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The Hypothetico-Deductive Method (HDM) and the Scientific Method - The Noir: Have it from me if you like...

The Hypothetico-Deductive Method (HDM) is a kind of minimal scientific method. Not only this, but it ensures the necessary requirements in place in order to produce a reliable result inside the experiment/discovery context where the procedures are clear and replicable.

The listing by HDM:
* the method for experiment or discovery
* the means to experiment or discovery, whether lab apparatus or satelite in space
* a data-set that the above produces with the observations to go
* the logics involved to determine success or failure, two used, Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens
* the theory/hypothesis part for a possible success, in giving the set-up an aim, a description, a constructive intention

- then it's to go ahead with plans.

The result from the HDM set-up can be focused diversely in that it holds rich possibilities for both descriptions or, more luckily, one identifies natural laws, like with the classical physics, after Newton especially.

While scientific method in the past, before mid-80s, has been characterised by much (confusing)  description, HDM cuts this down to the bone. With HDM describing the minimal set of scientific method the World now gets better grip on science and can start think more constructively on the requirements, such as the theory/hypothesis part, the experiment part, possible outcome of a given set-up, either for discovery as with the Hubble Telescope or for the experiment set-up, plain as in chemistry and physics, or more delicate as in psychology or other social science.

The science has become steady, the serious people are easily relating to the science set-ups and the failures are more easily observed after the introduction of HDM. The World is picking up pace, also to the benefit for democracy and various health effects while the excuses are becoming fewer for liars.

(With success all the way from early on in the 80s up to today, 2013. Lea/Olsnes-Lea signing out.)

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  1. The Logics is only the Modus Ponens (for success, confirmation of existence) and the Modus Tollens (for failure, the lack of existence). Both types can be set up before the plans are carried out.

    Modus Ponens, sententially:
    P → Q
    Q - Conclusion. Confirmation made.

    Modus Tollens, sententially:
    P → Q
    ~P - Conclusion. The lack of existence, broadly.

    Some links, 4:

    (Also corrected type error.)