Sunday, 27 October 2013

World Peace?

To the UN Security Council:

This is the suggestion for a statement to the World in providing a reliable signal of leadership "to the acting parties toward a better World".

Fx.: "That we, UN Sec. Council, want to declare that unjustified surveillance of other countries need to END! That we, by this, want to emphasise, also by military power Worldwide, that all nations are entitled their own free sky and destinies. That this person in Afghanistan with an AK-47 (part of Afghan military) represents NO terrorism to the World, in particular not to USA, and that we think that a kind of military "dream" has come through where the democratic nations are no longer threatened by other military powers, and true, we are now down to more basic duties, acting as citizens to oversee the progress of Human Rights (UDHR etc.) and the improvement of legal systems everywhere, also supported by economic/financial progress everywhere too!"


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  1. This includes the argument for Abolition of All "Justified" Torture under democratic governments, universally. Url: - Header: The Call for the Total Abolition of Torture, time: SATURDAY, 19 JANUARY 2013.