the usual), + the ones for quantification logic (for all and some, also one) and the two for modal logic (possible and necessary)
defining the entities: entities but perhaps not numbered
consistency: consistency takes as usual the premeditation almost to the point of planning. Being the De Dicto gives me a step ahead, but not any significant.

This enters in addition to Performative Utterances and Scientific Papers (from "Issues from the Internet") where exactly the above existing science- and daily manuals aided by drawings/illustrations are providing the necessary effectivity beyond misunderstandings, at least in a pragmatic way, given these texts.

While this solves the formal requirements set out for this project, the solution by providing the support for "existing science- and daily manuals aided by drawings/illustrations" is sufficient enough, even though it is simple to say to it, accounting all sorts of feats, from landing on the moon to the rest!
Tip: check for all papers/texts and books from the 80s and up. In addition, Tarski's sentence, ""the snow is white" implying the snow is white" gives the preceding peek for this clarification.

The sentence by Tarski, ""the snow is white" implying the snow is white" is admitted its strength based on the fact that snow is in fact "detected"/"found" in nature by its whiteness. Therefore, the technical, chemical term for snow, adding the physical environment as required is exactly as Tarski says it, "snow is white"!

The former, as addition to "Performative Utterances and Scientific Papers" by explaining my support of Artifical Language, an academic activity with only formal gain, possibly:
"The further development of my position on "Artificial Language Philosophy" is this simplicity, that more or less settles it, is that as the logical connectives enter the artificial language in non-contradictory way and maintaining the strict logical requirements of being consistent, the logical connectives can be read aloud like this fx. "the logical connective NOT" to [entity] "by parantheses" and reading onwards and that this, principally makes Carnap's project crossing the finishing line! Thank you for following me through!"

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